Deep disassembly of vehicle air purifier project, little white brain residual operation daily revenue of 200+


Yesterday at noon, my good friend Xiaoxiao contacted me. I was very surprised. She is my good friend in university.

I pursued her for a while in college, but couldn’t break through, and she’s still single at 30. We haven’t been in touch for a long time, but we’re still as close as we were in college. We both love to chase and play.

She is a very independent girl, and her career is also on the rise at present. I just know Xiaoxiao has been working in the auto sales industry for two years.

At noon, we met in a coffee shop. She was still beautiful and elegant. We went straight to the topic.

She is a car sales manager. In the past two years, she has been deeply engaged in the field of car sales. She has done a good job offline.

Recently, the boss gave her an assignment to sell automobile products, and she was in charge. When she conducted offline activities, she attracted a small number of potential customers with the on-board air purifier, but the transaction rate is not high. Now she is unable to push forward and wants to give me a plan.

She did not sell related car products before, but gave them to customers as gifts.

Xiaoxiao said, sell her car is OK, sell car air purifier is a little difficult, some old customers do not have this demand how to promote can not move.

I gave her advice, analyzed the market prospect of the car air purifier and the users’ pain points and needs, and planned a complete plan for her. The implementation was strong, and she was very satisfied with it. She also said to communicate more and meet frequently in the future, which made me very embarrassed and suddenly felt a little love!!

I hope every effort will be harvested, I hope every effort will have a result.

Today, I’m going to share with you the car air purifier project.


Vehicular air purifier, also known as vehicular air purifier and vehicular air purifier, refers to air purification equipment dedicated to purifying PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, etc.), odor, bacteria and viruses and other in-car pollution in the air of the vehicle.

Car air purifier, currently belongs to the product segment, is derived from automobile products.

This subdivision project is the on-board air purifier. As far as I know, the on-board air purifier project is still operated by relatively few people.

Car air purifier price is not too high, but it produces a great value, very wide use.

Car owners buy car air purifiers, is to improve the air quality in the car, reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

New owners buy car air purifier, is to improve the new car formaldehyde, car accessories, dust, smoke and so on odor.

Car air purifier can purify the air in the car 24 hours, and give you a fresh environment.

The on-board air purifier is designed to solve the pain points of car owners.

Owners of pain point problem is a big market opportunity.

If you want to do a project, you must first understand the pain points of the target population of this project before you make a decision. As long as there are pain points, there will be a market.

【 Two 】

Vehicle air purifier value is very great, for the sake of their own health, vehicle air purifier still has a great market development prospects.

We use Google index to analyze the car air purifier.

According to the data of Google search index for 30 days, the average index of vehicle air purifier is 217. This data can indicate that the average number of people searching on Google is 217 per day, which is a relatively unpopular industry product in the niche field.

From the Google demand graph, there are still many people in the car air purifier demand.

Finally, judging from the crowd portrait of the vehicle air purifier, the main customer group is mainly men aged 20-39.

From the whole network index, car air purifier search index in 724, the blue ocean market of this project is still very large.

From the wechat index, the wechat search index of the car air purifier was 12166 on November 24. It can be concluded that the total number of domestic wechat users is more than 1.2 billion, and 0.08% of people search through the wechat index every day.

Heat and search volume is very large, we use wechat SEO skills for drainage optimization, we can get more potential customers.

【 Three 】


Vehicle air purifier project


The audience group of vehicle air purifiers are all private car owners, and the users are relatively precise.


This kind of people have better economic conditions and certain consumption power.


Car air purifier product price is low, high profit, relatively profiteer, novice directly start to operate.


Vehicle air purifier crowd portrait pain points.


In order to improve the air quality in the car, reduce the spread of bacterial viruses.


In order to improve the new car formaldehyde, car accessories, dust, smoke and so on odor.

【 Four 】


Source analysis of vehicle air purifier



Alibaba is the largest one-stop purchasing and wholesale platform.


Amazon is Alibaba Group’s online retail platform.


Second hand goods trading platform

Xianyu is an idle trading platform owned by Alibaba Group.


I will simply say a few drainage transaction ideas, I hope to help you.


Second hand goods trading platform

Second hand goods trading platform, this platform believe that everyone is not strange, it has been a huge flow pool, because rely on the platform’s huge fan groups and trading volume formed.

Xianyu shop can mainly promote low – price car air purifier products, and then match with medium and high car air purifier products.

Vehicle air purifier products, in addition to the main picture, title, copy or the most important deal.


Main keywords + core words + category words + attribute words + long tail words to create product differentiation.

Copy Writing:

Product advantage – Compared with other products of the same type, what is the differentiation competitiveness?

Price advantage – What is the price advantage of choosing this product compared to other similar products?

Quality assurance – Why do you choose this product compared to other similar products?

Drainage techniques:

Can through the Second hand goods trading platform will play plate, send related product information post, increase exposure rate.

Early shelf products, remember to polish the baby, as far as possible to improve the page view and want to button.

Can screen out the same popular products, more messages to intercept their own products.



Circle of friends to create drainage

Step 1: Position yourself as an air purification expert. Set your profile picture, nickname and signature to give the impression that you are a professional. No one can match you.

The second step: Every day in the morning, in the evening, you must send the dynamics of the moments of friends. The content can be: classic sentences of philosophy, professional knowledge of air purification, showing your talent, your real life circle, and case sharing of all kinds of vehicle air purifier products.

The third step: continue to send the news in the moments of friends for at least half a month, carry out advertorials promotion once a week, prepare the posters in advance, provide the car air purifier for free, and attract more friends to participate.

Step 4: Comment more, like more, interact more every day, improve the activity of the account.

Step 5: Every day to related forums, post bar posts for drainage, more intention to add customers to wechat, early feeding bait, after breeding, cash.

Create their own segmentation field competitive differentiation, so as to improve the turnover rate.


QQ group

QQ group has been the neglected drainage holy land, in the search box search vehicle air purifier.

It is suggested that you join each group, create a personal air purification expert IP, share professional knowledge and life fun events every day, and continue such action for half a year.

Don’t go into the group to advertise, the group Lord don’t kick you out.

After a period of time, you and others to establish trust, you can send some advertorials every day, not too obvious, you can use other vest answer type marketing, highlight your product differentiation competitiveness, which requires certain skills, will not be introduced in detail.

After sharing every day, one of the most important things is multiple red envelopes, don’t think that QQ group few people play, in fact, the master is in a platform continuously deep, continuous optimization, in a small platform have traffic, not to mention the QQ group of Tencent.

We can use QQ group SEO to reverse drainage, establish their own QQ group, attract the appropriate drainage to their own wechat transaction.


A thing, few people do, in fact, there is a great opportunity.

Work on one area every day for a long time.

Daily habitual concern peers, habitual duplication, habitual reflection.

Habitually share your valuable every day, share it for a long time, treat it as a career, you are not far away from success.

The things you must do every day, stick to it, surpass your peers all start from sticking to one thing.

Live fish will swim upstream, dead fish will go with the flow.

Thinking determines the way out, pattern determines the outcome.

Deep disassembly of vehicle air purifier project, little white brain residual operation daily revenue of 200+

Deep disassembly of vehicle air purifier project, little white brain residual operation daily revenue of 200+


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