Easy to make tens of thousands of dollars a month, lucky box online profiteering play


Yesterday afternoon went to the nearby RT-Mart to buy something, just out of the elevator, found a lot of lottery boxes, ten dollars can choose a box, but who do not know what is inside, the kind of luck.

At that time, I saw a treasure mother with a baby there to play, stopped to watch for a long time, I did not see anything valuable, but has spent forty or fifty.

Inside, there’s a toy lipstick, an Ultraman egg, something like that. It’s a lot of money.

Usually in large shopping malls, someone will set up a lottery box here, also known as a blind box. It means that no one knows what’s in it, so they know they can draw, and it’s a lottery.

A few days ago, I saw in TikTok that some people set up egg-twisting machines around the school, in which there are some collectible cards. Although it is said that one dollars can be exchanged once, it is also a profiteer of bubble online. This kind of experiential card collection can stimulate consumption more than simply buying a pack of cards.

If a little bigger lottery box, the price may be higher, even dozens of have, itself has a great profit, if replaced by a blind box, also has a certain collection value, this mainly depends on the level of consumption.

I don’t think the blind box will sell well here in Hefei, because it is only a second – and third-tier provincial capital after all, but if it is a lottery box of 10 or 20 dollars a time, there will be a lot of people interested in it.

There is an orange adult self-service shop here in our community. I have passed it for countless times, but I have never seen anyone enter the shop. It is very convenient to buy adult products on the Internet, and you can boldly compare them. But unexpectedly, half a year later, it has a second store in the community in another bigger street side opened, isn’t it amazing?

These businesses really can’t look at the surface, who knows when these people are going in to consume, or in the quiet of the night secretly.

Like this lottery box, scan code and coin can directly buy bubble net to earn, if you have your own shop in a business circle, even if it is food has no relationship, because this lottery box is suitable for the whole industry, even if not, can also talk about cooperation with the investment department, invest in a few machines, every day to collect money is not fragrant?

Do any offline business, can match to the Internet, will be a wave of traffic dividends.

At present, the most popular is short video, the use of short video this large traffic platform, everyone wants to seize the fans in fact, just a little hard.

For items like lottery boxes or blind boxes, putting them on the Internet is also a good option.

With the change of young people’s consumption concepts and habits, more and more people will profit online, as long as your drainage plan is accurate enough, then the fan group is not difficult to find.

After a quick search on TikTok, there are quite a few blind box accounts dedicated to sharing some videos of their daily unpacking of blind boxes. This type is more like the popular unpacking test in the last two years, which can be divided into several kinds of gameplay.

If it is to do smart phone businesses, will share some of the latest mobile phone unbox video, if it is to do food network celebrity, will send some network celebrity food or snacks unbox video and accompanied by foodie video, this is a typical way to create food number, and if you are doing beauty, drainage powder, it can also let go of the box video bubble net income, It’s just that your content is all about sexy hosiery, cosplay costumes, etc., and then you open the box for the clothes in the first episode and end it by telling people that the next episode has topless photos. That consistent experience is the key to retaining fans.

In TikTok, there are many people who make blind boxes. Only by sharing some good things that come out of the box by themselves can they attract users’ attention.

Drainage this thing, is very simple, first of all, fans is the first, after getting accurate users, you can use the small in the comment area to ask large, excuse me where the blind box is purchased? Or where is your blind box shop and so on, and then use their own large to answer can achieve the effect of drainage.

You can put your wechat contact information in your profile or put a blind box in your window.

Online using the way of group drainage can also achieve the effect of promotion.

Since this commodity has its own uncertainties, and otaku anime fans all over the Internet are potential users, it has become a culture in this industry to exchange blind box experiences and share unique products in groups.

Most of the users who buy the blind box like to exchange experience with others and share the good things with others. Then this kind of communication group is very valuable. We can search the blind box in the QQ group to find these groups.

Because the users in the group are relatively accurate, the later conversion will be relatively easier.

If you play this kind of blind box online, you also need to have a certain amount of investment. If you consider playing the egg-twisting machine similar to the blind box, it is still very profitable, at least the investment should be less.

Egg twisting machine is a kind of egg spitting inside with a card small machine, as long as the line to talk about the business can be placed at the school gate, mall entrance of the shop is OK, run can be negotiated with the business.

But still advise us to develop more online channels, because offline businessmen have a common characteristic of bubble net income, such as you in the store put a twisting egg machine, the middle owner found very money, he is likely to make a, no longer let you do.

Any business is like this, the expansion of channels must be extensive, do not let themselves in passive.

The above is all the content of “Easy to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, lucky box online profiteering gameplay”. To learn more about online earning projects, please pay attention to bubble online earning!

Easy to make tens of thousands of dollars a month, lucky box online profiteering play


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