Actual profiteering novel distribution projects, novices easily drainage 2000 every day


Before I woke up in the morning, my friends in the circle sent me a message, to the effect that last week, I made tens of thousands of dollars by bidding, and asked me if I wanted to make it into a class. I thought about it and told him not to.

Now 80% of people think that bidding is dead. In fact, it has always been good for polishing, but the barriers to entry are higher and the cost is worse than before. And it is possible to burn half a month without effect and give up, but if the money can keep up, next month can come back, it is hard to say.

How much money do you expect a student to spend on advertising?

The chance of not making profits is very large, most of the reason is that this business is difficult to replicate, if a large number of people choose the same category to bid at the same time, the effect will not be very good, because the potential users will be greatly diluted.

Even if we do it separately, there will be a lot of misunderstanding about this kind of product selection. In my understanding, if the profit point of the product is less than 300%, we will consider this product selection as a failure.

Therefore, my friend he played the bidding, not everyone is common, difficult to unified deployment.

But those who have made achievements in the Internet, generally not a matter of one day, many even think of the idea, others have been doing, the gap between this can be imagined.

At present, whoever has the fans has the most convenient channel to cash out. So if you want to make fast money online, you should think from the perspective of acquiring fans.

Some people say that they do not know how to start on the Internet, confused wandering around, see interested in the project to try, feel difficult to give up directly, valuable for most people is not any use, they are looking for can become rich overnight kung fu secrets.

If you insist on operating a point, over a period of time will also have a good effect, like virtual resource projects, such as novels, picture packages, utility software tools and so on, although the type is very cold, but in the Internet bubble net income, then the unpopular products will have a lot of potential users, depending on how you dig.

For example, novel promotion. In fact, this kind of distribution was very popular in the first two years when text “we media” was popular. Channels for novel distribution, such as public accounts, headlines and so on, were specially set up.

If you want to acquire users, you have to subconsciously understand the needs of the users. If you want to place ads on the platform, the best way is to satisfy the public’s curiosity in the form of a story.

Some communities, such as Tieba or interest tribes, have a high conversion rate to novel distribution, so how can we successfully attract them?

Here to learn to put yourself in the other’s shoes, if you are a user, what kind of advertising copy will directly arouse your curiosity, and then click on it?

For men, images of women, of course, with exaggerated captions such as “Wife watched surveillance and saw her own sister and husband” or “Boyfriend begged me to meet his fat boss alone in order to get a promotion” are very attractive.

I don’t know if you have noticed that recently, we have seen stories about poor sons-in-law and influential fathers-in-law on many platforms. In fact, these stories are also based on some real phenomena in real life. Creation should start from life and return to life in the end.

Down-to-earth advertising is very attractive. Imagine yourself as a user of a platform, and then browse the post pictures normally. If you can click in, it means that your advertisement has enough hooks to catch the user’s eyes.

The general distribution process is actually very simple, you go to publish the advertisement, some users will click the link of the novel after seeing the advertisement, directly let the user jump to the web page to read the novel, and then once the plot can almost catch him, it will prompt you to recharge and pay.

In fact, this set of gameplay and the previous wechat group gameplay is similar, but the battlefield is different, one is in the group, one is on the platform.

It’s actually easier to do in a group!

Because the vast majority of novel distribution and promotion are pan-powder, we need to understand the attributes of pan-powder, we need to constantly add groups, and constantly expand their advertising coverage.

Wechat group we have to take the initiative to spread advertising in the group every day, although the operation is more troublesome, but if you have a lot of fan audience, there will be a good transformation, that if you in a post bar or platform advertising posts continue to be clicked and read, it will continue to bring you accurate users, which is also the value of passive drainage.

So what is the actual focus of the distribution and drainage of practical novels?

Is to quickly lock the user’s attention in a short period of time, once someone reads your content, you need to let people in a short period of time can resonate, at least a little desire to open, which goes back to the above content, the importance of the title and picture.

Of course, the more realistic the better, the more beautiful the better.

Like Douban platform, there are many groups, so we can enter some emotional groups to make money online. Most people may think that the platform of Douban group is very old, if it has no value, it is a cognitive error.

The existence of the platform has its own set of play, so the support of the platform to continue to operate must be a group of loyal old fans, these old fans of course don’t have to say, so we don’t have to chase the wind platform, as long as you can make a set of their own play, and then go to distribution to see is suitable for those platforms.

Actual profiteering novel distribution projects, novices easily drainage 2000  every day


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