Share three 0 into the net profit project, the monthly profit can reach 3000-5000 dollars!


Today, I share with my friends three projects to make profits online. These projects can make money passively without investment or operation. If you do well, you can automatically earn 3000-4000 dollars a month.

One: Sell virtual products online

Sometimes we need an installation software, such as PS, AE for video cutting. When you look for software in the search engine, out of a lot of download website, you download after installation, many can not be installed, or can not be used after installation, or not a few days to let you buy genuine software, otherwise can not be used again, more irritating and virus Trojan horse, directly destroy your computer.

Downloading an app is a waste of time and delays things, but you can go to a treasure to look at your problem.

Here are a few waves, let you feel.

The price of this software is also very cheap, generally 8.8 dollars or 9.9 dollars to get it done, and claims that a payment guarantees lifetime use, installation is not successful immediately refund.

When I directly buy, pop up automatic message, directly to the Chinese crack version download address and installation instructions, step by step teach you how to install. The steps are very detailed, along with the installation documentation, there are common problem solutions, some of the problems encountered are listed, and the solutions are attached. These things worked very well and were installed very quickly.

This project is basically zero cost input, you only need to open a Amazon store, basically no operation. If you don’t have a product, you can buy a competitor’s product and also sell it on Amazon or Xianyu.

It’s basically cost-free, you buy it once and you can sell it an unlimited number of times. You don’t have to pay to stock it again.

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Second: Second hand goods trading platform resell Amazon products

Selling products on Amazon may sound confusing to you, but it doesn’t prevent people from getting rich.

Single number revenue

In fact, the specific operation is very simple, the main process is to hang the goods on the salt fish, and then buy orders, you go to Amazon to place an order, the price ranking, from low to high, their own pick a suitable to send people in the past on the line, by the way to the seller said not to put the invoice, or praise cashback list.

This is not a high-profit reselling product, but a single order will also have a dozen or 20 income bubble net profit. As for how to choose good products, increase exposure, increase profit margin, these generally need their own methodology in practice.

Another way to play, with the gimmick of ultra-low – priced products to wechat, the back of different gameplay. For example, now Alipay red envelopes, as well as a variety of promotion, can use these traffic.

Why not just choose one on Alibaba, because many of Alibaba’s products are still too few compared to Amazon, and Alibaba is sometimes more expensive than Amazon, and there is no service at all.

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Third: free fire lectures

Free fire lecture. I believe all units have experienced this. Tell a bunch of fire cases, end up selling home fire equipment.

This industry really has zero barriers to entry.

A lot of people think it’s related or something. Not at all.

It’s the same all over the country. Fire departments are limited, and the lectures are corporate.

You can’t call it training. Training requires qualifications. Lectures can be voluntary public welfare organizations. There is a company that specializes in supplying equipment and only sells it to lecture companies. It’s not on the market.

A team of four can make a million dollars a year. And the fire brigade is regardless, free to help them to do public fire prevention publicity. As long as the quality of the equipment is good, nobody cares. So if you look for projects with an eye for money, you can make a fortune!

The above is “share three 0 investment net profit project, monthly profit can reach 3000-5000 dollars!” To learn more about the net income project, please pay attention to bubble net income!

Share three 0 into the net profit project, the monthly profit can reach 3000-5000 dollars!


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