Handling cracked version of software to Amazon Xianyu sale, lying at home to make money 5000+ (with resource acquisition method)


On the Internet, every piece of software is created to address a group’s needs.

Image to watermark, word to PDF, audio to text, public number article download and so on these needs, there are many programmers have developed corresponding software to solve.

These programs come in both paid and free versions, and their core functions are basically the same.

The only difference is that the paid version can be used for a long time. Some free versions do not keep up with the update, which will cause the software to become useless.

When we open Google search for these needs, the top few are no doubt bidding advertising, need to recharge dozens, hundreds of VIP can use the software.

Even with the free experience, the number of uses is pitifully low.

However, in the Second hand goods trading platform, Amazon search these needs, the software is a free version, the price mainly depends on the degree of competition, generally is a few dollars, ten dollars.

In fact, these free versions of software do not need to spend money to buy, through some specific channels can be free to earn bubble net, but the vast majority of people do not know it.

To earn 5,000 a month is as simple as collecting as much free software as possible and shipping it to Xianyu Amazon for sale.

If we find something that isn’t being sold on Xianyu Amazon, or there’s too much competition, before it goes on sale, we can just give up and move on.

Next to talk about the content of absolute valuable, how to search for those who can be sold in the free version of the software on Amazon Xianyu.


My love to crack

I love crack, a very cow criticism forum, there are a lot of technical leaders release a variety of practical original software, as well as crack software.

The forum software can be downloaded for free, whether it is to use their own, or to carry to Amazon Second hand goods trading platform sale, are a good choice.

Google input https://www.52pojie.cn/, focus on the original release area, boutique software area, welfare experience area of these three plates.

Going into these three sections, we can get a lot of software names by looking at the title of the post.

We put these software names on Amazon Xianyu search, and if we find similar software for sale, and there is not much competition, then we can list.

For example, this video downloading assistant for Station B should be in great demand. After all, the daily active users of Station B have exceeded 50 million.

Amazon Second hand goods trading platform search B station video download, only found Amazon, then we put on the Amazon on the line.

Such software sold so well on Amazon, Xianyu must have been sold before.

It’s just that the software was taken off the shelves illegally because of the Second hand goods trading platform rule, so we don’t need to go through this again.

Another example is the countdown software, which is also in great demand in the first two or three months of the college entrance examination every year, and some speech and debate competitions are also needed.

Amazon Second hand goods trading platform search countdown software, found to have to sell, then follow the shelf is done.

Some people may ask, what if the distribution of these virtual products is illegal?

Compared with Second hand goods trading platform, Amazon is not so easy to violate rules. If you’re afraid of breaking the rules, just put it on Amazon.

Xianyu has already been sold by its peers. If we copy their copywriting, titles and pictures, we will be able to successfully put them on the shelves. How long the baby will live depends on luck.

Another example is the public number article download software, you can like the public number history article batch download down.

Amazon Second hand goods trading platform are sold, but also a generation of download services.

It should be noted that although the software I love to crack is very good, but some authors will write such a paragraph on the software.

Encounter such software do not go to sell, to Second hand goods trading platform Amazon counterparts to buy a copy over, and then sell to others on the line.

After all, the biggest feature of virtual products is that they can be copied indefinitely. Selling a copy will cover the cost.

I love the software that can be sold is really too much, I will talk about four last, you guys to dig for yourself.


Google Chrome add-on

If you have to describe Google’s browser in one sentence, it’s the best browser in the world right now.

The reason Google Chrome is touted as such is because of its built-in powerful plug-in extension capabilities.

You can think of plug-ins as software. Each plug-in is developed to solve a specific need.

Although we can’t get on the official Google plugin mall, several third-party plugin malls in China are also very rich and updated in a timely manner.




A careful search in these third-party plugin stores will find many money-making treasures.

For example, this webpage screenshot plug-in, you can scroll screenshot webpage long picture.

In Amazon Second hand goods trading platform search look, sell people are not many, you can try on the shelf.

We go on these domestic third-party plug-in mall, in fact, the main is to choose products, choose a product that can make money.

Just like this screen capture plugin, we already know that Second hand goods trading platform can be sold on Amazon, so we can sell this plugin directly?

Of course not. Because many people have not used Google browser bubble net income, but also to teach him step by step, after sale is very troublesome.

It’s much easier to buy the same software directly from a peer and resell it.

Another example is this plug-in, which can solve the problem that any website cannot copy the content due to copyright reasons.

Second hand goods trading platform Amazon search crack web right click can not copy, only find two babies, sell people is quite few ah.

As can be seen from the remote service words in the main picture of this baby, this man is selling the plug-in we are looking for.

Everyone in the industry is selling this plugin, so we have to follow suit.

This baby is pure hard money, to help the buyer remote service installed this plug-in.

However, we can also record a video tutorial in advance and send it to the buyer. If you can’t install it after watching the video, we will teach you by remote service.

This is a web video download plug-in, as long as the video can be played in the web can download, including the major VIP video sites.

Amazon Second hand goods trading platform sold quite fire, demand is not small.

So much for Google add-ons, you guys go to those three sites yourself.


Wechat Search

In wechat there are a lot of science and technology public accounts, will recommend a lot of practical, niche software, these we can also take to sell.

Through the wechat search box, we can find many articles related to the recommendation software.

Search for hack software, click on any article

The black technology toolbox function is rich enough, text identification, images to watermark, GIF recording, Google document download, automatic matting all can be sold.

Amazon search, see the picture yourself.

In addition to searching for the keyword “black tech software” on wechat, you can also search for “cracked software”, “software recommendation”, “artifact software”, “essential software”, “utility software”, “niche software” and so on.

Through these keywords search out the results, the basic will be able to find all the science and technology public number recommendation software articles.

But actually this is not enough, we can also use more subdivided keywords, to find the software that can sell.

As we all know, people who can afford Apple computers are doing well financially. If we can find the software they need, we can sell it at a higher price.

Wechat search mac software recommendation, directly from the title of the article you can see a mac decompression software.

If you search Amazon, the price ranges from 9.9 dollars to 2 dollars, and the sales are all OK.

What does that mean?

People who can afford an Apple computer don’t care which store is cheaper, the key is to buy good software.

In addition to searching keywords, we can also click on the history of these science and technology public accounts to see articles, which are basically software recommendations.



5118 is a big data platform, which can conduct data analysis of massive keywords searched by Chinese netizens in major search engines.

By looking at the keywords they have searched for, they can also find software that sells for money.

Google search https://www.5118.com/, in the keyword mining input box search software bubble net income, can show a lot of software containing long tail keywords.

This tinder security software, for example, is a better than the 360 antivirus software.

Second hand goods trading platform Amazon search to see, only in Second hand goods trading platform to find a sale.

Another example is the Rhino software, which can be used for 3D modeling, 3D renderings and product rendering.

Amazon sold well, and the seller opened a through train.

Through the above four selection methods, you can basically find all the software that can be sold for money.

Although the price of selling software is only a few pieces, more than ten dollars, but to find a few more shelf sales, monthly 5000 goal is not difficult to achieve.

The above is “handling crack version of software to Amazon Second hand goods trading platform for sale, lying at home to make money 5000+ (with resource acquisition method)” all the content, to learn more about the net to earn projects, please pay attention to bubble net to earn!

Handling cracked version of software to Amazon Xianyu sale, lying at home to make money 5000+ (with resource acquisition method)

Handling cracked version of software to Amazon Xianyu sale, lying at home to make money 5000+ (with resource acquisition method)


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