How to make money by talking? How to make money out of the Himalayas


In the Internet age, nothing is impossible.

If you want to talk and make money, it’s not impossible.

This article will introduce how to make money from Himalayan drainage.


The audience is small, but it is a big cake

Nowadays, the pace of society is getting faster and faster. E-books and public accounts are gradually replacing paper books. Some people are even too lazy to read books and prefer to “listen to books”.

So radio has become a “book” for many people.

As the largest online mobile audio sharing platform, Himalaya FM had more than 470 million users by the end of 2018.

It is one of the new media platforms, but unlike the content creation and short video platform, the content you get is in the form of graphics, video and audio.

Compared to high-traffic graphic and short video platforms, the audience of audio platforms is actually relatively small.

However, the unique accompanying properties of audio are very much in line with the characteristics of the mobile Internet. Without the use of eyes, you can listen to it anytime and anywhere.

It can play the biggest role in all kinds of life scenes. It also supports mobile phone terminal, car terminal and computer terminal.

So radio content is consumed and more frequently than video and graphics.

Although its audience is small, it is still a very big pie.


This section describes the operation process

1. Account registration

First, register an account and complete your personal information.

Complete real-name authentication


When improving the information, it is necessary to be clear about the target population, output content and realization method, and set the information according to the positioning with high recognition.


Understand the platform rules

Understand the rules of the platform to achieve survival of the fittest.

2. Self-positioning

In positioning this piece, mainly according to two aspects to choose.

First of all, what are your conditions?

You need to know what your voice is good for.

For example, soft voices, choose children’s stories;

Maiden voice, choose emotional story;

Magnetic sounds, choice of horror stories, etc.

Second, what are the popular content on the platform?

After determining their own conditions, you can first go to the platform to search for some relevant keywords.

Learn about this kind of content to listen to the people, talk about the number of people, how to play.

Once you’ve identified a domain, as with all creative platforms,

Adhere to vertical field update, attract accurate fans.

3. Content materials

Collect content such as Quora, Weibo, or other payment platforms to find materials for secondary creation.

Please note: Do not violate copyright, or it may cause unnecessary trouble.

4. Record audio

There are generally two ways to make audio:

1) Record it yourself

Earphones and microphones used in the early stage of recording equipment can be purchased according to their own conditions.

Pay attention to the recording should choose a quiet environment, read the content a few times, and then record a few times.

2) Place an order on Amazon

This method is a bad idea. If you really think your recording is bad, you can spend 10 dollars on Amazon to find a professional person to record it for you.

5. Upload audio

When you upload, the audio cover, title, and description should be nice and clickable.

I don’t look at how the most played albums are made.

Also can batch upload to Dragonfly FM, Litchi FM and other audio platforms.

Upload times, choose high-traffic 7 a.m., 12 noon, 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.


Uncovering the cash profit model

1. Rewards and sponsorship

In general, the people who are rewarded are those who are good-looking and have attractive voices.

Ordinary people have no appearance level or other characteristics, go valuable route, continue to output valuable content.

2. Paid albums

The Himalaya platform has the ability to set charges, and when enough traffic is accumulated, you can start to do part of the paid audio.

Don’t worry about nobody paying,

As long as your content is valuable, someone will pay for it.

3. Drainage realization

Leave bait or contact information at the end of the audio

To divert fans to personal wechat and then transform them.

For example, if you want to know more information about starting a business, you can go to my homepage and find my contact information. Or you can find my “contact information” in the comment section to get benefits information.

4. Advertising revenue

When the audio you upload meets certain conditions, you can

Get patch ads automatically added to your uploaded audio

In this way, we can get advertising revenue.

Once you have enough subscriptions, a lot of merchants will come to you to place ads, and the revenue will depend on the number of followers and the number of streams.

5. Signing Himalaya Platform

When you have

Enough fans and enough broadcasting skills

You can also choose to sign up with the platform.

The bar is relatively high, but the benefits are huge.


Write at the end

Each platform has its own rules, its own way of monetizing, and its own degree of revenue

Don’t blindly follow the trend, first determine if you are suitable for the platform, then proceed.

Ximalaya is an audio platform, in order to conduct drainage, must insist on updating the output content for a long time.

That’s the attitude you need to have as a content producer.

The above is “How to make money by talking? Teach you how to use the Himalayas to make money drainage” all content, to learn more about the network money project, please bubble net earn!

How to make money by talking? How to make money out of the Himalayas


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