Quora No. 2500 Cash income, a money-making project with a monthly income of 3W from mass mindless operation


I spent the last two days yesterday debating whether or not to write this project.

I have been testing the project of Quora video for four or five days, and the daily profit has increased from 60 cents on the first day to 70-80 dollars/day/day now.

(Yesterday 2020-11-16 earnings 72.48 dollars)

The function of Quora Video revenue has been online for about 30 days. I was one of the first people to eat it, and I can still operate it now.

So want to make money to have the ability to execute, after reading today, immediately execute, do not have the ability to execute, because the operation is brainless, fight is the physical strength of the site to move bricks.

The reason why I struggle is very simple.

Because the current gameplay threshold is not high, so the title I wrote is brainless moving bricks, once the threshold is not high, according to the urine of our people, once see someone make money, they will rush in, and then make money projects have to cool half.

Therefore, today’s article is directly set as paid reading to raise the threshold, which is also to protect the brothers who are interested in participating in the video project of Quora. The white prostitutes, prostitutes and trainees are directly screened out, and only those who truly understand the value are left.

It is predicted that the dividend period of Quora video revenue will exist for half a year from today.

I would like to make a guess today. I believe that it will not be long before someone will open a training course on Quora video project, which is a common style in this circle.

The price is not too low, may be at least one thousand dollars, because the order number a month can be 2000-3000 cash income, can be mass operation.

If you are familiar with the industry of making money on the network, you must know the profit dividend of the 100 number, Penguin number of we media matrix gameplay in 2017. There are too many people who have made a fortune here.

Today’s opportunity of Quora video account is largely similar to that of “we Media” in 2017.

Today, the unit price of video revenue on Quora Video account is also higher. The unit price of 1W playback has a cash income of 18-20 dollars. The accumulated videos in history will also bring qualitative changes in revenue over time.

I’m going to get straight to the rough and brainless gameplay of the project.

There are two thresholds for us to make Quora video revenue.

Creator level lv4

Publish more than 5 original videos in a row.

Solve the first problem first, how to raise the creator level of a new Quora account to lv4 within 7 days.

It’s pretty crude, just 10 original videos per day for 7 days.

70 original videos in 7 days seems to be a high threshold, but in fact, these original videos can be made in 1 minute.

How to do it. We use TikTok’s clipping App to directly upload a picture of our daily photos in the album, lengthen the picture to more than 1-2 minutes, and then set a picture animation (keep the picture dynamic) with a background music. The video title can be “Appreciation of personal photographic works 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”.

At this stage, we don’t need to care about the content quality of the video and whether there is traffic recommendation. Our purpose is to quickly upgrade the creator level of Quora New account to lv4 in a short time.

This is because an important index in the evaluation of the creator level on Quora is the amount of content output. Currently, the score of +150 for Posting videos on Quora is much higher than that for Posting answers and articles. About 30-70 videos can meet the score requirement of creator level lv4.

Here, our account level lv4 will enter the next link, the early operation is mainly to upgrade the level, at present, some of the market selling Quora lv4 number is the same operation (the price is around 100).

Because the permission of Quora Video revenue needs to be applied in the Creator Center, but the application condition will be limited to five original videos. However, if we apply for permission according to the video content quality when upgrading the account, it will be difficult to pass the application.

What can we do? We need to use the function of converting text from text to video that is available online on Quora (only the latest version of the Quora app has this function). Generally, Quora will be opened by default when the creator level is lv3. If this function is not available, you can first upgrade the app to the latest version and then chat with the administrator of Quora privately.

We can post some good articles (we can find some original articles published by the public accounts of finance and economics, history and growth) on Quora first in the form of articles, and then convert the articles into videos directly by using the function of graph and text to video. This function is very intelligent at present, which can automatically dub, add subtitles and match the material picture intelligently.

For the finished effect after editing, you can search my Quora account “Black hat” and go to my video homepage to view the videos I have turned with this function.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when Posting videos.

Pay attention to the title of the video (very much determines how much traffic the video gets).

The video must be longer than 55 seconds.

When the content is published, it can mark the original content, select the field recommended by Quora, and select 6 relevant tags with more than 10W followers.

If the content type meets the requirements of current activities on Quora, you can directly contribute to some activities, which may get some extra traffic of the activities.

Quora video revenue play, some people may worry about the account weight is too low no traffic how to do.

In fact, we can see a large number of videos with thousands of playback on Quora. The number of fans of the release accounts of these videos is not more than a few hundred, but at least dozens, and they are all new accounts.

To some extent, the traffic of Quora Video is a decentralized distribution mechanism. Even if the account is a new one, the content quality can still get a certain amount of traffic. From this point, the traffic pool of Quora Video is still a blue ocean market to be tapped.

This is one of my new Quora accounts, currently the creator level is lv3, Ma Sheng lv4, the video content is basically a picture with a music video, such junk content also has traffic, if we do through the normal article to video content, the traffic can be stable at least several hundred thousands of a playback volume.

When we do Quora video, it is not required for a video to reach tens of thousands of views, but for a single video to reach a stable number of thousands is enough.

Quora YouTube has a very big advantage.

According to the background data of my current test, every video we have released in the history will bring us more or less cash income every day, mainly because Quora has a huge long tail of search traffic. As the number of videos we have released on Quora has increased, the revenue brought by this part of long tail traffic will be very objective.

Today, the data delay was not updated in time. Every video I released before would bring me a few cents to one or two dollars of revenue every day. You can imagine how much revenue would be if the video was released to a certain amount

The feasibility of directly transferring videos from other platforms to Quora videos may be very low. In fact, any platform will resist directly transferring videos, which is not conducive to the content ecology of Quora.

If it is a large number of handling may face the risk of sealing, we use graphic video and then mixed cut video content, basically can become the original video, there will not be such a problem.

This article is adapted from:

Link: https://www.jianshu.com/p/3a14df1f08c5

Quora No. 2500 Cash income, a money-making project with a monthly income of 3W from mass mindless operation

Quora No. 2500 Cash income, a money-making project with a monthly income of 3W from mass mindless operation


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