Easy daily entry of 600 , suitable for small white short video entrepreneurship TikTok small project


I don’t think there are any small white projects online, most of them are eye work, our local dialect, means as long as you can see, also can do, describe a thing is very simple, will soon be.

In fact, if we think about it, the core of most business is often a little bit, like cooking, what seasoning is the key, as long as you can copy, it is already very similar, and then a little practice.

If you have a certain skill base, it’s very easy to make money, like doing scripts, etc. If you don’t know anything, just look at what you want to do and learn, it’s the easiest and most direct way.

For example, TikTok has been very popular in recent years, and it seems to make a lot of money to make various categories in such short videos, so a large number of people who used to hit the keyboard moved in here and started to make scripts and stories. In fact, these are relatively easy for a team to make up the bubble and earn money online, but for most novices who can’t even do a simple short video, it is a little difficult.

If you can break down the layers and see the money, I think this project will not be too difficult for you.

The project I introduce to you today is a short video form similar to the previous book list number, which is TikTok wallpaper number. If the operation is good, it will not only make money, but also achieve the effect of violence diversion.

What is Tiktok wallpaper number?

The wallpaper number is the video edited from some beautiful pictures or fashionable pictures, which will add some popular music. This is an area of short video.

These videos don’t have a lot of content and don’t have a lot of story. They are mostly about beauty pictures or music to attract users.

So if we want to run a video like this, we need to know our potential target audience, which must be young people who like beautiful wallpaper images or music, so we need to use some popular elements or music that young people like to do this content.

Through the analysis of target users, we have a clear goal in the content, such as some popular film and television wallpapers or animation wallpapers or stars, which are relatively popular among young people.

In addition, we also need to match the text and music, the general text mainly sad, inspirational supplement, or add some alternative elements to meet some of the curious and rebellious character, these documents can mainly arouse the resonance of young people.

In fact, the content production is not too difficult, as long as you are familiar with the method of making videos, you can fully apply it in the following videos, we just need to spend time on finding materials.

Almost look for material every day, with some music, if skilled, two hours a day can almost get two music wallpaper video, can make your content a little richer, in addition to the mature back-end cash channels, generally 600 per day income is no problem.

In every project, the realization of the back end is one of the very important links. I also talked about the importance of the setting of the back end in the universal template of “traffic realization” before, because after the setting of the back end, we can realize automatic money making.

What are the cash channels?

Wechat cash out

There are many ways to leave your contact information for short videos on TikTok, such as directly leaving your signature.

A few years ago, I took over a hot pot restaurant with lemon and fish, but at that time, I had no business experience, so I made less money but lost more. Later, I went to ask a friend. One of my friends told me that fish should not make money, most of the money is made by side dishes. Later, I adjusted the price and transferred it out according to the previous transfer price.

Here if we come up with the wallpaper to cash, selling wallpaper, many users will feel that they have been fooled by the bubble network to earn, there will be a feeling of being pit, we can accumulate user precipitation to cash, of course, the wallpaper here is free, equivalent to the fish hot pot, and we want to cash is some side dishes.

Side dishes can be virtual goods, or physical items, such as customized parking signs, customized phone cases for couples, ashtrays, avatar lighters, etc.

Cash out of the public account

Most people put the fans to the personal number is to be able to quickly cash, and the drainage to the public number, in fact, is a kind of accumulation of fans, in addition to the public number of fans is still more suitable for your own flow to wechat.

The significance of the public number retention is that you can put the resources you need in the public number, and then let people reply to get keywords, you do not need to directly one to docking their fans.

So the accumulation of fans, open traffic main article can also make money bubble net to make money, of course, you can also directly pick up some advertorials, these ads are in accordance with the click to make money, if the public number of reading is good, you can try.

Tiktok number advertising cash

Because we’re working with wallpaper numbers, this kind of panning doesn’t really get us many accurate fans, but it’s going to split fast enough and it’s going to grow fast, but you have to have a large fan base to be able to monetize this way.

There are many ways for TikTok to make money, such as small game promotion, advertorial advertisements, small programs and so on. If you want to make money, you can still rely on the accumulation of a large number of fans.

Easy daily entry of 600 , suitable for small white short video entrepreneurship TikTok small project


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