Rent trading platform No. 500 daily lie to earn items! Is it reliable or not?


Today’s 30 million daily living Second hand goods trading platform is not that simple to sell idle trading platform, under the huge flow, there is nothing can not be found in Second hand goods trading platform, only you can think of.

“Rental Second hand goods trading platform number long-term stable number, pz do not disturb, it is best to verify the login”

“Long-term recovery of Xianyu, 70-80 days, 600 dollars for 7 days, honest to come”

“Large rental of Salt fish/tour number 50 a day 1500 January, you can check on the midway”

“To hire the Idle Fish. As long as you have an Alipay account, you can earn 50 dollars a day without doing anything.”

Recently in the major forums, black gray production community, there is a large number of name “regular business studio for product promotion needs to expose bubble net income, so need to rent a large number of salt fish to release goods” name to release “Second hand goods trading platform number rental” advertising.

They claim that

You only need to rent out your Second hand goods trading platform for a few days to sit and count your money

And would not involve the privacy of the user,

As long as the account can publish goods without any violation record, you can do it. The rental price ranges from 60 dollars to 150 dollars per day, and the long-term cooperation price will be higher


As long as you rent out Xianyu for a few days, you will get hundreds of dollars. What is the trap behind this new part-time job that seems to be “guaranteed to earn no losses”? Today we’re going to dig deep!


The “lie to earn” project of 300 daily rental micro signal

At present, the seller audit mechanism on Xianyu is relatively loose compared with other trading platforms. If you want to become a seller, you only need to bind Alipay account and carry out facial real-name authentication.

And when the new baby on the shelves, you can click “polish” and join the same category, the same city fish pond, the flow is very rich.

For Second hand goods trading platform released huge free traffic exposure, people from all walks of life are ready to move.

As early as the middle of this year, we media reported that a large number of black ash production in Second hand goods trading platform entrenched above, has formed a huge industrial chain, and these rental Second hand goods trading platform numbers have become the source of black ash production.

So, let’s think about two questions,

Is it true that these people rented the Idle Fish to promote their products? Rent oneself have real name authentication Second hand goods trading platform number to others, safe?

Of course not. In fact, most of the people who recycle Xianyu are the black ash production team or crooks. They just want to better develop their grey business in Xianyu, that is, they publish all kinds of false information, then guide the buyers to trade, and even carry out fraud.

Accounts acquired like this have two advantages. One is that Sesame credit score is basically around 700 points. The other is that some accounts will have the owner’s past transaction records, which will be more real than the account they registered.

Since Xianyu accounts are tied to Alipay accounts, scammers often direct users to make transactions on other platforms after renting them so that the money can be funneled into their own pockets.

The party that rents out Second hand goods trading platform will face great risk.

I have learned that most of the consequences of renting Xianyu account are that the account is banned or frozen by the platform, as shown in the leasing information above

The title is only subsidized by 10 dollars


A user of Youxianyu said that after renting out his account to scammers, he encountered complaints from buyers and his Alipay assets were frozen by the authorities of Youxianyu. So far, his assets have not been unfrozen.

* Screenshots from the Internet


Rental Second hand goods trading platform behind the billions of black meaning

It is understood that the second-hand trade famous Second hand goods trading platform due to low threshold, large flow, in the second-hand trading platform become the first chair at the same time, in recent years also attracted a lot of mixed swindlers and black ash production attention.

However, in terms of market supervision, Xianyu, which has only been established for 4 years, is obviously not perfect in terms of platform supervision and audit mechanism.

Coincidentally, those black gray production team in order to better carry out business in the Second hand goods trading platform trading, but also derived a gray industry chain rent number to buy number.

Xianyu rental transaction process:

The first layer is fishing, generally in the various platforms to release and rent micro signal messages are number business or middlemen bubble net income, middlemen above the “boss”, in the name of “high salary part-time”, to find those weak legal awareness of college students or Bao Ma and other groups to rent leisure fish.

The second layer is to identify themselves, to show the user a fake certificate, to make the user believe that they are a legitimate studio.

The third layer is the appraisal. The account will make the rent according to the sesame credit score provided by the user and the screenshot of the violation record. It is the best to send the verification code three or four times a day, and the price is generally dozens of dollars a day.

The fourth layer is resale, the number of the merchant in various platforms and forums, black ash production community to release rental advertising, attracting fraudsters to sell.

Finally, they will tell the owner not to log in during the process and will pay commission when the time is up.

In this way, they greatly reduce the cost of crime, when the fraudster is exposed, the account owner will become the blame man, and the fraudster is at large, change the account and continue to cheat.

* Screenshots from the Internet

In fact,

Because the trading and renting of Xianyu are not protected and supported by the authorities, the new part-time jobs that seem to “make no loss” are hidden behind the high security risks. The beautiful name is “short-term lease”, but it is actually a disguised form of profits, which will not only directly damage the immediate interests of oneself or others




Some people say that this life through the deep road is the set of liars, in fact, it is not, these seemingly multifarious set, in fact, are changed soup do not change medicine.

Like “no threshold”, “high yield”, “lying to earn” and other gimmicky part-time jobs or projects, are the use of everyone’s cheap psychological bubble net to earn, high interest temptation approach, are changing patterns to introduce you into their own trap.

Don’t be greedy for small and cheap and eat a big loss, but everyone cheated has their own certain responsibility, either too greedy, or lack of knowledge, or don’t believe that only rely on their own can be rich.

So I hope you keep your eyes open, constantly improve awareness, build confidence, control desire, don’t let the scammers have the opportunity.

Rent trading platform No. 500  daily lie to earn items! Is it reliable or not?


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