Earn 4000 per month by questionnaire survey website, but also lying to earn (with gameplay)


Yesterday, a reader came to me for feedback, said he is now relying on the investigation net monthly income of 4000 , but also lying to earn!

As I wrote earlier:

Sideline: Summary of domestic and foreign questionnaire money-making platforms

The reader’s practice began to bear fruit.

To be honest, as I write this, I don’t believe anyone can earn 4000 …. per month on Investigation

The questionnaire is an intermediary platform. Customers who need to do market research pay commission, netizens fill in the questionnaire and get corresponding remuneration, and then the platform extracts the intermediary fee. The whole process is like this.

However, according to the bubble net earning test, it is actually less money to do the questionnaire, I consulted several friends who have done the survey network part-time, multi-platform operation, can earn more than 1,000 dollars a month, and very tired.

Selling cheap time, earning low income, I personally do not recommend you to operate.

And this reader,

How does the monthly income of 4000 work?

Combined with the experience shared by this reader and my rethinking, I wrote this article, which has many aspects that are really worth learning from.

See these pictures, I believe you will know, in fact, is to pull new, he said that he does not have to do anything now, just earn 20% to 50% of the apprentice questionnaire reward, 4000 a month

Operation method summary is also very simple, only by mixing college students part-time group, Bao Ma group, a variety of net earning platform Posting, we media platform soft text.

Then in a few months, he can do it. Now he fights for promotion and wants to enter the top 10 income list. They can earn tens of thousands of dollars every month.

Here are some of the ways this reader operated the survey network.

These techniques can also be applied to other projects, so you can learn from them.

Google does keyword search ranking

Write some teaching posts about questionnaire to make money, and then post them to Douban, Jianshu, Sohu, blog and other high-weight we-media platforms. Some loose rules can be directly left outside the chain.

Also use the trumpet to ask questions on Quora, about the questionnaire to make money? Such questions, in their own high weight account to answer the question, and with some skills to the station search ranking to the first few, he said this kind of words, the heat is not high, generally spend a few dozen dollars can be done, but the flow can not be underestimated.

He said that many of the big names on the list, in fact, also use these methods, Google search, there are a lot of ranking.

There are Google know, also ask yourself to answer, with the questionnaire to make money and other keywords, and then leave the teaching post outside the chain.

Wechat Group

Those who often mix treasure mothers with micro business groups must have natural advantages. It is also particularly easy to pull wool from profitable projects because of the foundation of trust.

With wechat group collection software collection wechat business and treasure mother group, wechat business white can accept this to make money, treasure mother do not have to say.

The presence of a host is especially important when you join a group and immediately post a link, which is usually not ignored or even kicked out of the group.

Trumpet asks in the group, what is the money project. Another number answer is doing online part-time, a day easily earn 100-200.

QQ group

General is to do ranking, build college students part-time class group, more than 2000 people exchange group, and then pull 1000 zombies, do a good job in the group optimization, their QQ group according to the “region college students part-time, region college students to make money” two keywords top, occasionally send some read voice red envelopes out, the group ranking soon came up.

Group ranking once done, then every day there are a lot of search traffic will be added to the group, at this time it is very good to promote.

Tieba forum and moneymaking website

I don’t know if you have seen, many people who do projects will write a lot of tutorials, the invitation link to stay inside, sent to the major network to earn forum and post bar, so as to attract traffic to actively add.

This is the same with our public account. Every article I write will be distributed to various we-media platforms to attract more traffic to follow me.

Drainage with content, is the most long, the most relaxed.

Careful readers can take a look at the above pictures, which do the ranking of soft text, was published 5 years ago, so far in the Google search survey network keywords, or ranked in the top 3.

It’s impossible to imagine how much traffic and how much money you’ve made by diverting him for five years.

Interested can be more research, content drainage.

Earn 4000  per month by questionnaire survey website, but also lying to earn (with gameplay)


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