Free red envelopes can make money on the project, let you increase monthly income of 1W


Sending red envelopes can make money, let you earn 1W a month

Tomorrow is the “double 11”, a lot of small partners private chat bubble net earn, let me send a double 11 red envelope, that today and you share a “free red envelope can make money” a wool project.

This project is the “reasonable and legal use of other people’s money to make money”, which will allow you to increase your income during the Double 11, or even more.

As before, the project of bubble net earning and sharing must be adhering to the principle of “high return, low risk, strong feasibility and results”, so that all new friends have the opportunity to share a share in today’s Internet business.

Recently, because of Double 11, our eyes are flooded with the words “super big red envelope”, “Double 11 red envelope”, I believe that when we open the computer or browse things with mobile phones, we will pop up some similar ads. Everyone is telling us how to get red envelopes, how to save money, how to buy. But I just want it to go into my own pocket. I wonder if this is OK? The answer is yes.

First of all, let me show you a picture. This is the micro blog of Wang’s son, Wang Sicong.

Do you think the national husband Wang Sicong is giving out money again? NO, NO, NO, he did not send the red envelope, he just through this channel, a treasure’s Double 11 activities to share. Its essence is to do a promotion, but his popularity is higher, basically see will point, including my own search, indeed there are. If you’re too lazy to search, just scan the QR code on Amazon. That is to say, every day you scan the QR code, you can get three red envelopes every day, the highest is 1111 dollars, as little as a few tens of dollars.

In addition, every Double 11 red envelope has the function of locking commission. What’s the understanding? Let’s say you scan this QR code and make a purchase during Singles’ Day. Then the national husband gets the corresponding commission. OK, we understand the operation of the maharaja, so how can we make money?

The answer is to send out our secret red envelopes in various ways, so that other people can use our red envelopes. Of course, the more people, the better. The more promotion, the more we get, the more commission we will get in the end.

Next, get to the topic. This is an important point of this article, circle, to be tested.

1, how to get their own red envelope promotion link?

Take the Amazon Union APP as an example:

Go to the APP and click on “Tools” — “Search Secret Order”. This way, we can create your own password. Will not be a small partner in accordance with the prompts to create, create a successful review, and then search on Amazon you create a good password, you can direct to the official activity page, that is, will pop up a red envelope interface, so as to get a red envelope.

2. Questions to be paid attention to when setting the password.

1. Incremental words.

What do you mean? That is, we set this keyword as much as possible to be an incremental word, that is, to try to be a word that others have not used, how to verify whether it is an incremental word?

Search for the term on mobile Amazon, and the less the better, the better. Search for the term with no results. Such as: can use their own name, with your name plus other words and so on.

Two, the word limit is 3 10 words.

Don’t be too long, don’t be too short, too long others too lazy to play, not conducive to search, too short easy to repeat others.

Three, the search term should be simple, easy to spread.

Like the man who beat Trump, the guy who gave fake lipstick, the pork finally got cheaper, the woman behind Jack Ma, etc.

Four, do not appear brand words, category words, commodity keywords, banned words, absolutely cannot set purely digital secret order.

Five, a secret set a promotion bit, easy to data statistics.

No application for Amazon alliance account partner, you can download the following two-dimensional code, use a treasure account login on the line.

Newly registered partners do not have the window of “Tao Secret Order”, that is to say, we can not create our own exclusive “Tao secret Order”, we can directly share this link to make money. Follow the steps below.

3. How to promote it?

On this topic, bubble Moneymaker wants to say, it’s actually very simple.

First, “Tao secret order” and “share link” can be directly sent in the circle of friends, wechat group, QQ group.

2. Spread on short video platforms.

Simply make a video and post it on a hand, a voice, a book or a YouTube. Write “password” in the copy. Remember to send a video on multiple platforms. Will not go to the small partner to search a peer is how to send. What? Not yet? Hey, send me a private message.

Three, open the live broadcast insert advertising.

There’s nothing to explain about this, just do it yourself.

Four, Weibo, social networking sites comments interception.

In some popular blog on a comment, can bring some traffic, we can search first, see how others are writing comments, in accordance with the format of their own copy on the line.

OK, that’s all for today. See you next time.

Free red envelopes can make money on the project, let you increase monthly income of 1W


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