Do local shop number, a month into one hundred thousand profiteering online play


In fact, most people must know this kind of business. When it first became popular a few years ago, it was quite popular on the public account and Weibo. It was purely based on a new way of “we media” designed by local users.

By sharing some local food shops and so on, the purpose of acquiring such users is to advertise local businesses. This is a virtuous circle. I think you will often see some local “we media” with food, drink and fun XXX and so on, which is the product of standardization.

These accounts rely on advertising to local businesses to make money, and the price of an advertorial advertisement is between 1000-5000, mainly depending on the number of fans, this kind of fans have a very important feature is the local precision powder, there is a certain local purchasing power, local businesses will tend to advertising.

In the past year or so, this kind of play has been updated and iterated, the fundamental reason is the rise of short video and the impact of the epidemic. Now the rapid development of smart phones, randomly open all video, and the speed of 5G immediately up, will bring this set of play to a new height.

With the development of short video, a large number of novel games will come out, such as the popular eating broadcast last year, which is binge eating. However, this kind of video also has disadvantages. Now, it is rarely seen on these short video platforms, because of some violation, it is not allowed to show indecent eating, and this kind of binge eating is subconsciously promoting an unhealthy habit.

But this kind of shop play is different, with short video, before those do the word shop, basically all transferred to the short video above, take a soft video, as long as you have a good idea, in fact, than the code word are simple.

We usually brush short videos, if you do not switch to the local, the chance to brush them is not large, because there may not be a lot of fans, and most of the videos are for the business advertising, you basically see some “visited this store today, just opened, special delicious and so on” or “take you to experience the whole XX most awesome XXX store” and so on.

Before the stage, the fake socialite fight afternoon tea things are very hot, many big cities in the local shop in order to catch the heat bubble net to earn, but really whole set of Bulgari afternoon tea, do not know whether it is also spell.

In fact, this kind of work is more suitable for friends who like to travel around, if you add a little bit of good writing basis, you can do very well.

After all, today’s young people’s life on the Internet is actually very rich, plus there are serious difficulties in choosing meals and shopping at ordinary times, so online promotion is a very good way.

It is no longer an empty word that local entities are hard to do business. They are actually working with the landlord to make money after working hard to set up a store. This is why Tiktok Blue V certification, which was quite popular last year, is really useless.

Even if the name of your shop can be searched for a large chance, it is difficult for self-employed people to gather many fans, those who brag all day long short videos can bring you traffic, can calculate your daily entry and exit, or even online promotion, in fact, big stores do not need, small stores are not good, very weak.

The traditional business is not good, the only way to solve it is to increase the publicity, you are now printing tens of thousands of color pages, no one will read, but you on the Internet on the whole story or a few beautiful women to help you to visit the shop first, you are happy to spend time.

Therefore, local shop-exploring We-media can make money very quickly. According to incomplete statistics, tens of thousands of local fans’ we-media accounts will be recruited by various real estate, food shops, gyms, massage and health clubs to make money through Twitter advertising bubble online. At this time, these we-media bloggers will act as a kind of detective to explore the shop for fans. Finally, of course, the proper praise, the bad will be hidden.

In the past two years, the average price of advertorials for this kind of “we media” shop exploration was around 2000, and the consumption level of each place was different. It was very easy to receive 10 new local shops every month, so the monthly income exceeded 20,000. This advertorial advertisement is also very easy to share and forward.

Like you brush such a shop visit video, then you want to live with your boyfriend and girlfriend friends to play together, is it necessary to share with them, let them see how, this in the subconscious user itself has formed a fission.

About how to accumulate local fans, I think there is no need to teach you, the previous article has written a lot, in addition to the local offline activities is one of the best channels to attract powder drainage.

In the early stage, you can go to the shops of acquaintances to shoot, so that you can quickly hit the road, and if you help them advertise online, I think no one will be stupid enough to object.

In this way, if more shops are organized, more local fans will gather gradually. In addition, about video shooting.

You really need some skills in shooting and editing, and it doesn’t matter if you can’t do this. There are many video platforms that teach you how to do special effects. In addition, I have prepared a video tutorial on TikTok for you. Public number reply “clip” oneself can take to learn.

This kind of shop is suitable for local play, to make ten thousand powder account can sit and wait for businesses advertising bubble net to earn, then there will be no shortage of material.

I often say that if you want to do a project and you don’t understand it, you should either find a master or a peer. If you want to implement this kind of local shop-exploring we media, you can completely imitate your peers.

For example, you can search some local city name eat, drink and play can find a lot of peers, or city name food, fitness, entertainment and so on can see how others operate these numbers, you can also ask about the price of advertising.

In fact, it is to use the previous text of the process in the form of short video, if you do not have such a large local short YouTube, you can try, if there is, you can also avoid their main categories, once done, according to the current development of short video, at least can eat more than 5 years.

Do local shop number, a month into one hundred thousand profiteering online play


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