Net earn project: Takeaway red envelope CPS daily lie earn project


What I share today is mainly the operation experience of takeaway CPS. For this, whether you can make money and how much money you can make depends on your operation, that is, whether you can divert and how much flow you can divert.

Take myself for example, every day profit to see luck, more than 30 or 50 words, less a dozen dollars. Fortunately, it is basically automatic, and you don’t have to do anything. You can lead the drainage when you have nothing to do. The more traffic, of course, the more revenue!

The traffic obtained can not only be used for takeaway CPS, but also for other cashing out. Of course, today I only talk about takeaway CPS!

Today’s lesson is divided into four parts!

1. What is takeaway CPS

2. How to build a delivery red envelope platform

3. How to drain

4. Tips for eating free takeout

I. What is Takeaway CPS

Takeaway CPS, like Taoke, customers get red envelopes through my link, order takeout, customers save money, the sharer will have commission!

Ele. me can directly apply for a red envelope link in Amazon Alliance, 6% of the commission, open Amazon Alliance – eat, drink and play can apply.

You can choose to share the copy, you can also choose to share the small program. For example, if your user group is Q group, you can choose copywriting sharing or Amazon two-dimensional code. If it is in wechat ecology, you can choose small program two-dimensional code to share!

Meituan is a little more troublesome, the commission ratio is 4%-6%. If the main body is a company, you can apply for 6% commission in Meituan Alliance, but the withdrawal starts at 10,000 dollars. Therefore, we usually connect with third-party platforms here.

There are many third-party platforms, such as some coupon apps, such as Fenxiang and Haoprovince, which have takeaway CPS, as well as the official public account, Meituan Fulibao, with 4.8% commission. Which platform to use depends on your choice, I use Meituan Fu Bao! The figure shows the commission ratio of several platforms.

Second, how to build the delivery red envelope platform

If you’re a community, you don’t have to build.

I myself is to build a takeout public number, users to the public number drainage on the line, did not do too much operation. Of course, the fine operation, the revenue will be a little more.

1. Register the public number

The public number selects the service number, and the service number needs the enterprise main body. It is difficult for many people to register the main body of an enterprise. Here are three solutions.

1) Direct purchase

If you buy directly, you will find the small Google QQ group, Google post bar, a treasure and so on. Before, the price was 60-80. I do not know whether the price has risen now. If certification is required, the price will be increased by 300. Cost: 80

Pros and cons:

The price is cheap. The second year certification is difficult, later can not be migrated, may be recovered!

2) The main body of the self-employed

A treasure to find a generation of registered self-employed business license, the price of 150-200, with the self-employed business license registration public number, you can register 2. If certification is required, the price will be increased by 300. Cost: 200

3) Main body of the company

A treasure or find a scalper registered company business license, cost about 3000, the second year accounting about 1000. You can register up to 5, up to 50. Cost: 3000+

Pros and cons:

You can register multiple accounts, but the downside is that it’s expensive.

How to choose the combination of their actual situation, whether the authentication to see whether to connect with the third party platform, if you are just let users get red envelopes, there is no need for authentication, if you want to rebate, need authentication.

The name of the public number oneself think, such as: take-out coupon every day, take-out discount buy, discount eat take-out.

2, the public number configuration

1) Automatic reply after attention

2) Customize the menu bar

Customize the menu bar to choose jump web page, enter the red envelope link is good!


The above is just my own Settings, how to set to see yourself, or imitate others, wechat search a public number: takeout red envelopes, you will find a lot of people do, imitate others.

3. Take-out rebates

The same as Amazon rebate, the public account needs to connect with a third-party system, and needs to be certified, the price of several hundred to one thousand thousand. Of course, it has many functions and strong fission effect.

Hope to combine to do their own actual situation to make a choice, the tool to buy a big push, may not be back!

For example, I did not do takeout rebates, public number menu bar + automatic reply.

Three, how to drain

Drainage is divided into online and offline, I do is online, also good at doing online.

1. Offline first

Now a lot of small restaurants or vendors, have to start their own private domain flow, each time the customer consumption, close their wechat group, daily menu, stall time are in the group notice, however, a lot of bosses do a period of time after the death.

The game is very simple, specifically to find such a group, spend 20 or 30 to buy, and then in the group to send takeaway red envelope link, the basic few days back to this, the basic is in the earn.

Or just spend $5 on a takeout group, and you’ll get your money back the next day.

However, collecting is only one way, and there are not so many groups to collect.

We can directly cooperate with takeaway businesses, print small cards, get red envelopes with good reviews, and let the businesses put them in the takeaway, the businesses get good reviews, and I get fans.

However, a red envelope 3 dollars, the cost is a little high, the public number, personal number, rebate number, each link to go again, can greatly reduce the cost, the cycle is greatly shortened.

Of course, there must be a lot of pits in this, such as how to talk to businesses, red envelopes to fans, and business half the best, talk about the wrong, only rely on their own out.

And some businesses, a door is not to eat but to talk with him about cooperation, directly out.

There are many ways to do this other than business, like working with a delivery guy, or putting ads on your delivery counter.

2. Online

Online, we can open a treasure shop, unit price set the first point, and then drainage to the public number.

As shown in the picture below, after the user makes the payment, the merchant will automatically reply a link, click the link and prompt you to scan the code and pay attention to the public number before you can get the red envelope.

Smart people already know how to play, right? We also open a similar shop, set up a good automatic reply, to the public number drainage is.

In addition to like a treasure, the versatile Second hand goods trading platform is also a piece of drainage place.

As shown in the figure, we follow to release the baby on the line, basically after a good channel, every day is lying to earn.

In addition, such as Weibo, Quora and other platforms, drainage effect is also very good

4. Finally, share the tips for eating free takeout

Net earn project: Takeaway red envelope CPS daily lie earn project

Net earn project: Takeaway red envelope CPS daily lie earn project


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