Share a novice easy monthly income 6000 Internet part-time small project


In my mind, I can’t remember how many part-time jobs I have done. Anyway, a lot of them. When I went to school, I seemed to do the most as a busboy, waiter and so on.

But at that time doing a part-time job is really very simple, is to sell their time and labor, as long as you are willing, then you can earn dozens of dollars every day, anyway, food and drink is not worried.

Now the conditions are good, and the Internet has been developed for so many years, I think few students are willing to do those coolies, after all, the finger can earn money, why so hard themselves.

We randomly open a part-time order website, as long as you have the time to do it, you can make money, like those crowd help, micro customer network, crowdsourcing and so on, there are a lot of tasks, but the commission depends on the difficulty of the task.

Here I give you a reminder, do not do the task of credit card processing, it seems that a single order has more than ten dollars or even dozens of dollars commission, but once you do it, the annual fee of your own card is enough for you to toss about, in addition to your personal information has been exposed on the Internet.

If you’re really short on money, there’s nothing wrong with working on these platforms. If you want to grow more fully, I’d recommend working on part-time projects that will last a long time. After all, if you stop working on these projects, you’ll lose your income.

Sometimes, the project you are doing in your hands to expand a little more cash channel or add a drainage direction, it is a project in itself.

As the saying goes, 10 traffic sources and 10 cash channels together can match 100 online income projects. This is not just an idea, but may even extend out more projects.

So it’s important to use your brain here.

So today I will bring you this project, its cycle is relatively short, that is, you can see the benefits in the short term, is to clean up the zombie powder software, I think everyone is familiar with this, even have seen it often.

We do not seem to use this kind of software, after all, individuals do not have so many friends, and in the wechat marketing is different, this kind of software is generally standard.

Now you might ask, does this software make money?

If you read the script salesman in my previous article, you know how profitable this software really is.

This software itself is low cost and high profit, you can sell the software to make money, you can also make money by helping others to clean up the zombie powder, for example, someone on Amazon to sell the zombie powder software, then we can also similar operation, or go directly to the second-hand market Second hand goods trading platform APP peddling can also be.

Here can also be used on the previous article mentioned in the group drainage violence rise powder method, because a lot of software itself is mostly in the QQ group began to spread.

In fact, now the development of software scripts is very fast, like such a zombie powder cleaning software, upgrade is very fast, before can only send information to users to clean up, now can achieve completely silent operation, in the process will not disturb your wechat friends, you can directly detect the batch deletion of those zombie powder.

In addition, this kind of software is generally integrated. By integration, I mean not only a function, such as group sending function, but also when the group management and so on, automatically kick off the users of the advertisement, automatically identify the keywords to pull the group, that is to say, a software can have multiple uses.

That way, a lot of wechat business agents, marketing numbers need such software, and because the update is relatively fast, will need to upgrade often, or directly change the platform, in this field at present there is not a dominant.

So how do we get people to know that we have it and pay for it?

In fact, it is very simple, is to create a personal IP, this is a general term, means to let others know that we are professional do this, is specialized in cleaning things.

So the question is, how can our potential customers become our customers?

Here can borrow the video before someone pushed me to watermark software, can be used to try for a period of time, satisfied like continue to use you can pay again.

The most stable way to make money on the Internet is to have a constant flow of fans, so the flow needs to be found by ourselves, such as adding groups, in the previous article I have specifically written how to rely on violence to add crazy drainage rose powder, if no one buys it, there is a simple and rough way, is to directly run paid advertising, This needs us to have a choice to do, most of the time users pay you to buy products, because you subtly guided his thinking.

So how do we get the software?

This is also more critical, now on the market some software is mixed, the quality is uneven, can obtain the software is more places, such as QQ group, micro store and so on, choose a reputation in all aspects can also be on the line.

Do this part-time project without any difficulty, the most difficult place may be the source of traffic, so we do a good job after the back end, to put all the focus on drainage, only you continue to get users, to continue to sell software, a software tens of dollars, sell 100 is thousands of income, how much can earn, all on the flow.

Share a novice easy monthly income 6000  Internet part-time small project


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