4 steps to a low-threshold fiction project for the average person moonlighting


I always thought novels were a good thing, and I didn’t really start reading and writing e-novels in earnest until I was in high school, but there was a lack of resources, unlike short videos and audio novels, there were a lot of resources.

What’s more, many of the current platforms only give you a small portion of the reading to make you want to keep paying for it, and most of the popular novels are those of diaosi who aspire to the upper class.

For example, what kind of cowardly son-in-law to attend the father-in-law’s dinner party, a word made the rich present directly kneel down, or what kind of daughter is bullied by bullies, the king of special soldiers a phone call, the three armies come together and so on such garbage novels, but it is these garbage novels, but it is very to meet the taste of the public, the smell of commercialization is very strong.

If a novel is hundreds of chapters, at least want to finish reading or recharge a 7-day VIP, so this kind of novel it is imperceptible let you spend money, just like some fake yellow station, up only to give you a dozen seconds of video, prompt you to recharge, then charge 10 dollars can see all, then charge 99 dollars can see free today and so on, In fact, these are layers of inducement to pay.

So speaking here, I want to let you know that even now, even though the sky is full of short videos, there will still be a market of novels, why, most students still dare not to blatantly watch short videos in class, more can choose to read novels to relieve the boredom, and the plot of rubbish novels like those I listed above is actually prepared for these people.

So how do we do the fiction project?

1. First you need to find the right distribution platform

This is also more critical, because you just take out a novel, it will involve a copyright problem, to find a novel distribution and promotion platform, and then open the platform system.

As for the platform of the novel, you can find it yourself and consider your audience.

Men like some fantasy, fairy novels, and women, like some urban romance, so the audience must choose a good, you can carry out the next step how to promote.

So how to promote here for you to prepare 3 ways to promote, you can try to see the effect, and finally only precision deep ploughing a platform.

2. Micro blog

Micro blog is more convenient to promote the novel, often play micro blog should also know, will more or less encounter a lot of these do Twitter account, directly send the novel to promote.

If you know where the most interesting chapters of your novel are, then you can use them. Just post the most interesting passages from the novel, add some pictures and leave them at the bottom of the article. If you want to know the fate of the main character or the ending, please scan the code or click on the link to find the answer.

Our drainage itself skills is to use these more attractive content to grasp the user’s psychology, and then do so that users choose to pay to read.

A lot of people will say, then I have no traffic, no fans how to do?

There is another option is to pay the stream, directly through the payment to let some micro V help you promote, that is, paid advertising, see how the effect is, if the conversion is relatively high above the fans of a certain account, you can continue to add.

3. Public account

If there is no public number, or to build a bar, after all, is their own platform, want to do how to promote.

First of all, we will build this platform into a novel platform. We will publish some interesting novels in our public account every day. We can add interesting clips in our tweets.

But we need to make clear a concept first, that is, the public account itself has no traffic, it is not like TikTok, Kuaishou and other big platforms with their own traffic, nor like Douban group bubble online income, itself has how many thousands of fans, we just through the public account to give us a chance to promote the novel, the specific public account promotion still need to be done.

So here we can buy some advertising space of the public account of the original novel, and carry out some promotion appropriately, because all the fans are the most difficult to obtain in the early foundation stage, and we can fission after we obtain a certain number of fans.

For example, how many groups can I send this tweet to get XXX novel resources and so on, with the appropriate gift of novel this welfare to achieve the fission effect.

4. Short videos

There is nothing specific about the short video here, because first of all, I do not recommend you to promote on big platforms like TikTok and Kuaishou, because of the traffic saturation.

Change a video platform, but also in the blue ocean stage, I think wechat YouTube is a good choice.

However, some methods I saw in TikTok or Kuaishou can be directly used for reference. I used to shoot a short story of a novel with my own camera Angle. I often saw this story in Kuaishou before: a cowardly son-in-law, his father-in-law would get angry when he saw him, and his brother-in-law mocked him. And the other day at dinner, he got out of a Bentley, and here he is, and the video is gone.

Don’t you like to continue to look down, just click the link in the bottom can be, so complete the promotion.

The threshold to do novel promotion is very low. If the promotion is good, the revenue will be automatically settled, which is equivalent to a passive promotion. As long as you have a certain copy setting, you can continuously obtain users.

4 steps to a low-threshold fiction project for the average person moonlighting


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