How to make money through the Internet? Give you an analysis of several profiteering projects!


There are too many projects to make money on the Internet, you can see if there is one for you, the previous article has also been shared with you, old photos restoration, car USB disk, map annotation, baby name, recently I paid to enter some network to earn circles, and found a lot of network to earn projects.

First, TikTok, YouTube small program cash

2. TikTok Book List and real person book list

Three, video sales health tea, book list, novel cash

Four, Second hand goods trading platform sell goods to make money (earn the difference)

Five, social networking sites drainage cash

Quora makes money by sharing good things

Seven, Amazon without supplies, virtual goods selling project

8. New Promotion activities on various platforms………

There are too many projects, I will focus on sharing a few analysis, hope to improve your cognition, broaden your horizon, the original this is so profitable, the original can also play like this!

TikTok mini program makes 410,000 cases a day

I believe that the people in the red circle in the picture often check TikTok, and I think you have seen it. There are also similar links directly advertised by many businesses. This project is called TikTok mini program, where you can search TikTok by yourself, mini program test, emotional intelligence, IQ, psychological test and so on.

Very simple, 0 threshold, 0 fans, 0 cost, but you bind TikTok number, and then release works hang the corresponding link, others as long as click the link, free test, will give you the corresponding advertising fee, a few cents, if you are lucky, you insist on sending works, you professional, then a work may let you into 6 figures! Look at the picture

Yeah, you read that right,

One video, one hit, one day, made over $400,000 in commission

How do you feel?

Amateurs watch the crowd, experts see the way, this is the charm of the Internet, three days east, three days west, three years do not open, open to eat three years.

But he deserved it. You never know how many hours he played, how many works he studied, how many days and nights he stayed up……

This picture is the National Day, on the big hit, 267,000 points of praise, income is worth a lot of people one or two years of wages, this project has been out for a long time, last year, but many people do not know how to make so much money, still some people, through poor information and knowledge pay, teach others to play also made a lot of money bubble net, Now many people have turned to YouTube small program testing, the same reason. You want to ask me whether this project can be done now, I can only say that the business has specialized, a few months ago, I tested for a few days, a few pieces a day, a few hair income, can not bear the loneliness, think this is not suitable for me, although the threshold is low, but the time cost is the biggest cost! If you’re interested in this project, you can send me a private message. If it doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for you.

TikTok book list, real people exit project

The book list of TikTok is an old project, many people made a lot of money in 18 and 19 years. Many people say that it is difficult to make the book list now, and the book list is restricted by TikTok. Indeed, there may be some restrictions in various forms before, such as picture broadcasting, text and video, hand-drawing, book pages and text and video, celebrity clips and bubble online income, etc. Because the profit of selling books is too big, usually 50% profit, some books as high as 70% profit.

The above three pictures are presented in different ways

Then I just searched, the window backstage, the popular network of five books sales 75 dollars, selling a book profit from 30 to 50, is not refreshed your cognition, if your works are popular, you sell a book, according to 40 to calculate, 100 books you will earn 40,000, 1000 books you count as 400,000, the rest of your own imagination.

Then some time ago, I found the new Continent, this is more than cattle, matrix gameplay, and each number of fans are very high, the same person, different nicknames, different clothes bubble net earn, different backgrounds, copywriting is roughly the same or borrow from, copy peers. Please look at the following pictures.

Search a few pictures, incomplete statistics, (970,000 2.1 million 2.8 million) fans, nearly 6 million fans, the whole network fans are estimated to break ten million, the author is a very elegant beauty, elegant, change a few sets of clothes every day, cheongsam, in front of the video or teleprompter recording works, basically many works are hot, The revenue behind this is really scary. Millions a year? Ten million a year? Or more?

Stop, pull it back to reality. It’s someone else. It has nothing to do with us. You should be at work tomorrow. Personal IP must be more and more valuable in the end, this is just a simple analysis of the two projects, hoping to be helpful to readers, improve their cognition.

That’s How to make money on the Internet! To learn more about the net income project, please pay attention to bubble net income!

How to make money through the Internet? Give you an analysis of several profiteering projects!


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