Sideline part-time project: Novice how to 0 cost daily into 100 , with flow channels!


A lot of people want to make money, are after two points, 1,0, 2, can make money quickly.

Is there such a program?

There are!

So how do you do that?

It takes a lot of time, after all, it is very difficult to earn items except playing new videos and national videos.

But today to talk about this project, if you spend some time every day to do well, later can also lie to earn.

I have also written about the takeaway CPS project before, some people are doing it, while some people give up half of it. After all, the takeaway CPS project only costs a few cents per order, which is really a little low. If you want to earn 10 dollars a day, you need more than 50 people to place an order, which is really difficult for 99% new people.

Today we say a simple, still is the take-out red envelope, we change the way to operate, using the platform’s reward rules to do, at least for now can be a stroke.

For official events, you can get red envelopes, up to 20 dollars.

I shared it randomly before, but I checked it today and found that there was already a 20 dollars bounty. Before I could withdraw the money, I just posted it once in the last group and then left it alone. Today, someone asked me if I could enlarge the operation and write an article, so today’s tweet came into being.

We can receive red envelopes and deduct the money in real terms. After others receive red envelopes and consume, we have commission, which is very high, only a few dollars, which is much more cost-effective than a few cents for a single order of the takeaway cps.

You can scan the code into the small program, and then enter the recommendation award there, you can get your own two-dimensional code, and then you can go to the operation.

Now we just need to set up another traffic channel to get a steady flow of commission, because we can get it every day, so the repeat consumption rate is very high.

As for promotion, I won’t talk about it, any project that involves active promotion, 99% of people will give up.

We’re talking about passive drainage today.

Is not need to take the initiative to promote, how to let others take the initiative to find.

Because I personally do e-commerce, so we will analyze from the aspect of e-commerce.

Let’s start with Amazon.

Look at other people’s sales, unit price 1 cent, to here should be understood, others are not to earn that 1 cent, but to earn your order commission.

To take the initiative to promote yourself, but also are pan-pink, pan-pink means you do not simply let 10 people get your red envelope, the result is not used by others, others do not use, we have no commission.

And this 1 cent is precision powder, others find the coupon will definitely use, at least 9 out of 10 people will use, we will have commission.

This is the essential difference between precision fans and panfan fans, so we have to find precision fans, and as long as someone asks for coupons, we will pull them into the wechat group, and send them coupons at a fixed time every day, so that they can get takeout cheaper, we can earn commission, others appreciate you, and we can earn money. This is a win-win situation, which is better than you Posting everywhere by yourself. It’s much better to promote it everywhere. A precise powder will top the pan powder you get from 10 random promotions.

As for Amazon how to open a shop without me to teach it, the official open on the line, free, shelf products, copy others, computers do not need, directly on the phone can solve. If someone asks, send them a code to get it yourself, and then add friends to stock up on traffic.

This is one, Amazon platform for sale.

Second, Second hand goods trading platform platform, the same method, directly open on the line, I will not elaborate on this, Second hand goods trading platform everyone can open, do not want to deposit, the method is the same as above, someone to buy, directly to the code scan, add friends pull group, late direct group coupons on the line.

Solve the traffic problem, still afraid of no money?

Passive drainage is always better than active drainage.

And take-out, a constant demand.

That’s all for today. Spend some time to accumulate resources in the early stage, and distribute coupons in the group every day in the late stage, that is the beginning of lying to earn.

No one can succeed in a day, is the early accumulation, the late outbreak. Understand that and you’re on your way to making a lot of money!

Sideline part-time project: Novice how to 0 cost daily into 100 , with flow channels!


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