A small but very profitable industry, lack of net income project look!


Today, I would like to share with you a small but highly profitable online income project — gold recovery project. The investment of this unusual project is not much more than 10,000 to 20,000 dollars, and the annual income of about 200,000 dollars with a little execution power is normal.

This project does not need a store, does not need to join, also does not need equipment, very suitable for doing a side job.


The background to gold recovery

First, how big is the demand for gold recycling? What was on every high street before the pandemic started?

Gold stores? Why are there so many gold stores?

Because people like gold.

The most important moment in each of our lives: marriage, all buy three gold, this has been the national standard.

Many friends want to sell gold, the first thought is to go to the gold store.

Let me tell you, 80% of gold stores don’t accept gold. Why?

The profit from selling gold in the gold store can earn 100-300 dollars per gram, and the maximum of recycled gold is 10-50 dollars per gram. Obviously, people are more willing to sell gold. In addition, if you accept gold in the gold store, it will cause the illusion that your store is selling second-hand gold, affecting the store image.

Therefore, many people want to sell gold but cannot find the gold recycler. They can only find the gold recycler by Posting online or sending help in the circle of friends.

In addition, the epidemic has pushed this industry to a new peak point this year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, there are a lot of customers who need to sell their gold, which is not difficult to understand, because the most valuable and hard-pass in everyone’s hands is gold. Many shops in this industry have expanded several times this year, one of the reasons is that business is very hot. Another factor is that the cost of renting the facade this year is very low. Even 10,000 dollars may not be taken down last year, but 5,000 dollars can be easily won this year.


Profit from gold recovery

I took out a small loan and got into a bunch of online loans, 70,000 in debt, and I was forced to sell gold to pay it off. At that time, gold was 300 dollars a gram, he gave me 250 dollars, he made 50 dollars a gram. He made $1,500 on 30 grams of my gold jewelry. That’s profiteering.

Gold recovery, the current line price is about 10-50 dollars, a profit of about 100-3000 dollars, gold recovery has a good feature is that, you recover the same day, the same day can be sold, quickly realized.

The premise that you find partners, is generally to join the brand store, join the words have a fee of 10,000, there are also 30,000 to 50,000, but I have experienced people think that the role of joining is not big, because this industry does not look at the brand, consumers will not sell you because you are not the brand.


How does the project work?

That’s what this business is all about: pooling resources.

You start not to join what, pay the franchise fee what bubble net to earn, directly find a peer cooperation on the line. This is how I started. First, I found a gold collector who had worked for more than 10 years to cooperate with him. I was responsible for finding customers and negotiating prices, and he was responsible for collecting. We’ll split it fifty-five.


How to Find Customers

I promoted it like crazy online, sometimes making 100, sometimes making 1,000, and it quickly took off.

Promotion I mainly in the local member QQ group, wechat group.

I first search the local QQ group online, there are supermarkets, billiards, beauty salons, Internet cafes, wet markets, dry shops and so on, is the group to add.

After adding, must not enter the group on the advertisement, it is easy to be kicked out.

You just need to change your group nickname, like mine:

Then I became active in the group every day. When customers who needed to sell gold saw the name, they would contact me.

Advertorial diversion

A lot of people worry about the flow, like Quora, Jane book, headline number, hundred number is a very good platform, do not need to be good at writing, write a big bang, honest output valuable on the line.

Continued to export gold related expertise to drain.

Wechat search a search drainage

Keywords like gold recycling have a very high search index on wechat.

We can do keyword wechat search a search drainage.

In addition, there are TikTok, Kuaishou, YouTube diversion, is constantly output relevant professional knowledge to get the attention of fans.

For example, share the common sense about the authenticity of gold identification, as well as the daily maintenance and maintenance methods of jewelry, to gain users’ attention.


How to Trade

For example, let’s talk about my earning path.

At 1 p.m., the client asked for a door-to-door purchase, which was 20 kilometers away from my place and 2 hours back and forth.

2 PM arrived at the customer’s location.

2:10 PM, meet the customer, start the recovery process: weighing — acceptance of true and false — payment — transaction completed.

The transaction was completed in 5 minutes, 46 grams of gold at 390 dollars per gram, a total of 17,940 dollars. Profit, I made 23 dollars per gram, so I made about 1058 dollars on this one. After taking out about 50 dollars of gas, I made 1000 dollars, which took about 2 hours to complete.

Making money every day is as simple as that.



1, at the beginning, it is best to cooperate with peers, find out a good way, in their own work;

2, it is not recommended to open a shop, engaging in facade, my 90% are on-site trading, of course you have money to say another;

3, do not recommend to join oh, because the franchise fee is very expensive, about 20-30,000, wait for you to do this line is not meaningful;

4, there are three places to sell the money, one is acquaintances, two is a peer, three is to sell to the plate factory.

The above is to share the content, I hope to help you!

A small but very profitable industry, lack of net income project look!


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