Redisk a brainless brick project, novice practical operation monthly 7000 income


What is no brain to move bricks, simply means that you don’t need to think, only do the work in front of you, you can make money.

Moving bricks is known as hard work, there are so many people every day thinking of brainless moving bricks, is actually an indulgence of their lazy thoughts.

In my experience, you can make a lot of money if you take the time to plan, because the world is full of people who don’t want to think.

I think it is the normal project thinking process to change the brainless brick to seriously imagine the project structure, and then spend a certain amount of time to make the implementation plan, and then go to the brainless execution.

Today I will talk to you about this project is not difficult, it is a minority project, but very profiteering, just like we talked about the parking plate with laser machine engraving, license plate what price, the purchase price is less than 5 dollars with the base, but the laser machine scan, a few seconds, can sell to 28 and then give you free mail, is not very profiteering.

The project we are talking about today is to make use of the huge traffic of short videos to facilitate our delivery.

A lot of people will say, I don’t have a source of goods, I don’t have a processing plant, then how can I bring goods, I don’t have many fans, I have never done e-commerce since birth.

Yes, what you said are the problems facing the project. Without supply and factories, we can’t get a cheaper price. Then, can you make some virtual goods?

No matter what kind of business you want to do online, you must first understand the demand group, that is, the target users, and then to study these users.

We use short video traffic to sell music USB disk, the target users must be those who have cars to make money online, and like listening to music, since the world’s first Land Rover with music came out, basically all cars began to imitate, now every driver should have the habit of driving listening to music to kill the boring time.

So now short video from the normal channel, TikTok, Kuaishou has been occupied almost.

Why do you say so, daily users are basically full, we want to go in a share of the soup will be difficult, then we should turn to the operating short video platform now, that is, wechat YouTube.

Sell music USB disk, then our video content should be these content, otherwise, attract some inaccurate pan powder, not much effect on the realization.

For the material content of short video, you can go to some other short video platforms to learn the peer content, and use it for editing and modification.

Most of the time, we only need the main climax of a piece of music, which is cut down and made with some beautiful pictures or other videos. You can also go to the Internet to download some recent popular music, or the songs of Internet celebrity singers or some classic old songs or a category of DJ and so on.

Try not to choose songs according to your own preferences, and be sure to pay attention to those popular short video platforms, most of the time your preferences are just your personal will.

As for the video editing and production modification, I will not do too much narration here. You can reply “clip” in the public account to get a full version of the video course I prepared for you for free, some video clip production and so on. There are detailed courses in it, you can download it by yourself if you need it.

Now that we have our target product, we know how to find the footage, and we know how to make short videos with the footage, the daily task is actually very simple.

Sourcing, editing, and publishing is a daily project process.

Posting these contents in the YouTube has a very big advantage is that you can publish your content to the wechat group or circle of friends, so as to form interaction, but also help the official recommendation of your video.

Once a short video is recommended to a certain extent, many people will find your contact information, which is a kind of passive drainage.

We’ve got the front end of the project, so what should the product do?

It is nothing more than downloading some nice music and putting it on the USB flash drive in different categories to earn money online, such as classic oldies series, Cantonese series, DJ electronic music and so on.

U disk can be in a lot or a Baba to buy a batch, after all, wholesale is cheaper.

If you really don’t want to stock up, you can also have a hair, and businesses to negotiate a good price, let businesses help you copy the U disk into the music can be.

General like this kind of products, basically users to buy a treasure, most of them are directly sold U disk, there are also some businesses can copy music and movies, but they do not know to do content drainage in the YouTube.

And we know in the YouTube drainage, but there is no treasure shop, this is the typical online information is poor.

Of course, the pricing of this to see the number of music and the cost of U disk, most of them are 69-99 for the best, car users generally on their own car most of the investment is willing to pay, a bottle of perfume forty or fifty has been considered low-end.

When we make YouTube content, we can directly leave wechat, because after all, the same products, the conversion rate will be higher.

In addition, if you have a wechat public number, you can also hang up under the YouTube bubble net to earn, the specific method we go to see the YouTube tutorial can, a large number of online search, and small procedures, if there are users like it, direct point below the shopping cart direct shopping can be, convenient and quick.

This type of project is a typical traffic realization project, there is no difficulty, just need a point of entry, and then mindless execution is OK.

It’s all about bringing out good music, and then getting fans and monetizing it.

Redisk a brainless brick project, novice practical operation monthly 7000  income


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