Zero-based white part-time online design, challenge two weeks into 5000 a month


Now the promotion is more and more no lower limit, always preach let a person open a shop to make money.

Just now I scanned Tiktok, and I found out that both of them are one computer. Amazon has opened a store with a business model of millions of annual revenue. The music is super dynamic and the background is very rich.

Is making money really that easy?

In fact, cross-border e-commerce is very profitable, but whether you can make money is not certain. Even our local and homegrown treasure has not been fully understood, but you want to make Amazon, shrimp, what do you think the chance of making money?

A treasure and the Amazon model rules are completely different, and foreigners’ preferences still need to think about a good deal, nothing is ready to come up, no sales brush a few orders, so that your store will be blocked the chance of 100%.

So something, it’s not what people are saying, it’s how you interpret it.

I know a lot of people like to stare at the big boss, every day to see what the big boss is doing, this direction is good, they are doing naturally have a certain sense, but even if the whole tell you, you do not have to make up, do not know how to start.

I know a friend of mine who couldn’t even make one shrimp dish in a month, but he had to pay money to learn this shrimp course. He searched a lot of street knowledge on the Internet.

In fact, as long as we can do not overlook the words, basically make money will be very simple, starting from the most basic is the best choice for beginners.

Take my previous job as an example. When I didn’t work in this studio a few years ago, I was engaged in advertising design, because I majored in fine arts in university and went to Washington for further study in fine arts professional class and Game Design Bubble Net after graduation. After I started working, I have been working as an artist and model designer in a game company in a first-tier city. Then came back to our shop here to open a processing plant to do advertising industry, advertising graphic design.

In fact, my work has always been inseparable from design. Of course, as you all know, the most basic part of design should be the use of software, and the core part is my own aesthetic and creative.

There was no problem with the knowledge of software, but there was no problem with the aesthetics. In the end, my creativity was focused on the model stickers of games and animation characters. However, one of my brothers later opened his own rather large wedding photography shop, which was his specialty.

Doing design, with the development of the society, helping others to do design or teaching others to design is a very good way, and it does not take time.

As long as I want, I can compile a set of teaching courses of design from zero foundation to advanced level, because I have been doing design for about ten years, such as PS, CDR, AI, 3dmax, bodypaint, zbrush and so on. These software are used from morning to night every day. And do a content requires several software to export and import with each other, has been very familiar with.

Instead, if you want to make money online and you don’t have any special skills, what should you do?

I think it is a good choice to start from design. You can definitely start from zero foundation and learn some simple design, such as PS. In fact, learning design is a process of continuous accumulation, and you can not become proficient in it overnight.

Then I will give you a plan. If you are interested, you can refer to my plan to learn PS by yourself. After learning it well, some related projects, such as restoring old photos, teaching PS, taking orders on Weike’s Zhubajie platform, and even participating in making short video diversion with PS steps, are all very good realization directions.

Stage 1 (2 days) :

Install the software, get familiar with the whole operation interface, and you can randomly do some pictures, only to continue to do, even disorderly, to find the problem, just like learning a computer, don’t be afraid of the whole broken, to the death of the whole line, the worst thing to do a system.

This stage I hope you master the basic knowledge of PS software, whether it is the navigation page or shortcut keys, how much to understand a little, the navigation page column must know what is the meaning.

Stage 2 (10 days) :

This is a self-study function stage, we search the Internet can see a lot of video courses bubble net earn, most of them are free, because this kind of video courses are mostly used for drainage, professional PS knowledge will be charged.

But don’t worry, here I prepared for you a complete set of PS teaching video lesson, public number reply “PS” can download and learn.

Learning software must be gradual, do not worry, every knowledge point to find the corresponding case to practice repeatedly.

Stage 3 (2 days) :

Start doing a little more advanced design outside of the course, and challenge yourself to do a lot of steps without looking at the tutorial.

If all the above are done well, it will take nearly two weeks or so according to the plan. These two weeks are just learning for the sake of learning, and the rest of the time is cash.

So here are some ways to do design realization, and I will give you some references to different realization channels to help increase their income.

1, Amazon shop part-time

This everyone knows, we open Amazon, oneself to search for artists or Amazon artists and other words, there are generally a lot of long-term recruitment Amazon artists, this is the cooperation with the store, of course, you can also try to open a store, a little design of the list.

2. Part-time job in QQ design group

This is also very many, search these part-time design groups, there will be large and small design orders every day, you can have a try.

3. Graphic design website

For example, pig eight quit, thousand map network, map network and so on this kind of website bubble net, if your design works are better, you can upload to these sites, mark the price, if someone downloads, will give you the corresponding money.

Weike network is specialized in trading these graphic design works, logo, packaging design and so on.

This is relatively normal online sideline part-time, and do it as long as it seriously study for a period of time will be effective, online part-time a lot, if do not do to promote the head of those sideline, like design this self-supporting earn some pocket money or better.

Zero-based white part-time online design, challenge two weeks into 5000  a month


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