trading platform shop group single shop over 3000 practical operation skills, plus a single how to enlarge the operation of 20!


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There are two contents:

An Second hand goods trading platform practical operation skills, part-time state how to do a single shop monthly profit 3000.

How to enlarge 20 stores by a single person.

Before speaking of practical operation, let me first say a word of my own summary of the basic things:

By virtue of the attributes of the platform, we sell what users need to them, and we distribute it to them from lower-cost merchants to get some revenue in the middle.

Of course, this sentence can also be applied to other e-commerce platforms, and the core points of this sentence in Xianyu summed up are: platform attributes; What products do users need; Find a lower merchant;

Popular, improve the words, here can be divided into: selection – selection of home – editing on the shelf – optimization – customer service order processing – amplification.

Everything has a sequential flow, do things naturally will not panic.

And these are their own operation of the Second hand goods trading platform process, plus the core.

This time to share the main choice of leisure fish for you to talk about in detail.

The selection is similar to the target of an archer. Only when your direction is correct, the efforts made in the process will bear fruit, and finally you will hit the target of the bullseye. The second choice, also directly determines your later shop orders, profits, is the whole Second hand goods trading platform operation of the first core point.

Second hand goods trading platform himself has no similar Amazon business advisers these data reference; In Amazon, patchduo, Jingdong sell good products, in the Second hand goods trading platform do not eat all.

So the choice of Second hand goods trading platform we are through the Second hand goods trading platform platform to go, with the help of some data of Second hand goods trading platform platform for reference, borrow.

I’m going to call these data references here validation ideas. Verification ideas inside the main reference points are: want to number; Peer dynamics; Multiple cases.

Here I take a “yoga mat” search as an example, the profit rate of 30% when I did it before, easily 3 days directly to a single day under the condition of not much pipe 200-400 profit, but now it has been pressed a little hard, but it can still be done, here for example, to explain:

(1) Want to count: represents the number of users to this business private message, consulting this product. Thousands of people have inquired about this product, which naturally shows that many people need it.

You want to count as many as possible. But sometimes there will be a situation, consult more, buy less, this time you need to refer to the next, peer dynamics.

(2) Peer dynamics: show the peer sold products, plus the number of pieces, then on the basis of looking at the number of want to look at his dynamics, look at the product sales, that is, the transformation situation. Here’s an example of a yoga mat, as you can see, it takes up a lot of space, and you can still convert.

Here are two more points:

1. Sometimes the above kind of products are not displayed, only the evaluation. In this case, you can click on the evaluation to check the sold product. In addition, you can judge the number of products out in a single day based on: users who buy products: the number of evaluation =10:1, and then judge the number of products out in a single day. Like the above 16 evaluations in a single day, you can almost estimate to about 160 pieces in a single day.

If 31 pieces are sold, the specific number will be displayed. If more than 31 pieces are sold, all 31 pieces will be displayed. At this time, the individual quantity and market can be estimated with the help of his evaluation.

Look at the 16 evaluation of this peer, to the Second hand goods trading platform 151 days, sold 2384 products, or more powerful. Of course, they sold tens of thousands of them in about 100 days and there are students here.

Second hand goods trading platform playability overall is still relatively large, can do a lot of goods is also a lot of bubble net earn, can be found down with the help of method slowly, you will find a different piece of heaven and earth.

(3) many cases: a peer analysis is finished, and then look at other homes, such as yoga mat this, according to the above two finished, a peer is very strong, and then look at the number of other homes want, dynamic proportion, found that this product many are better, then this product can choose.

According to the process, we will look at our cost and determine the cost of the supplier. If we find that the intermediate profit is OK, then this product will have no big problem and can be put on the shelf directly.

Of course, in the verification process, may appear, only a few peers in the sale of this product, these several are selling better, this product is a bit similar to Amazon inside the blue ocean products, directly can be opened, several numbers are on this product.

The supply is small, the demand is large, the natural better to do.

After saying the core verification idea in the surroundfish selection, then someone is nervous. At the beginning, we are afraid to select products based on habit. Then, we don’t know what product to choose.

Here, then, are three ways to pick the best products you can find:

(1) Empathy, according to the daily selection method.

(2) With the product classification selection method.

(3) Peer, continuous selection method.

(1) Empathy, according to the daily selection method.

As the name suggests, I would like to go to the second-hand market to buy some products, plus see what products you need in your daily life, go out to see those products, and do some good e-commerce sales, and then go to Second hand goods trading platform search, according to the above verification idea to view.

(2) With the product classification selection method.

(2.1) In accordance with the classification.

Open the home page of Second hand goods trading platform, there is a category, and click in, you can see the second picture here, category, plus what products under this category, of course, there are many other products under the category. And according to the category, verify the following products, can be.

Secondly, you can also use Amazon top200,000 wireless terminal traffic vocabulary, regularly update the recent hot search products, with the help of this selection, selection of Amazon category sold under the better products, and then to verify (relatively complete, if necessary, private chat to send)

(2.2) Search for large category words.

Here search category word “sports goods”, then some sports goods under the products, all will come out, this time to search for these products can be verified. There’s a lot to be searched here, kitchen supplies, hotel supplies, household items.

This way, you will find a lot of unexpected, but very good products.

(3) Look at peers, a steady stream of selection method.

Point in turn open the yoga mat peer dynamic, suddenly his shop inside the “net red bobo ball” sales into, so we are not on the original basis of more than a product, then to search and verify the new “net red bobo ball”, and will find other peers, there are other new selling good products, in turn, can find a lot.

The extension of thought, always can find a lot of endless interesting things.

At this time, others will always pay attention to those who are stronger than themselves. When using this idea of Second hand goods trading platform, you will find that more peers will pay attention to those who are stronger than you.

So let’s go to see the peer that he pays attention to sell those good products, and the peer that pays attention to will pay attention to others ~~ in turn stream, stream, found strong peers, found strong products.


Like this, pay attention to 61, and then open, you can see that many are more fans, more fans, generally also can sell goods, open these people, find new products.

Turn turn, and look at the people concerned ~~ endless stream, super fun.

The above is the core part of the Second hand goods trading platform shop group – selection. 3 selection methods + core verification ideas, enough to find at least tens of thousands of good products.

In choosing these better products, always remember this, forget the other.

So here you can use the free fish selection table, the good products according to the categories of summary, to establish their own free fish selection library. As shown in the following figure, I built a selection library by myself. When I see some good products, I can update them in time according to the categories. When I do it, I can directly start to operate, saving time.

Choose the product, down is to find the advantage of no supply is, do not have to worry about product problems, also do not have to worry about hoarding, pressure capital problems, the whole network of goods are our supply channels, a generation of hair, protected by the platform, not afraid to take the money and run away, this time to find the price is lower than the market, then you can edit the shelf.

The easiest way for editors to put on the shelves is to refer to their peers, modify good titles, crop pictures, and then use them for me.

On the product how to open the difference with the rest of the market, and far ahead of the lead, this time you need to rely on the platform of some parameter values, page views, want to number, super number, collection, message, timely response rate, praise rate. Just work on that.

The easy part is to ask someone for something. Awesome. Leave a message. (Note: send each other directly on Xianyu, it is easy to detect violations, you can take screenshots or homophonic words)

Choose the home, edit the shelf, optimization is relatively rough, on the one hand, because of the length of the reason, too much certainly we do not have the patience to see; Secondly, there are paid students here, all finished, it is estimated that they know that they will be holding a few meters long sword, ferocious straight leng to cut me, so the point is stopped.

But these above, according to the operation, a month about 3000 or many people can reach.

Which brings us to the second part:

How to enlarge 20 stores by one person

The basic way of amplification operation, generally there are two kinds: the process method goes smoothly, on the customer service; The second is to use software, improve efficiency, a single person can do the work of several people.

When it comes to human customer service, anyone who has ever managed someone knows that hiring, managing, and payroll can be a headache.

This is mainly about the second type: a single person with the help of software, improve efficiency and easy operation.

Software here is —-, such as the wing Second hand goods trading platform assistant, a cloud control system, to install the Android phone on the specified software, to simulate the manual operation of the specified task, does not destroy the underlying protocol bubble net profit, security for a long time, background web page control, up to 100 at the same time.

Here, by the way, the advantages of Xianyu compared with other e-commerce: no deposit; The payment collection period is 10 days; One person can open 3 shops; Single shop, almost zero cost, their own mobile phone can operate; Free office. Here is a comparison chart:

With these advantages out of the way, it’s time to talk about some common problems with batch operations.

How to solve the store account? How about mobile devices? How to do it with software? How much does the software cost?

(1) How to solve the multi-store account problem?

A single person can register 3 Alipay bubble net to earn, that is, 3 Second hand goods trading platform shop, so their family, relatives, friends down more than 10-20 problems is not big.

(New Xianyu number, you can use 163, QQ and other mailbox registration Alipay, finished 6 mailbox registration Alipay can use a mobile phone number binding, it is recommended that 3,4 binding a mobile phone number) newly registered Alipay, login, payment password can be known, but bind their identity information.

(2) How to solve the problem of mobile devices?

Software support Android 7.0 and above mobile phones, then meet the conditions of the phone, the market is only 200,300 a.

Provide two models of mobile phones that have been tested and are available plus price.

Red Rice 4X 2+16G 260 dollars

Red rice 6A 3+32G 375 dollars —- long-term use, this style is recommended.

(3) How to operate with the help of software?

With software, the gameplay is rougher and certainly easier, but the core is still the whole Second hand goods trading platform process.

Here to share the next simple gameplay: find Second hand goods trading platform market sales of good products, then this time you can use software directly to peer shops or links collected down bubble net to earn, software automatic processing system with watermark, and then the title of the modification, the main picture cut, directly uploaded to their own Second hand goods trading platform shop with the help of software.

Down optimization in time to do. This kind of play, find a good product, today, the second day out of the single is normal.

It’s faster and more convenient. But the core of this play is still the whole Second hand goods trading platform operation process, method.

Well, here is the end of the time, two points: Second hand goods trading platform practice a single shop 3000 profit selection ideas + a single how to batch enlarge the operation of the shop has finished.

trading platform shop group single shop over 3000 practical operation skills, plus a single how to enlarge the operation of 20!

trading platform shop group single shop over 3000 practical operation skills, plus a single how to enlarge the operation of 20!


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