The use of adult flow to earn alliance advertising fees, lying to earn 1000 dollars/day earning routine


In March of this year, I wrote an article called

A hundred Ivy project earning 1000 a day in the circle, let me tell you whether it is reliable

“Article, now do hundred ivy project training, the comment area also has a lot of people say they paid thousands of dollars of tuition, the results of the alliance account was blocked, the money is not out.

I have said before, the so-called hundred Ivy project is the original Google alliance, Google’s face in the Internet industry for so many years, has always been a bad reputation, is a change of the same alliance platform, by some do not understand the technology to earn training network packaged as a project to harvest leeks.

Basically these do hundred ivy training is to teach you what brush traffic tools to brush, the results a few days on the seal, although Google reputation is bad, but it does not mean that people live very poor, brush the IP quality are not Google manual review, he was system monitoring abnormal seal.

At the end of 2016, I thought it was useful to learn pyhton. I could climb down the data and also learn the knowledge of website development. I did a bunch of unsuccessful websites before and after.

One day, when I explore the new world on the Internet, I found a website only a single page bubble net income, the website is very simple, a “1024” forum (don’t ask me what 1024 forum is, understand nature understand, do not know how to Google) big LOGO, Add an anchor text (text link) that says “Access Entry 1, Access Entry 2, access Entry 3”.

Click the link to go in, jump to another single page website, very very pure, just a Google Alliance Banner AD, the AD side has a picture that says “visit xx website please click on the picture, then click three times.”

I used SimilarWeb to look up domain name traffic and I can’t describe how surprised I was that a single page site with a single image and a few lines had over 800,000 daily IP addresses a day.

On the same day, I manually pulled down the front-end html source code, and used the domain name of a movie website I had made for a year to go online on the server. After a day or two, I checked the traffic statistics of cnzz, and the traffic soared to three or four thousand IP, and the daily IP was almost 1W in less than a week.

A video of the traffic situation from June 2017 to July 2017.


Video player

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Use the up/down arrow keys to raise or lower the volume.

Google alliance first revenue is 2368.11 dollars.

After unlocking the new World, I registered a large number of new domain names to do a single page site group.

More stories, I will write a personal experience to share with you some time.

What is the idea behind this traffic play?

In fact, I just wrote the public number when told, what is the largest traffic in the Internet, is adult traffic, adult traffic occupies 30% of the entire Internet (a report said), because the traffic base is large so the flow is good to do a lot, because the real traffic will basically not exist to brush the amount of cheating problem, the risk of the alliance will be much smaller.

Most people may worry about the legal risk, because when it comes to adult topics, it will become sensitive. In fact, this is a completely legitimate traffic play, because the content of the site does not involve any leaked pictures and illegal video content, there is no legal risk.

The flow principle of single page site group, in fact, is to use the domain name of the home page weight is the highest website page search engine rules for rapid ranking, and the conventional website is different, single page website only rely on the home page to rank.

Will be a large number of real flood traffic induced into the vertical field of the site to obtain advertising revenue, this game is really reliable Google alliance to make money.

Now this kind of adult flow station group can still do, can also earn Google alliance advertising revenue.

Now I’m going to pour cold water on you, and no matter how excited you were, I’m going to calm you down.

In fact, the traffic of the whole adult group has been on the decline since the middle of 18 years. On the one hand, the problem is that Google has hit a large number of these adult keywords. On the other hand, the domain name of Ali Cloud has begun to rise in price, which is very typical of the top domain name (the son of Ali Cloud).

What is the biggest cost to do a single page site group, not the server is not a spider pool, is the domain name.

The cost of the domain name has quadrupled directly, which means that it is either impossible to do, or the profit has dropped dramatically.

Is anyone still working on this single page group? Yes, all the time.

But now in the people, or the original group of people do station group, cash is mainly Google and Google.

If you don’t understand some basic search engine optimization knowledge and some basic site technology, then what I said below you may not understand.

The most important thing to do is to choose words.

Keyword selection technology is still the same, mainly through the relevant search, search drop-down box way to choose words, of course, can also be directly by dismantling the Title of similar sites to choose words, some fool way is to use 5158 this tool to search words.

What kind of words do you choose? Is this word blocked by search? How about traffic for this word? How do you combine these words in the group Title? And how many stations should be used to lay out the word?

Be sure to think through these questions when choosing words.

The server must choose a foreign server with multiple IP segments to avoid the use of a large number of domain names using one IP or one IP segment by the search engine collective attack.

Station group program, here is more recommended D58, after all, is an old station group program.

This flow station group must cooperate with the spider pool to speed up the collection.

At present, this traffic play has gradually migrated to Sogou and Google, Google channel is already difficult to do.

Pure single page site group is just a lot of gameplay in a bubble network to earn, I today in Sogou search related keywords, found that there are still a large number of sites in the way of enterprise site group to do keyword ranking.

Alliance account application problem, let me talk about my operation.

Google Adsense official website address: (need to science are logged).

1, avoid the use of pictures and video websites for application, text content as much as possible, site content and website type correlation should be strong, website type can not be illegal site, nor can it be involved in copyright issues of film, novel websites, corporate websites, industry websites, personal blog is the best.

Here to remind a point, because the current domestic record policy is strict, if the personal record of the domain name construction of the for-profit website may be required to rectify by the domain name service providers, overdue will not change the record, in order to be able to continue to operate as much as possible, it is recommended that if involved in the nature of the site to use corporate qualifications for record.

2, the content of the website is not less than 100 articles, and the domain name registration time is more than two years, avoid using the new domain name, the domain name can directly choose to buy the old domain name.

3. When registering an account, try to use the old gmail mailbox of about 10 years, which is sold on Amazon.

4, the domestic Google alliance domain name must be put on record to apply, but do not need to use the old mailbox, any mailbox can apply, but now a user identity can only have an account.

The use of adult flow to earn alliance advertising fees, lying to earn 1000 dollars/day earning routine

The use of adult flow to earn alliance advertising fees, lying to earn 1000 dollars/day earning routine


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