Network to earn project Daqo wechat YouTube operation novel to make money


Hello, today I would like to share with you a project to make money by using wechat YouTube to operate novels.

Many projects are suitable for wechat video accounts, as wechat has more than 1.2 billion users and is currently on the

Wechat search results page can also search wechat YouTube.

Recently, micro business tycoon Gong Wenxiang published a document to share, pro test

Wechat YouTube can be converted into private messages

Official will not limit and reduce the right! Net income project Compleat

Gong says his new video account has just over 1,000 followers. You can add dozens of precise fans every day through your wechat video account. After a period of actual testing bubble net earn, found that wechat YouTube can be guided at will to add wechat signal, did not find wechat restrictions on this, there is no downgrade or shield.

Therefore, wechat attaches great importance to YouTubes, we can’t let go of this huge traffic platform.

So today to share this novel project how to wechat YouTube operation? Net income project Compleat

See below for a link to the video Posting artwork. Net income project Compleat

Click on it and it is actually a public account article. Net income project Compleat

Click to read the original text, you will be prompted to authorize a public account, and then click Continue reading to read the novel

After re-reading a few chapters, you are prompted to recharge and pay. Net income project Compleat

Do you understand? In fact, the whole process logic is very simple, that is, add the public number link below the YouTube, users click into the group can read the novel.

If the user pays, we get a commission, which is about 80 to 90 percent, so if the user pays 100 dollars, you get 90 dollars, and the platform gets 10 dollars.

The novel can dock with many platforms, such as: palm cloud, Baiyue, Baogo, you can go to Google search related stable platform for docking. Net income project Compleat

Then release the works in the wechat YouTube.

Publishing works should focus on two aspects of output:

Content value, the content of your short video must be valuable.

Sentimental value, there is a certain feeling, can resonate.

Content value refers to whether it is helpful to the audience, to get useful information from it.

Emotional value is to see whether the video can generate emotional resonance bubble net earn, in fact, the content value and emotional value of the two are indispensable.

For example, TikTok short videos ask users to like and comment on them.

Like this video

When we looked at TikTok and saw this video, we read

“Maybe it’s not Doudou that should be annoyed, it’s…….”

That’s a good title, because a lot of people are curious, so they watch this video. This is

Value of Content

After reading, found very agree, and then go to the “like”, and then to comment on their own views, this is love

Sense of value.

In fact, most short video platforms have similar reading needs. Good content is welcome on any platform.

At present, wechat YouTube as an emerging short video platform, can refer to the case is still relatively few.

As a novice, we can imitate TikTok to make bubble net.

Look for it

It’s also a good idea to copy and then innovate in your area of interest.

For example, do the novel number of friends, you can imitate: daily recommended novel, Du Mei novel Hall

Those who used to do “we media” also ran on TikTok later, which is still popular, because the public’s aesthetic is similar. Net income project Compleat

No matter what platform you’re on, it’s all about the user.

The other thing we should be careful about when we do YouTubes

Use seo well


Because when we search for a keyword in the YouTube, we get it

Related accounts and videos.

And all that can be searched is the content related to the search term, so how do you do that? Net income project Compleat

1. Name

Before naming, first use wechat index to check the word has no search index.

Name is very important, related to the ranking position and traffic

2. Release 3 videos a day

“, and then crazy forwarding, this time can go to spend some money to buy likes, comments, retweets.

Don’t ask why, just do it.

3. Mutual promotion and more followers, more than 3,000 followers.

After the YouTube breaks 3000 fans, it enters the recommended area, which is according to people in the industry. Net income project Compleat

If your YouTube has a certain number of fans, all aspects of the work data is good, to a large extent can be recommended.

This can go to search related QQ group, mutual push mutual add!

4, with enterprise authentication account, the ranking will be higher

If you want to operate the wechat YouTube, start the layout now.

Above, I hope to share the content can help you!

Network to earn project Daqo wechat YouTube operation novel to make money


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