YouTube batch handling projects, do not need real people on camera to earn 1000 part-time jobs


A few days ago, I gave the members a set of YouTube batch handling tutorial. The video tutorial is relatively detailed. Here, I share the key things of the course with you.

Course links:

YouTube batch operation practical tutorial, let you create 100 high-quality videos a day, citing 5W traffic

I believe that a lot of people are optimistic about the YouTube, live cameras have no confidence, in fact, the current YouTube such an environment, there is no need for real people, direct handling can open to make money, master can float over, want to make money on the side can continue to look down, want to earn 1000 thousand dollars a day can continue to look down, will not let you down!

Brush YouTube when found a lot of cashing cases, is also currently on the market community, training are sharing cases, understand these gameplay and logic you will pay a lot less tuition, in fact, many gameplay is not so difficult to imagine bubble net earn, the current YouTube cashing more community, training, with goods, book list, testing, U disk, health tea, novels, It can be said that now the YouTube cash mode you go to study two years ago TikTok Kuaishou money mode can be, other platform gameplay directly transferred to the YouTube to play again!

I am currently handling vertical categories through this method, three minutes a video is currently out of a single four single income of 1000 dollars, the main handling video only takes three minutes, I give you a simple handling ideas to share, so that you can also quickly make money through the YouTube, access to make money, let’s look at a few cases:

Case one: Batch handling music videos, teaching others to make handling, selling U disk to make money, through training to build a community to make money, can be said to be the current YouTube on the relatively popular cash model, is also the current effect of a better model.

Case 2: The YouTube carries the health materials in batches and operates the health tea in batches. Why do you operate this project? The commission is too high, which can be up to 80%, mainly because the operation is simple.

Case 3: Make money from novels by shooting inspirational videos through YouTubes

These cases are actually the use of the YouTube is not strictly regulated at present, the content is relatively small, batch handling fast money cases, in fact, there are many cases, such as the book list, it can be said that now the YouTube to make money model is two years ago TikTok money model bubble network to make money, want to quickly master your previous TikTok fast play again in the YouTube to do again.

If you go deep into the study, in fact, these plays are relatively simple, in fact, the principle of the use of YouTube extension link plus public number link to make money, but the carrier is not the same to make money, using some auxiliary software, quickly achieve batch handling, batch video to make money, everyone can operate, the whole process to share the following.

First: Positioning

What kind of content do you want to make money through, with goods, or live, or novels, or health tea, or book list, or music U disk, these contents can be found in Kuaishou, TikTok, social networking sites, national video these platforms to find cases, you can directly process handling, because in these platforms the mode is relatively mature, only need to simple handling can.

Second: handling material

Find the material we need, go to the watermark download, because our operation is the most convenient is the Apple phone, so it is recommended that you use the mobile shortcut function, download the shortcut command, install the corresponding shortcut, open the small program search shortcut, search keywords can be done, so that directly to the watermark, go to the watermark after the small program search MD5, directly modify the video MD5.

Third: Handle video

We need to handle the handling of video, here recommend wechat to develop a separate clip YouTube content software seconds Jane, at present this software is only the Apple version, this software can convert the whole network video into YouTube needs size, is this function can let you carry at least half the time to save. When you move the vertical screen, choose the vertical screen template. The horizontal screen is the horizontal screen template. Direct editing can achieve the high-quality content you need.

Fourth Release Video

When I video handling after the need to release video, release here is a simple, we release the topic suggestion at the beginning, because it is blue and the following blue link to distinguish, followed by the title topic with keywords, the third location to modify the guide words.

Before the public number material library with permanent link can be added, now must be a mass of the public number link, for no public number, or every day need a lot of links, directly with a Niubi small program extension link, he can a piece of your content directly into the mass of content, the principle of money generation, I said health tea, book list, music is so realized.

There are many test rebate platforms at present. There are no names or advertisements here. If you need to send a private letter to me, you can earn money online.

So our whole handling tutorial is completed, the rest is how to make handling on the hot, early to give you enough content to start the flow, or is the brush start volume, after all, the content handling, brush collection, praise, especially want to do training, do community, you have no data before, this you have to do, currently through the mass link to see a lot of effects are good, But we don’t know the specific sales figures.

At present, we test some categories of transaction can still be, or automatic transaction, at present, this kind of cash mode is more, the whole network about the YouTube related training is basically around these sharing bubble network to earn, so you have all the above master, you can open the YouTube handling to make money, here is just a relatively large framework, more details here just say, You do not go to the operation to write more details are useless, at present we do operate out of the order, through the YouTube handling automation to make money.

You can find the inside of the operation you want to operate, there are many details in the operation, do not understand the operation can contact me at any time, you master my above these, can completely open the operation, understand to execute, to operate!

YouTube batch handling projects, do not need real people on camera to earn 1000 part-time jobs


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