Tiktok emotional project gameplay dismantlement, a violent profit realization of the just need project


The essence of making money on the Internet is exposure drainage transaction transformation, selling is poor information, resource exchange. Most projects on the Web are replicable.

Today’s project is an emotional project that is always in demand, and it has to do with human nature.

In the emotional field, those who make a lot of money, all kinds of play, taro, divination, recovery and so on, a month into a million, a year into ten million people like Crucian carp across the river.


Tiktok emotional project gameplay unraveling

Emotional projects have always been popular, and the demand has always been there. In TikTok search [emotion], the top users have millions of followers, and many videos have hundreds of thousands of views.

Even if you strip out the head size, basically this piece is a hundred thousand to hundreds of thousands of fans.

Weak water three thousand a ladle drink, these huge demand, one in ten thousand is their own customers are moistened, a even one dollar consumption, can also easily tens of thousands.

There are two main ways to output the emotion number:

1. Mixed cutting class

Mainly secondary deep processing, material from the network.

For example, emotional category, find emotional variety show bubble net to earn. Clip some classic clips in the video. The audio commentary can be made with the original sound, but the scene can be changed. The background picture can be landscape pictures, which can be collected from the website.

2. Live video

This kind of video is mainly displayed by real person video, mainly to create personal IP, and the fan stickiness is high.

About the material:

You can search through Google, find emotional vertical websites, you can solve the audio commentary part, according to this kind of information you can read it again.

Do live video, need to create a good personal image, girls appropriate light makeup, boys are the same, dress up a professional point.

Note: It is not recommended to do pure handling, there will be copyright problems, the specific need to study.


How to make the video post?

Overall, emotional videos consist of four components: video commentary external subtitles music background.

After the material picture is ready, you can start video editing. In fact, there are many mobile phone software that can be applied. Take quick clip as an example:

1. Guide the video template.

2. Carry out editing and solving of material pictures.

3. Guide the audio material. It can lead into local audio and video files, and it can also lead into wechat collection. In addition, if you apply others’ explanations, you can immediately apply video extraction.

4. To make subtitles, click the subtitles tool, add the theme style to the top of the video, and change the size and position.

5, export, first turn off the image watermark function, and then select the original picture quality can be exported.

6, video release, submission itself has nothing to say more, there are three points must pay attention to:

(1) Copywriting,

Make users interact and share as much as possible. NetEase cloud reviews have never lacked sentimental, is a very good source of content and copywriting material.

(2) Appropriate participation in relevant topic discussions,

Rub with the emotion-related holiday, get a lot of flow.

(3) Select popular background music,

It can better set off the video atmosphere and reasonably improve the playback volume and completion rate.


Emotional project how to drain and layout realization

Emotional number belongs to the pan-entertainment account, fan groups are pan-powder, in essence, is a kind of marketing number play.

This kind of emotional number cash way is also relatively simple and rough, a popular video is also very easy to personal number to bring huge accurate fan flow.

1. Drain to wechat

It goes without saying how important private domain traffic is to an online earning project.

There are three methods for converting traffic diverted to a private domain pool:

(1) Leave a personal wechat account in the homepage introduction

(2) Leave the background picture of the homepage on personal wechat

(3) Leave your wechat name and wechat ID in the comment area

First, users will be diverted to wechat, the creation of the circle of friends is also essential, the output of valuable, guidance records, earnings and other ways to improve the value of the circle of friends, do the circle of friends of the customer activation system, passive transaction.

2. Accept advertising tasks

In addition to the diversion to the private domain traffic, but also directly in the promotion platform to take the task to make money.

Articles with links to small programs are added below the works to attract users to click on them. Users can get commission by paying to use the products in the small program, and pay money according to the traffic and conversion rate.

The general promotion task is to follow some constellation, test, fortune-telling small program promotion.

3. Payment for consultation

This realization is simply to help customers solve emotional problems to charge bubble net income, can be charged according to the length of time, voice, video can help fans to solve emotional doubts, case-by-case analysis.

4. Course realization enrollment mode

This is mainly to accept students, if the course will not do, go directly to Amazon search: emotional courses to buy over, in accordance with the data to record their courses on the line.

Of course, some people will also encounter a thorny problem, that is, will only do drainage, do not know how to transform cash, how to solve?

If you will not do consulting, will only drainage, then only drainage, consulting things can be directly from Amazon to find professional emotional consultant cooperation.

Emotional counseling projects can be fully expanded to operate. In reality, many people will encounter such problems as emotion, so this industry can last for a long time, and there is a steady stream of customers to cash out.

Tiktok emotional project gameplay dismantlement, a violent profit realization of the just need project


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