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Part-time job is a hot word these days. From college students to office workers to moms and dads with kids, it seems that everyone has some part-time job no matter how busy they are.

I’ve had a lot of part-time jobs since I was in college, from being a KTV waiter to a restaurant waiter, but now it’s normal that people can make a lot of pocket money, even more than their salary, without leaving home.

The Internet has developed to the present, the threshold of online sideline is relatively lower, more suitable for the little white people without capital reserves to do.

However, the places with the least threshold have the most holes. There are still many people around me doing the project of pushing people’s heads. Even in our local night market, we can see batches of scanning codes and sending gifts, but in fact, after a period of time, they have not made any money.

There is a pit is very serious, a good friend of mine, last year to play virtual currency lost more than 20 W, I am very wondering whether he is playing virtual currency or capital disk, a lot of similar projects, here if you don’t have a little basic knowledge, or don’t do it, what decentralization is formal, in my opinion all worth debating.

What is a part-time job?

It’s a side business where I can make money for a short period of time. It’s an income that I can get for my labor or energy. It’s called a side business.

If you want to work on a project that will not become obsolete in the next few years for a long time, or even plan to do it full-time, it is called entrepreneurship, and part-time work is part-time work, working for a big platform, working for a big business, making money platform wool is part-time work, helping merchants to promote products, brushing orders is a side job.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a few reliable side jobs that you can refer to, starting from the very basics.

1. Praise part-time job

This we should know what is going on, as long as it is to do e-commerce, 99% should have done it, that is 5 star praise buyers show.

In fact, now we buy things online, especially in a treasure bubble net income, we should have received such advertising paper, is the praise of cash back activities, give goods a good reputation, can return a few dollars, and this part of the business will find professional praise division to increase trust in the shop.

Not only the praise, there are many online stores need reality buyers show, these need real people to do, like some clothes, shoes, hats and so on, the demand for buyers show is relatively more, and this is just our ordinary people do part-time.

This kind of part-time job is to find people at random, as long as you have a similar size, wear clothes to take photos of praise, conducive to the purchase of goods, but if you are not born hanger type, it is not suitable for this part-time job.

Business orders out, we received a list to take pictures of the business goods, received a list to wait for the business to mail goods (clothes and hats, etc.), take a good photo back to the business, if the business allows, the goods can be kept.

The specific channel is in each major brush single group, oneself in the QQ group search “buyer show” put single group can see a lot.

2. Dubbing as a sideline

In fact, if you know much about the Himalayas, you should be familiar with this, which is to make money by sound.

Let’s not talk about the big platform of Himalaya for a moment here, we are going to talk about the dubbing of those small videos. When people watch some short videos all day long, some very interesting dubbing comes from this, in fact, most of the short videos on these big platforms, like TikTok, Kuaishou, etc., have a team behind them to do a series of work such as planning copywriting.

In addition, a studio or behind-the-scenes company is always making numbers in bulk. Even the company behind the big UP owners in Station B has a large number of numbers. Therefore, in order to produce content in bulk, it is obvious to outsource products.

These short video companies are in great demand for dubbing, so what we need to do is to read according to the script, but emotional problems need to be developed by ourselves. This suggestion is to see the status of other people doing dubbing.

The following is my random search of the QQ group dubbing part-time groups:

The price of each recording varies from 3 to 5 dollars, depending on the length of the video. You can still earn a lot of pocket money by recording some audio every day.

Most people want to do, but can not find the channel to receive the order, QQ group here is one, and interested tribes, Douban group have a lot of contact information, you can add their own order.

3. Part-time training

This kind of playing games for money is more suitable for people who have more free time in their daily life. If you normally like to play games, give it a try.

In fact, a lot of people turn around immediately when they see a part-time game training, the threshold of this line is really low, the vast majority of ordinary people can, not to say that as long as you upgrade the bubble network like King of Glory, most like dungeon warriors gold or some other game training upgrade on the line.

Most of the list requirements are not that high, I can use the above method to find some training groups to try a variety of games, and some of which games you are playing, the needs here must be quite clear to you, just like I used to play Jiuyin Zhenjing, know which industry is very expensive, know the big demand for cooks or tailors, etc. That’s how we make money in the game.

It seems that the game gold production studio is changing black and white every day, so why do so many people do it full-time? It is because of high profits, many games we don’t know, even web games are trained on behalf of people, which is poor information.

Even if our game technology is very poor, or even a little level, or can be a part-time game to play with the industry.

This is more simple, as long as you can talk on the line, to put it bluntly, most of the game to play with the female industry, in fact, the demand is relative, girls like to play games with big brother, boys like to play games with beauty, a truth.

Can say dirty words, know a lot of words can do to accompany play, the game technology is not really so important bubble net earn, and the price of the game to accompany play is not low, according to the hourly charge can reach dozens or even more than one hundred.

Most part-time jobs allow us to sell our labor and energy to earn a quick paycheck, but they are relatively unstable.

Although the Internet is very low threshold, but in the long run, everyone is more inclined to those stable long-term projects, because you don’t use these platforms or order less, and have to rush to find the next one.

Here I give you advice, these side jobs can temporarily solve the problem of food and clothing, if you have free time, or more research a little platform, as the saying goes that the back of the tree is the best shade, the truth of part-time is the same, each stable project has its own merits.

Zero – based novice daily entry 200  3 easy online part-time sideline


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