Reveal the online public hawking “private custom, original silk stockings” profiteering ash production project


I first came into contact with it on Weibo. Some peripheral models and even 18-line stars like to take some sexy photos of themselves, such as some naked underwear photos, stockings and legs photos, etc. At first, I thought the beauty was quite open, so I resolutely paid attention to it.

After the stage slowly see some of her hair content, you can let us customize her to wear in the body of underwear, what color, what color, what style, and even how long can be customized to wear, wear 10 hours or two days a day and so on, very wondering, what is this exactly a business.

I added her as a friend at the first time, originally I thought she was a prostitute who cheated money, but I was wrong, she should be selling the original taste, which I have seen a lot in online stores, especially in second-hand platforms like Xianyu Zhuan, because it is a second-hand item itself, suddenly I thought of a news last year, selling her underage daughter’s clothes on Xianyu, resulting in rape, murder and death threats from netizens. This forest is big, what perversion have ah, can be seen that the original taste is still a part of the need, just like vampires need blood, what kind of blood can be, they need a little support, may be spiritual.

Carefully check the next, there is a major disaster area in Amazon buyer comments, is also filled with a variety of trading information, especially a little sexy underwear baby below the evaluation of a lot of unsappy, recently rectify the feeling is good, maybe we are shifting the battlefield, this minority and highly dependent goods, the degree of excessive profits is self-evident.

There are a lot of such obscure transactions in Amazon evaluation, and everyone is stuck in the rut, as if it has existed for thousands of years. As long as the clothes that have been closely worn are the original taste, and they have not been cleaned. Although we do not know it online, there are many people looking for the original taste everywhere every day, which continues to ferments in a small circle. To attract more people into the world of fetishes. In Google index inside the original search, we can see the average daily search volume has reached 1000 or a lot.

So we all know that there are several illegal goods on the network for a long time, such as fake goods, banned drugs, pirated goods and original products. Original is also a very high proportion of a big item, but now the various platforms on the original keyword of the attack is very big, but also lead to our usual can not see these things, have been transferred to a more obscure place operation, even in the dark web there are many.

Then there must be a demand for the market, Marx said, if the profit can reach 100%, then the capital market dares to trample all laws, and the original is more than 100% profit ah, those who claim to wear stockings and underwear are mostly fake, and even some businesses specialize in wholesale, a day can mass produce more than a dozen or even dozens of pairs of through stockings and underwear and so on. These merchants have also stirred up the market, even a few hundred dollars for a pair of unwashed underwear is a good deal.

Or even start a business as a middleman.

Middlemen are responsible for the upper level docking of those art schools or models inside the circle of models, divided into several different categories, such as cougar, young woman, royal sister, students, girls and so on, so from the wearing of more, such as uniforms, OL clothing, maids, flight attendants, nurses, teachers and so on, specifically docking such young girls, and then take their photos, beautiful photos, Make APP or small program, and then the lower layer is specially responsible for drainage promotion, in the whole network to find the need to buy this kind of goods of men, and then realize the docking of resources.

After finding the customer, having a simple chat with the customer, knowing the customer’s preferences, needs or some special unspeakable hobby, sending the customer an APP they have made, which can specify the person, specify the clothes, specify the wearing time, etc., is exactly like choosing a goldfish through the not-so-bright glass in the sauna.

Basically a simple stockings, wear an afternoon price is about 60 to 100 dollars, the average price of the industry, what color stockings are OK, but if you want to specify underwear, may be expensive, two or three hundred everywhere, the price is not fixed, all by personal preference.

This website is not convenient for me to disclose more information, but you will know by taking a look at this keyword, in fact, this website is just one of many original series, and its own flow is very large, can participate in the ranking of keywords are more accurate, and the operation of this website is also very professional only the operation of these keywords, a large number of drainage of these toner.

Which makes me think of an even more incredible commodity on a fish.

This picture, forced by life, door-to-door cleaning range hood. This is really obscure, we all understand, I also do not do too much to explain, the same routine, which has to make me surprised, now people have become so open? Or has this society really changed?

Not only in China, but also abroad, such things are everywhere. If you accidentally open a sales APP or website of original flavor, I advise you to close it as soon as possible and do not open it again, otherwise you may become a bad person. I did not expect that people’s taste will become so heavy at the beginning, even women’s feces are bought. And it can actually be mailed and customized. Oh, there’s a little too much to reveal here. Stop, stop, stop. I can’t take it anymore.

Our country is forbidden to buy and sell second-hand clothes, so ah this is definitely wipe a big edge of the profiteer project, today it out to analyze, we should have heard of Shen Mengchen selling his original writing, on the Internet is also set off a great buzz, many people discuss what the original means, the curiosity of the Internet users is endless.

Shen Mengchen I think we all know that public figures should not say so, the Internet on her to sell their original second-hand shoes have different opinions, but I prefer to think that she may not know what the original means in the current public dictionary, if we look at it normally, original is actually a normal word, but if you have evil thoughts in your heart, Then the original meaning is very big, maybe even she herself does not know it.

In the final analysis, this sell “original” clothes to make money profitful trade, is also the use of human nature inside the color sex, fetish surface is a kind of disease, but specialized to buy women’s underwear behavior is completely autonomous behavior, in fact, think carefully, in the online purchase of these clothes, is actually very terrible.

Even if gray projects are flying around and become so popular that they turn a blind eye, I also suggest that everyone should not touch them. You may have no problem doing it today, but he will make money tomorrow, and you are just going to try it the day after tomorrow, but there will be problems. Some friends often send me private messages and ask me to lead you. But this kind of money laundering for spinach or porn platforms will eventually go wrong. We can understand it, but we can’t touch it.

Reveal the online public hawking “private custom, original silk stockings” profiteering ash production project


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