How can small programs make money? Movie applets. $500 a day side project



Small program

What is a side project applets?

I’ve been doing the mini program for about 4 months

This article has my experience of making small programs:

Two months 70 thousand, duplicate small program project, summary of three sideline thinking and a key

Have done several simple small procedures, words and idioms learning class, psychological test class, lottery drainage class

The movie applet is a very recent development


How can small programs make money?

Small program we have used, based on the development of wechat similar app ecology

The revenue of small program mainly depends on the flow of main, put bluntly is advertising revenue

The following is a good single small program, but may soon be blocked

Because this kind of simple small program to do income need to rely on some special methods, the amount of a big is easy to be checked

I’ve had one blocked before

The main flow income is a settlement of 15 days, so if it is sealed the most recent settlement of money will not get


What are the benefits of movie applet?

Movie applet is easier to do revenue than other applet

One is the film small program propagation attributes better

When a user watches a movie using an applet, he or she is sure to share it with friends

After all, video sites still cost money to open membership, and some new movies are not available on video sites

Second, high user stickiness

It is almost impossible for a user to watch a movie, and it will be used continuously in the future, so as to achieve the purpose of benefiting a user many times

Movie applet is suitable for continuous operation.

Small program promotion is generally the use of public number and YouTube, circle of friends, there are some mutual point groups

In the post bar, all kinds of small program forum almost have a mutual point advertising group, but the effect may not be very good

Because the flow of the main single revenue is fluctuating, I had the highest revenue, the word click more than 20, are some of the use of wechat normal old users for many years

And do their own revenue, because the frequent click on the AD, word revenue will be reduced

So normal operation is a must, the spawn is only temporary

Normally, a click of 1-5 dollars revenue

There are some operating income tutorial, can share with you, add my private wechat!


How to operate

Movie small program is more suitable for YouTube promotion

Take some wonderful clips of the movie, and then send the YouTube to bubble net to earn, video below can leave a small program link

Search for the end of the film and television, you can watch, everyone is a big shot, it is estimated that you know how to make it, it will not, you can add me, free tutorial

YouTube dividend period, while cashing out, while doing number, it is not fragrant?

Develop small programs, advertising revenue and development revenue is 50/50

To help others do a simple small program, the general charge is several hundred dollars, the cost is 0, an hour can learn about, build a total time of half an hour

The main reason is that the new development is too troublesome, which may take a month. So far, only five or six finished products have been developed

After the development, the back is simple, directly upload can be, half an hour!

How can small programs make money? Movie applets. $500 a day side project


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