Disassemble the recently very hot micro channel movie program project, monthly income of ten thousand dollars is also easy


Recently, one of the most frequently spoken words is network sideline. If divided by my personal cognition, it can be divided into community, traditional e-commerce, wechat business direct marketing, second-class e-commerce, community group buying, leisure fish e-commerce, knowledge payment, live streaming goods, TikTok goods, novel projects, naming projects, emotional projects, and so on. In addition, there are miscellaneous, which is relatively trivial. Because there are too many projects, so they are called miscellaneous, such as Mile short video, Meituan Project, blockchain, etc., and today the wechat movie mini program is also a miscellaneous program.

Speaking of small program, we are not unfamiliar, life should be seen everywhere, and wechat movie small program is just one of them, belongs to the film and television category. Before the game category, convenience category, psychological test category, idiom category and so on, today we will disassemble the recently very hot – wechat movie small program, how to make money, I heard that you can also lie to earn and enlarge operation.

First, what is the movie applet?

Small program and public number, everyone can self-help application, need some personal information materials, can also find others to assist the application. The movie program is related to the movie and television program, you can watch movies, TV series and long and short videos.

Two, film small program project principle

Popular speaking is to collect film and television resources, upload small program as content, free open free viewing, because the small program does not need to download, and film and television resources free, so simple and convenient, can get people’s preferences, at the same time, someone is equal to have the flow, there is a flow to do some extension, also get income.

3. Revenue sources of movie mini programs

1. Access Tencent advertising to realize traffic realization. There are many ways to monetize traffic. All kinds of common “we media”, public accounts, short videos and free movies belong to monetize traffic. We often see various network big V of public accounts “we media” copying and forwarding various articles and videos online all day long. The only purpose they do is to get more traffic (users). When they have the traffic, they can access Tencent advertising, and Tencent will push various ads to their platform 24 hours a day. When someone clicks on the ads or watches the ads, Tencent will pay advertising fees to these we-media. The monthly income of we-media operators is about 3-5 thousand dollars.

In the same way, the movie applet will generate huge traffic after your promotion. Due to the characteristics of high film transmission rate, the traffic generated by the movie applet is often dozens of times that of the traditional we media, so the income of the movie applet operator will also be dozens of times that of the we-media operator! Even a proper operation can bring in more than 10,000 dollars a day!

2, traffic export, rental advertising space. For example, if a real estate is opened, a store is opened, and a public account needs to be promoted, then you can add an advertising space in the movie mini program, and charge daily or monthly fees, such as 2000 dollars advertising fee per month.

At present, the movie program revenue sources are these two kinds, have earned more have earned less bubble net earn, its fundamental problem is to promote, have a method to use your method, today also introduced a semi-automatic software, you can use more open automatic promotion, just set up a little more complex, but the effect is very good. This set of tools on the Internet someone sells hundreds, interested students go.

4. Advantages of film mini program project

1, small investment, high profit, small competition, no experience, everyone can do, regular long-term project.

2, one configuration, can be used for a long time, automatic collection, do not upload movie resources. And the movie on their own server, a core 2g cloud server can be completed, simple operation.

3. The project is in the dividend period, few people are working on it, and the market is large.

4, the profit comes from the flow of the main advertising charge, the source of formal, long-term operation.

5, short video in the outbreak period, a lot of market, through the YouTube drainage, no cost.

6. High user stickiness. It is almost impossible for a user to watch a movie, and it will be used continuously in the future, so as to achieve the purpose of benefiting a user many times.

5. How to operate and promote movie mini programs?

1, small program two-dimensional code forward friends circle. (Assuming you have 100 friends click in, as long as your friends enter your applet for 1 minute every day, then your revenue is about 40-120/ day).

2, the movie applet forward to the group.

3. Forward the movie applet to your friends.

4. Through the YouTube promotion, the YouTube can be linked to the public number, and the content of the public number can be set up small program two-dimensional code and other content. What it does is the small program of film and television bubbling online, so the resources of film and television must be rich, so the YouTube content creation can do film and television clips.

5, to push, you can print some small cards offline, sweep store promotion, physical store business volume is not as big as imagined, offline promotion helps people to kill scattered time.

6. SNS, TikTok, Kuaishou, B Station, watermelon video, Weibo, etc., are content platforms in themselves, and our film and television are also content. We can use these platforms to deploy some copywriting to share and promote, and the effect is also very good.

Vi. Project extension and feasibility analysis

1. After practical operation of this project, I can carry out training courses and make money by paying for knowledge.

2, help wechat small program owner promotion, nowadays people’s laziness is impeccable, but find others to promote is also a way to do projects, after all, a person’s power is limited.

3. Help others build such small programs. Now this project is in the absolute dividend period, and very few people know about it. Personally, I suggest you quickly understand the building link, and then publicize that you will build such small programs and carry out your own small business.

4. At present, a friend in the circle is working on this project. If you are interested, you can share your name card with me on wechat.

Vii. Summary

Movie program benefits are very considerable, although some threshold, but this is not what difficult, take time to do, any problem can be solved. When you act, in fact, you have defeated a lot of people, because a lot of people still will not act, this is an opportunity for you! (End)

Disassemble the recently very hot micro channel movie program project, monthly income of ten thousand dollars is also easy


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