What do you do for $300,000 a year? Share a few can enter more than 300,000 a year to make money projects!


Today, I will share with you several projects that can earn 300,000 dollars a year. Some of them need to be accumulated in advance. It is difficult to reach them in one step.

First: Amazon Lanhai

Now doing Amazon is a red sea, it is very difficult to do.

However, there are some small unpopular products, sales are good, but few people do it, so the opportunity to make money.

Blue ocean unpopular product requirements, that is, the number of online products is small, weak competitors, single product profit is high.

Next, I take the “Japanese fascia small face instrument” product as an example to open the business advice query:

You see “Japan fascia small color meter” search popularity is greater than the number of online products, supply is less than demand, which shows that there are not many shops selling this baby.

At the same time, the click-through rate of the mall is 0, which shows that the baby competition is very fierce.

Let’s look at the merchandise again:

1688 on the shelf, looking for a source, the price is only 380.

Excluding shipping costs, a single sale can earn 400 dollars, and a monthly turnover of 20 orders can earn 80,000 dollars.

Second, organize travel

The project operated by Xiao A is to travel to Qinghai Lake. The cost for one person is about 1580-2680 dollars, and there are more than ten people at a time for three days.

I make ten grand a month.

Before departure, gather at the designated place. Accommodation will be arranged for three days. Transportation costs will be borne by yourself.

He mainly used Qinghai as a scenic spot to make the web page.

For example, some people will go to Qinghai to find a good place to travel, and what scenic spots in Tibet can be recommended?

He receives an average of 7-8 orders in 30 days per month, earning about 10,000 dollars per order and 80,000 to 100,000 dollars per month.

In addition to the off-season, the annual income is basically more than 2 million.

Third: Pinduoduo store group

B, he wholesale small goods. There are 50 stores on Pinduoduo, and he can sell 30-50 orders every day on average.

Because of the large number of stores, we can sell about 3,000 pieces a day.

Because they are small commodities, the flow is not large, he burns money to open, advertising, each shop is to push a few explosive bubble net income, and then become explosive began to push, the other will not have to tube.

Since there is no competition, the late stage is very stable.

Maybe $7,000 a day, $250,000 a month in sales.

Sales total about 2 million a year.

Fourth: audio payment

Dude, he’s doing an audio pay-per-view.

He searches on Himalayan Post bars and wechat every day.

Key words accumulation celebrity professor. He enters his public articles through keyword traffic, and then it is diverted to wechat, through the circle of friends to see the deal.

There are also a variety of resources that have been shared out, plus his contact information, spread through Google cloud disk.

Its ticket price is between 118-198 dollars, the cost of becoming his agent is 398 dollars, the membership fee is 188 dollars. Thousands of chat, access, a listen, litchi micro class, Himalayan radio are available.

Sometimes I can make two or three orders a day, and I can make more than 1,000 dollars a day. Sometimes I can make more than 400 dollars a day, and I can make two or three thousand dollars every month.

Fifth: Measure the number

Little D, who works on digital energy projects for 30-50 year olds.

Explain to them how digital naming works, that if you have a lucky cell phone number, or a lucky number, then your life will change.

Every day in the circle of friends to update their various apprentices, because changed the number, get vitality, the whole life changed, earn money, and then the children read books.

The minimum charge for digital energy vip is 398 dollars, and the maximum charge is 3980 dollars. He has been doing this for more than two years and has not seriously seen how much money he can earn. It is estimated that not less than 200,000 dollars a year.

It’s really hard to get to 2020. There are still three months left now, people should hurry to make money!

Above, is today to share with you the content!

What do you do for $300,000 a year? Share a few can enter more than 300,000 a year to make money projects!


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