You can make money by giving red envelopes


These days, my world is being destroyed

“Super Big Red Envelope” “Double 11 Red Envelope”

Surrounded by these words,

Everyone is telling me that I can get a red envelope, save money, buy buy buy!

But I just want to sell, I just want to get money in my pocket, okay?

Of course you can. Just today, I found one

Giving red envelopes

Then you can earn money by collecting the wool nets.

As shown below:

After Amazon search password can get a big red envelope!

And every single Nov 11 cash hongbao has a “lock commission” function.

If I take the Double 11 red envelope he sends and use it to pay for the order, then he can get the corresponding commission.

At the same time, the “lock maid” level of the red packet is the highest priority (higher than the password or link).

For example, I used the Tao password of A promoter to get the coupon, but the payment with the red envelope of B promoter, then the order commission belongs to B promoter!!

So, how do we make money?

The answer is to release our secret red envelopes in various ways, and let fans use our red envelopes, the more the better! So we can get a commission!


How to Obtain

Set of

Secret promotion link?

If a small partner is to apply for a Amazon union account, open on the phone

【 Amazon Alliance 】

This APP

Click the tool in the menu button below and click the password to create your own password

According to the prompts to create, create a successful review, and then, in Amazon search you create a good exclusive password, can direct to the designated official activity page, that is, will pop up the red envelope interface, and then get red envelopes


Set password, should pay attention to what?

1. It has to be an incremental word (a word no one has searched for) : How do you check if it’s an incremental word? — A poor search for this word shows that it is an incremental word and is available!

2. Try to control the word requirement in 5-10 words (too long is not conducive to search oh!)

3. The search terms are simple and easy to spread, such as the hot spot examples: the man who beat Zhuge Liang, the little class that hit the face, the woman who beat van Gogh, absolutely hee hee ha…

4. Do not appear brand words, category words, commodity keywords, prohibited words, can not set pure number of secret orders

5. Set a separate promotion bit for a single secret command to facilitate data statistics

Important note: If the above situation occurs, the secret order may not be approved or removed from the shelves

If you don’t have a Amazon Union account, you can apply for one.

But you may not have access to the order. For example, we have a colleague who doesn’t have access to the order.

You cannot create a secret order for online shopping, but you can share links directly to make money, as shown below

Click on the home page

【 Push super red envelope quickly 】

“, and then click share to make money, you can share copywriting, you can also share pictures, as long as the user gets your red envelope, and consumption, you can also get commission.


How to promote it?

Tao secret order can be spread orally, convenient and efficient in the community, video, live broadcast, audio, TV broadcast promotion channels can be spread.

1, such as in your circle of friends, wechat group, QQ group, etc

2. TikTok and Kuaishou short video transmission

You can tell your fans the good news in a live stream or video. “Dear babies, search” give you 618 red envelopes “on Amazon, there are 618 gift packages!”

In order to let more fans get red envelopes, you can also set the copy of the senior point, such as: a point, you can get super big red envelopes

Many fans see this copy will think, usually get the red envelope is not big enough, maybe at this point to get a bigger, and then go to get the red envelope!

3. Quora, YouTube and so on

By publishing text, video and so on, with the help of the traffic support of the platform, you will contain the content of Tao secret order, video show to more viewers, you will naturally be able to issue more super red envelopes.

For example, under the hot topic of “Double 11” on Quora, we see a lot of questions such as “Double 11 Guide” and “What is worth buying” with similar secret content

4, micro blog, social networking sites comments drainage

You can comment on popular blog posts and drive traffic.

If you want to learn a variety of drainage technology such as Weibo, Tieba, TikTok, YouTube, video marketing, QQ group, please be sure to add my wechat: loveyou Note: drainage

The above is to share the content, I hope to help you!

You can make money by giving red envelopes


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