Share a short video of Blue Ocean profiteering products, make short video operators money


Today I’m going to share with you one

There are Blue Ocean profiteering products about short videos.

Who are a lot of people playing Tiktok making money from?

By the way, yes, it is making money from video users, such as skin care, acne, beauty makeup, photography and so on. If you search several industries on TikTok, you can smell the fragrance of money!

So if you think about it the other way around,

Can we make money from the short video operators?

Sure, anyone who wants to play Tiktok has to do two things:

Content and Operations

To make short videos, quality content must be indispensable. We have seen many interesting videos on TikTok, such as this account

Those of us who watch videos see very interesting videos, but as short video operators, they have to create new genres every day,

Have a very strong output ability to maintain the update of the work!

But as a human being, do you think you have a lot of fantastic ideas every day?

The answer is no, we need to continue to learn and absorb new knowledge every day to create quality content.

For short video operators, in addition to strengthening learning, refining and creating new content, there is another method, that is

Buy a Script


As shown below:

So we can do something where the script is our product and we can sell the script.

Google has to do bidding, as shown below

And do seo, search [

Short Video Script

After this word, only one website is doing, and doing well, in addition to the bidding site, the other pages are almost not the first level domain name


This is the opportunity, less competition.

One of the things that’s been done really well so far is this one called

【 Shake a few words 】

“Platform, which contains a large number of scripts, yet almost every one of them costs money

If you don’t think it’s a good deal to buy one at a time, you can buy a membership,

There are 98 dollars a month, 580 dollars a month and 1580 dollars a month

So how much does the site cost?

The cost of the site is full, domain name space a year 1000 dollars, the rest of the site to find a program to shelf these scripts (scripts must be to a treasure and other places to collect a large number of), and then do

Bidding or seo drainage.

Once the ranking is done, it is lying to earn the project, can be called profiteering.

This project is generally for the old webmaster, do seo two to three months can be done, or only have a paid ranking method, within a week can be done.

Then it’s time to collect the money.

Then this project can also be put on other platforms drainage, such as post bar, someone by writing a script to make money, we can take the script out to sell, Amazon more than ten dollars to buy the bubble net to earn, you sell a few dollars, a few more single money, in the end, the most important thing to do this project is the flow, will do the flow, what project can make money, do you think?

The above is to share the content, I hope to help you!

Most of the time what you lack is not the method, not the skill, but a group of people with the same frequency resonance! With the tiger Wolf, must be a beast, with the phoenix, must be a beautiful bird!

Share a short video of Blue Ocean profiteering products, make short video operators money


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