Real operation month to earn 5000 Amazon virtual project, novice white can operate!


Amazon virtual project many people have heard of, but should have done a few;

After all, do Amazon shop, not only to open a shop, shelves baby, title, do details page, get the main picture, listen to very tired;

However, Amazon virtual shop is still a project worth operating, and it is not impossible to enlarge the operation. The success of a shop can be copied to other shops.

In fact, do virtual shop early is constantly shop on the line, shelves vertical class virtual baby, and then a good title, and then such as natural flow into the use of automatic delivery software to complete a fully automatic transaction process;

And all you need to pay is automatic delivery software 15 dollars a month cost and shelf baby energy only;

And see my current operation of the shop, shelf baby two or three days basically began to single, a week before the baby shelf, the list began to rise;

Virtual products are basically pure profit, a single most are between 5-20, a day down to earn 200 or can be realized;

1. Select the virtual blue ocean category

Below I have compiled a common category

In the operation of virtual products on Amazon, most of them are inseparable from these several types of products, of course, some categories of competition is relatively large, it is suggested to stagger the red Sea category, choose blue sea category

Blue ocean category is small competition, flow can also be easy to do the top category

Two. Shelf baby

We just need to pay attention to the main image, detail page production style unified, simple design on the line

Directly use photoshop to apply psd template, modify the text and part of the background image can be

Detail map also directly apply the template to modify the text and picture on the line

When it comes to titles, the easiest way to do this is to copy all the top 10 titles in your peer group and use them

3. Purchase automatic shipping software

It is recommended that I use this one again, of course, other can also be used

Then follow the tutorial Settings, a Amazon shop can start to operate

By the end of writing this article, I have added 3 more orders, and I can buy 2 more ribs. How delicious!

If you don’t understand, recommend the following courses to teach you to do Amazon virtual projects:

Black hat Amazon virtual goods selling project, single store monthly income 5000, can batch enlarge operation! 【 Video tutorial 】

Real operation month to earn 5000  Amazon virtual project, novice white can operate!


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