Two projects that use reverse thinking to make money (sideline money)


What is a good project?

I said,

A good project is one that someone keeps advertising


The advertisement here refers specifically to the behavior of spending money to do information flow and to buy powder.

But when you think about it,

Most of what we see is essentially advertising.

Except for the news, we see what other people want us to see, it’s all business, it’s all about making money.

It’s easy to understand this:

Not missing every piece of information we see,

Think against the grain.

From the flow channel to the way to cash and then to the copywriting skills all have, a complete project in full.


Xiao A is a treasure mother, part-time Amoy, in the Second hand goods trading platform drainage, monthly income of 1 million .

He posts pictures of his crib, stroller and all the baby stuff on Xianyu.

Cooperate with key words and a very low price to improve the ranking, attract treasure mom.

When there is a treasure mother consultation, guide the treasure mother to add wechat.

Through this method, more than 30 precise Bao Ma powder can be drained every day.

When these precious mothers add them to wechat, Xiao A will apply for them through friends the next day, and inform them that the items have been sold and apologize to them.

This is not the end of the story. If you want to follow up, make sure to strike while the iron is hot and build more links.

I sent a small red envelope of 1.88 to express my apology again. At the same time, I told Bao’s mother that I had set up a communication group for Bao’s mother and pulled her into the group.

Xiao A constantly helps everyone in the group to solve problems and popularize the precautions of taking care of the baby. Along with some good deals for your baby, share the shopping guide, use experience, self-presentation.

Organize a weekly raffle, give away picture books, give away toys.

After two months, she worked in three groups of 500 people and became the KOL in the group, earning more than 300 A day.

People are powerful, and what they do needs to be driven by emotion or interests. Give a stranger a heartfelt favor, a small red envelope, and you’ll surpass most of her circle of friends.

So, every time I ask someone a question, whether the problem is solved or not, I give a red envelope first.

This habit, let me avoid a lot of detours.


He is Second hand goods trading platform, post bar, post:

Purebred corgi pet dog, because the child is not available to go to school, bear the pain to give free transfer, send kennel dog food, only have dog experience caring girl adoption, you can contact wechat xxxxxx, only in the city to pick up.

The next operation is the same as above, the words pass, pull them into the pet communication group.

Speaking of which, I think a lot of people know how to monetize, so don’t worry, keep watching.

In addition to Posting messages, he has become a positive dog lover, making jokes and adopting stray dogs.

The video is easy to send out hot, signature left on wechat: I am an ordinary worker, with the best to take in every stray dog. Pass on the positive energy, give our most loyal friends a warm family. Support to adopt and join the pet group contact wechat: xxxxxx

By these two methods, the drainage of dozens of hundreds of accurate fans every day.

As we all know, pet products are consumable and profitable. The usual way to make money is to sell pet products in groups, take ads, and work with offline agencies.

But in addition to these gameplay, small M also their own Pinduoduo store diversion.

I launched a shopping list for my own store in the group: the last batch of dog food was running out. Would anyone join me in shopping? Then a video of the dog and a link to the order.

Through this model, Small M’s store sales doubled.


Sometimes, you have to learn to take the initiative and tap into potential needs.

In addition to passive drainage, Bao Ma Xiao A will take the initiative to add others.

Leisure fish search stroller, crib, you can find a lot of real treasure mom sellers. Every day, she would chat with these treasure mom sellers, add wechat, and then send a red envelope, pull into the communication group.

Most of them are in the same city, so it’s easy to build trust.

There is a treasure mother Y in our community. She draws the treasure mothers from several nearby communities into her group. Before the epidemic, do daigou, every day, fried group, fried ring, private chat every day, strange is that almost no one withdrew from the group bubble network to earn.

When I asked my wife, I realized that little Y is not just a scrunchie,

More importantly, she can provide value


I learned from chatting with Little Y a few days ago that she can also earn 20,000 dollars every month.

Those who insist on advertising are good projects, those who insist on hairband interaction for more than three months, are making money.

To operate the community, to operate fans, to operate their own people set.

Discover the potential needs of fans, and change the way of thinking to do traffic, such as selling weight loss products to users of plus-size women’s wear; Selling breast enhancement products to A-cup women; Coupons for snack-loving girls…

Two projects that use reverse thinking to make money (sideline money)


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