Share the practice of Quora thousand powder number, a profiteering money-making project


A simple conversation

A few days ago, a fan added me and asked me if I had an account on Quora. At first, I thought it was for good products, so I casually gave him one to show him, but the result was not the one he wanted. What he wanted was a Quora account with thousands of followers.

As for the thousand powder number, I had several, but I planned to use these several for myself, so I told him no. Later, I went to the QQ group to find a number dealer, and asked the price of the thousand powder number.

Originally, I thought the number of thousand powder should be between 500-600, but the price was 1200 and the lowest was 1100. As for why it was so much higher, it might be because the appearance level reached 700.

As for the Quora account market, I used to only pay attention to the price of Level 4 Haowuhao number. Because I am a good product myself, sometimes I need to know the market price when I help students to issue an account or receive an account by myself, so I am quite clear about the price of Haowuhao number.

But for these thousand powder number, ten thousand powder number price is too understand.

And why did they take it back? I ran it down and there are two possibilities.

1, go back to do content, do promotion

Because Quora has restrictions on many promotional content, many new accounts are easy to be blocked for promotion. Because these accounts have a high weight, the content is not easy to be blocked for promotion, and the ranking will be better.

2. Like and comment

At present on the market, a thousand powder number points a like about 8-10 dollars, comments, prices vary. So teams that specialize in “likes” and “comments” will also receive thousands or thousands of followers.

As always, if there is a demand, there will be a market.

We just need to meet the market demand, so we can make money on the market.

Today we’ll talk about some of them

Quora thousands of powder number


Maybe a lot of people think Quora to achieve thousands of fans is difficult?

This is mainly subfield, if you are to do weight loss, slimming, beauty makeup this category must be difficult, but if you are to do other areas?

Let’s take a specific example today to explain in detail how to do thousand powder number, as for ten thousand powder number, the general approach is actually the same, there may be some slight differences in the middle.

Before I talk about this project, let me tell you how I found this kind of pan-domain.

This also has to start from seeing a public number article.

At that time, I thought it was good, so I used to search for relevant content on Quora, and then let me find several accounts.

I found that these accounts made very few answers, maybe a dozen answers can reach hundreds of thousands of likes, thousands of followers.

As I myself study Quora, so I am familiar with these practices, so today I write to share with you.

As we all know, Quora is a question-and-answer platform, and we need to find those potential questions to answer

So there are two parts to this, one is how to look for these potential questions, and the other is how to answer them.

Let’s start with one at a time.

How do you look for them?

I recommend to you, one for free and one for a fee.

Let’s start with free.

1. Search for relevant keywords yourself, such as emoji.

Follow the topic, then click on the topic and look for it in the discussion.

Try to look for questions with fewer answers and less competition, and then select high-traffic answers.

2. Use the Houyi collector

You can use soft armor to help you find such problems. As for the use method of Houyi collector, it is very simple, and I will not elaborate on it. If you don’t understand it during the use process, you can consult me.

3. Refer to your peers’ questions

Peers are their best teachers, to find some peers, because each peer will have their own unique way to find problems, the questions they answer are generally they think have great potential problems, all you need to do is to give them answers to the questions can be sorted out.

Free, let’s talk about pay.

Quora has its own special marketing software, called XinzhiRubik’s Cube.

You go to Google search for the cube, and then install it into your browser, you can try it.

New users can try it for free for one week, and then they need to pay after one week. The price is about 439 a year, which is a little expensive. If you can find a cheap channel, then is this a good project?

About this new knowledge of the Rubik’s Cube, it has a lot of functions, mainly according to the keywords to search for relevant answers, and then can provide you with detailed monitoring data, including the traffic growth trend of this question, whether it has been popular and so on, the function is very powerful, if you plan to do Quora for a long time, it is recommended to buy a member.

How to Answer

So much for the search for problems.

Here’s how to answer these questions.

Let’s start with a classic case.

The author answered just 11 questions and garnered nearly 47,000 likes and 1,675 followers.

But of his nearly 47,000 likes, only one of his answers got him 46,000 likes. The rest of his answers didn’t get him very many likes, meaning he got at least 1,000 followers for that one question alone.

Let’s look at some more of his stuff.

Basically, you can just pile on some emojis you are looking for. Of course, you need to find some attractive emojis, not too popular ones.

It’s that simple, as long as you figure out the memes first.

Where to find these memes?

I’ll give you an idea. It’s very simple, but very practical.

You collect 30 of these awesome questions, and then download all the memes from the first three awesome answers to that question to make your own archive.

That gives you nearly 100 pieces of material, and when it comes time to answer the question, just pull them from your library.

This method is suitable for all platforms on the Internet today, and is one of the methods I am currently using.

Where will the account be sold?

I recommend the main QQ group and post bar on the line.

That’s pretty much it for the project, but if you read carefully, there are three projects in this article.

Every project is very violent.

As to how many you see, that depends on your understanding and your powers of observation

All the projects on the Internet are basically the same underlying logic, but in the operation of the method, strategy, platform rules are not the same.

Share the practice of Quora thousand powder number, a profiteering money-making project


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