AI intelligent movie narration project, very suitable for part-time operation.


When it comes to long-term formal projects, I personally think we media is the most sustainable project, because it belongs to content entrepreneurship. No matter how the Internet develops, it always needs the support of content. Therefore, we media platforms like making headlines can be used for a lifetime, but most people have no original ability, and even most people do vlog. Real people are a barrier to entry, and our tradition is still shy, so if we eliminate the vast majority of these people, the real money will be made by the “cheeky” or original minority.

Those who can make a lot of money from “we media” are definitely highly original, but we ordinary people who have no skills can still make a little money from “we media” every month. For example, they need to pay the same amount of time and energy and brain power to make a lot of money from “we media”. However, we can make a little money from “we media” through some skills, which is neither time-consuming nor brainless. So today I want to share with you this project is neither need real people, and do not need the original ability of the project, that is, AI intelligent movie interpretation project, this can be said to be pseudo-original brainless operation, but at the same time is not the kind of simple handling clip, so the platform will not judge you violate the rules, we also belong to the pseudo-original, Not the kind of carrying and modifying MD5 values. Without further ado, first watch an AI movie narration video that I made.


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As shown in the video, this is not a simple handling, but secondary dubbing processing, basically do a video like this will take half an hour or so, here are the details of how to operate it, first of all, we all know that a complete movie commentary video is composed of copywriting, video, voice three parts, of course, here is just for no original ability, However, a friend who wanted to earn a living through “we media” provided us with an operation technique, so we directly went to TikTok to find the target blogger’s content for secondary creation.

Nowadays, movie narrators on TikTok are becoming more and more professional. Even the cover pictures are connected together. Generally, there are three videos: top, middle and bottom.

In fact, our way of operation is very simple, that is, transform the sound of the original video into our voice, and then synthesize the three videos into a complete video to spread the headlines and hundreds of other we-media platforms and other revenue. Here, we should pay attention not to find the videos of very famous movie commentary bloggers, generally find the videos of bloggers with only about 50W fans as our target videos. We first download to the local video copy extraction, here to use a tool, NetEase Xiwai.

We first download the video with QQ audio into audio, and then transfer NetEase Xiwai “voice translation” function, so that the copy is made.

We still have to check the copy out first, sometimes there will be some mistakes to modify, because AI intelligence will be used later, if you read the wrong words will be embarrassed, of course, your voice is good, you can also read their own dubbing, like I this Mandarin is not standard or save trouble, you can use AI intelligent dubbing tools to do dubbing.

This tool is a small program, can be used on the mobile phone can also be used on the computer web site, the use method is very simple, only need to put our copy into the copy can be automatically converted into dubbing, but this need to charge, it seems to be dozens of dollars a month package year, put the copy in the audition is free, only download is to pay, Therefore, we can use the computer or mobile phone’s own screen recording software to record the audio directly. I have compared this with some other free dubbing software. The audio read from this software is still more emotional than those free dubbing software, but it still cannot reach the effect of real people, after all, it is made by a machine. However, it is enough for us to do we-media projects that only earn some living expenses.

Dub is available and video is also available. Next, we will use editing software to clip video and audio to achieve the same sound and picture. I do not recommend PR here, because it is not recommended to use such professional software for this kind of pediatric stuff. This software can also do some editing, which is very suitable for beginners.

Basically, this software has all the normal functions of editing, such as marking your watermark on the video and adding subtitles to the video. All we need to do is mute the sound of the original video, and then clip it with our synthesized sound to achieve the same sound and picture. In addition, we can add our watermark and subtitle to the video and export it, and then synchronize the video to various we-media platforms such as Tiao. Accumulated over time to earn platform income, not to make a lot of money, insist on doing every month to earn a thousand or two thousand living expenses can still be done, the key is this does not take time and do not need to think, the real fool operation!

AI intelligent movie narration project, very suitable for part-time operation.


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