Practical operation of film and television public number to make money, can be long-term operation of the project, late income lie to earn!


Film and television public number to do a lot of people, many people rely on him to make a lot of money, but also developed a lot of profit methods. This project can be operated for a long time, the investment does not need to be too big, the later profit is completely lying to earn, the profit can be continuously enlarged.

What are the business opportunities hidden in the public number of film and television?

Some people say the film and television market is saturated and involved in infringement is blocked, can’t play anymore? Some say can do, but not the same old, have to transition to join the new way of realization.

First, analyze the elements of making film and television we media (not just public accounts) :

Video: Video clips background music special effects title (commentary)

Graphics: Film review advertorials picture materials (film and television resources)

1. For those in need of music:

Previously, some people operated the TikTok music number to sell USB flash drives, earning 300,000 dollars a year. Film and television works can also be realized by selling USB flash drives.

2. For those who need editing techniques:

Some sell pr courses, animation courses, and post-processing software for tens of thousands of dollars a month.

3. For those interested in film criticism:

You can also make money by writing film reviews. You can find relevant material on Douban, or even write your own film reviews and send them to your official account.

4. People who have a demand for a certain item in the film and television content:

When a TV series or movie is popular, it will drive a lot of related industrial chain fire, you can find the most suitable things to sell.

Bottom line: Identify the needs, solve the needs, income will flow. Film and television public number can not only do, but also do well.

Film and television public account project specific practical operation:

1. Registration and data setting

Go directly to the official website registration, not on Google, in accordance with the steps to register.

(1) Public account name:

The name can be modeled after the peer name, such as “free/latest movie”, etc.

(2) Menu bar:

The entrance here must be simple and clear, so that people can see.

(3) Contents:

Public number more release more push, let fans pay more attention to the latest trends. The acquisition of content resources is actually the use of poor information, the underlying logic is actually handling. Related resource station, there are many channels on the network to obtain resources bubble net earn, you can find yourself.

(4) About the Works:

Avoid infringement. Do not copy the content completely. Modify the MD5 value of the video.

2. Building and docking of movie websites

There are two main ways for the public account to receive the movie website:

One is to build their own movie website, the other is to connect with free movie website; Focus on building your own website.

Movie website has three major elements: server, source code, domain name.

(1) First say domain name, directly in Ali cloud purchase.

(2) Search for the desired domain name and select unregistered purchases, which are about dozens of pieces a year.

Get the domain name, get the server. (Preferably buy a cloud server in Hong Kong)

You can also directly find a movie station program, build, configuration server one-stop shop (a treasure), a dragon to help you get it done.

The whole cost of building a website is not more than 300 dollars can be done, and then you can promote drainage.

How to drain and layout realization?

The most important thing about Internet projects is drainage, and there is money in traffic.

First, drainage method

1, Google drainage

As shown in the figure, many people who search for free resources can buy more than a few Google know number to answer questions, to drain to the public number.

Many free viewing sites can choose, this needs Google ranking and optimization, a little difficult.

2. Platform drainage

One is to use Weibo, Douban, SNS, Quora and other platforms to publish advertorials, comments drainage, such as: pay attention to the public number xxx has certain movie resources.

Douban team can communicate with the organizer for advertising. For example, for a Douban team of 8,000 people, the cost is 800 dollars per month, which is very good. After all, Douban team has made a precise group classification.

The other is to use TikTok, Kuaishou, B station and other platforms to publish clips and videos, using the means of personality profile or guide private chat to leave the public account information for drainage.

1. Watermark the movie content

Add the public account or relevant micro signal watermark to the video for drainage, and do drainage at the source of the content. The network is ubiquitous handling and friends fission sharing, one by one, to achieve the drainage effect of twice the result with half the effort.

2. Means of realization

1, advertising orders

Advertising order is the most direct means of cash, divided into two kinds:

One is a private order, need to have a certain number of advertisers resources, advertisers will set a price according to the number of your fans and reading number, provide an advertising template to let you publish on the public number.

One is the third-party platform to receive orders, according to the type of their public number to select advertising, advertising reading price is generally 0.3 to 1 dollars.

2, with goods, e-commerce small program

This form of realization is actually dependent on the trust and recognition of fans on the public account.

The first is to have quality content output; The second is the public number to have IP packaging; The third is to close the distance between the author and the fan user.

And with goods, e-commerce project is best to sell related peripheral items bubble net income, such as the relevant content of clothing, shoes and hats, daily necessities, decorative supplies, and even virtual products.

When you make the first film and television public account, then the amplification operation will be familiar, amplification is nothing more than a copy and paste mode, stick to it, do a thing big and good, you become.

Practical operation of film and television public number to make money, can be long-term operation of the project, late income lie to earn!


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