Net earning project: wechat automatic earning model, low cost and high income, Xiao Bai quickly turn over


Net earning project: wechat automatic earning model, low cost and high income, Xiao Bai quickly turn over

Recently, many people have asked me if I have any good project recommendations. And no hard work to promote drainage, fully automated money-making projects, my answer is, of course!

Without any promotion and drainage, there are many big men who rely solely on this model, have a good life, and even do well to open their own studios to do this kind of thing. Today, this group will share with your friends, how the specific operation of this money-making project is!

I have found such a case for you, this kind of public number is funny ranking, you can look at the data on the picture.

We in the mobile phone Wechat public number inside the search wechat public number ranking No. 3 cold joke selection of this public number!

At this time we will see a lot of public number about this keyword.

Presumably a lot of small partners have a question, why so many public accounts are the same name?

The answer is very simple, he can only say that the model behind him is very profitable, if not profitable, who will be idle nothing to do!

This is I casually in these cold effect of public number looking for two numbers, open a look, their reading volume is very high.

The first is high, which means it’s a joke size, and the second is a small size, and even the small size has thousands of views.

This also means that the traffic of the public number do not worry about no money to earn, every day without their own traffic drainage, to find their own, but why are so many people search this public number?

We can open the wechat index and see at least 100,000 people searching for selected keywords of bad jokes every day.

According to this group, it is estimated that the number of natural attention every day will be as high as hundreds or even thousands of bubble net to earn, not to mention him, other ways of cash, just docking traffic main advertising income is very high, you can also pick up some advertising, if in the sale of goods or sell courses? Xiaobian is self-evident!

Here is another public account that is even higher than a bad joke:

Night to listen to the public number, presumably a lot of people have heard, now the daily wechat search index has been up to more than 6 million, a lot of people use the night to listen to keywords as the name of the public number, we can search the night to listen to keywords in the public number.

There are also a lot of public accounts about the night to listen to, I can find a public number about the night to listen to, you can see that its flow is thousands or even tens of thousands of reading volume, and 100,000 to be on the large is particularly many.

From the above cases, we can conclude that these are the best opportunities to make money.

People ask how do you get into this field?

We can go to the new list to find the ranking data of the major public accounts.

According to different areas to choose different public number ranking

Through the search will be able to see a lot of you have not heard of the name of the large, these are the use of their own traffic search keywords. For example, the ranking of food public accounts is as follows:

According to the analysis of these large, their search traffic has exceeded one million, we can rub their traffic through these large keywords.

That is to say, we extend one of their trumpets, and even so, there will be hundreds of people’s natural attention every day.

When we do a good job of the public number, every day insist on updating the field of articles or audio and video can, but the quality of the content must be high, can not be careless, because it is a new number, the content is king, do not let them pay attention to the bubble net earn, a look at your account no information, so they will immediately cancel attention!

Through this method to output for a long time, it is likely to become large in one or two months, the public number can get a good business can get a large income.

If you want to batch matrix can also, conditions can do dozens of hundreds of accounts, each account a day 100, personal attention 100 accounts, is the amount of 10,000 attention.

This is also a huge flow pool, we just pick up wechat advertising can get a huge amount of income, plus later do community and product cash can be, in short, as long as there are fans, there is a flow, cash is not a problem.

To sum up, today is to share with you the automatic violence without drainage project, I hope this article can enlighten you!

Net earning project: wechat automatic earning model, low cost and high income, Xiao Bai quickly turn over


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