Simple and easy way to make money, passive money side project, pilot project understand!


Today, I would like to share with you a small project, which I accidentally found when I was browsing Quora. The realization logic is very simple, so I carried out targeted dismantling. Later, I found that it was a very profitable project.


The pilot project, some of you know it, some of you may not know it, but I’ll give you a brief introduction here.

The trial platform is to download various apps to earn commission, which ranges from 80 cents to 3 dollars per order. In order to win the ranking, many apps will pay money to the trial platform. In other words, such platforms as Xiaopecking and Peipeibao, they will take part of the commission and then release the order to users to complete the downloading task.

It’s like if you develop an APP and you want more people to download your APP, what then? You put a bill on the platform, you put a download is 10 dollars, the platform will take 7 dollars, for their own platform operation, the remaining 3 dollars will be given to the people who complete the download task, the logic is as simple as that.


If we just download apps one by one, it will be very slow to earn the 3 dollars income. After all, the time in a day is limited. How many can you download?

So this is the time to find easy and easy ways to make money. This approach is called the intake model.

When we register for the trial platform, the platform will give you an invitation code and a link. The person who registers through your link will become your apprentice. Whether you know him or not, as long as he does tasks in the trial platform, you will get the corresponding commission.

Link to play invitation

Like these are through the apprentice to earn money, otherwise the tens of thousands of their own to download, have to download to the monkey year horse month, you can understand. So we can only use the way to quickly accumulate money bubble net earn.

How to quickly invite so many friends, because I saw the trial platform this thing, can indeed earn money, but I don’t know how to fast friends this link.


Our channel is Quora, Quora is a good channel, including myself in Quora, so I am very good at the diversion of Quora.

First, we searched “trial play” in Quora, and then all kinds of questions would come up, which we could answer.

Many people see the need to write an article will be stuck there, do not know how to write, in fact, writing an article is very simple, but also there are rules to follow. The easiest way is to imitate.

Let me just pick a random article and give you an example, and break it down.

The first paragraph: first say harvest or achievement, we can imitate him to write, at any time is a new sentence: contact the fifth day of play, income more than 300. I downloaded 10 trial platforms. At the beginning, because I was a new registered user, I had more tasks, and I could do more than 100 tasks a day.

To make a transition, when listing 123, what are the differences and characteristics of the platform, it gives people a very real feeling that they can make money, how the money comes from, how the tasks are compared, basically it is set up in such a framework, you must understand this framework.

People in this way to disassemble, and then imitate to make, write the answer is very easy.

We wrote an imitation of the answer and sent it to Quora. When you have more fans, you can leave your contact information with a trumpet in the comment area, saying that you are a good man. I made money by downloading his link. You can use this way to guide others to add your wechat.

When someone adds to your wechat, you can send them all the links to the platform and let them download and play.

This side business operation is very simple, the first step is to find fans, the second step is to let them continue to do tasks on the platform to make money for you, so there are two difficulties in this. The first difficulty is to write an answer to attract fans on Quora, the second difficulty is how to let them continue to make money for you.

Here we just need to set the hook in the answer, that is, how to attract fans to action, here is not to elaborate, the second difficulty here needs to use some strategy.

There are three ways to do this.

The first: do how many days, how much income, you reward him how much money.

The second kind: set 3 stages, adhere to two days reward 10 dollars, adhere to a week reward 20 dollars, adhere to a month reward 30 dollars, so that the total is only 60 dollars, from the income he gives you to create, you do not have to do income.

Third: Just say how much you earn and how much I will give you, such as make 500 to 50, etc.

Test it for yourself and you can use all three strategies flexibly.


Where to find the trial platform?

We open Google search trial play, there will be a lot of search results.

Watch out for ads. If there are ads, we don’t have to deal with them.

We find the platform, click on it and download it.


Previously we talked about the use of the intake model and strategy. What other types of projects can we apply, such as trial play

Questionnaire Survey

Training by game

Phone charge recharge platform

And so on, these are some of the platform for students, we look at a project must have the thinking of drawing parallels.


The above shared with you the operation methods and strategies of this project. We disintegrated the template of our peers on Quora and then used it to attract fans. As long as you keep Posting on Quora, there will be fans.

As long as your apprentices work, if you are 10 apprentices, you will get 100 dollars a day, if you are 100 apprentices, you will get 1,000 dollars a day, and you don’t need to work, your apprentices will keep sending money to you, it is such a lucrative and easy passive income project.

Well, the above is today’s share, I hope you can take a good look at the article, for their own to open a sideline road.

In the end, the same sentence: why to make money before and after, do it.

Simple and easy way to make money, passive money side project, pilot project understand!


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