College students part-time emoticons to cash in small projects, monthly income of more than 10,000 reliable sideline


I think it doesn’t have to be amazing to have a side business, just make some pocket money, and those who turn a side business into a full-time project must have survived the worst.

If you don’t have access, it is not easy to make money, even if you want to do a side business to increase some income is difficult, seemingly very profitable industry, you go into the industry for a while and find nothing, in fact, this is the gap.

I suggest that if you’re looking for a side business, start with the simplest thing and do something that you can do. If you can’t do the simplest thing well, forget about the rest.

Today I’m going to share with you a very simple side project that you can do if you want to. It’s very simple.

With the development of the Internet, I think many fields are not covered by everyone. For example, we often neglect our own projects when we are researching projects. One of my relatives has a child at home, and I will show him some cartoons on TV every day, such as Peppa Pig and Pigman. I still don’t know why the Ultraman we watched when we were young is still marketable. It turns out that they are very popular in the hearts of those children. My relative’s children love them very much, but now it has been updated to Zeta Ultraman. There is also a program called Fengfeng Toys. In fact, in the field of “we media”, such children’s programs are very attractive and profitable.

But we can involve such a field is too little, you do not go into which line, you do not know which line has much money, the advertising industry cost 20 light word, even installation can call 200, a bargain, 150 can be able to give you a great deal of human, these are I know.

Therefore, our eyes should not only be limited to a certain point of making money. When we see that others make a lot of money by doing TikTok short video + live streaming, all we think about is starting a short video business. When we see others make a social networking sites, we do it, and when we see others write and answer hundreds of thousands of fans on Quora, we also disintegrate.

Only focus on one point, and then on the basis of this point to imitate the successful people, and finally consider the amplification, do not make a project out of imagination, it is just step by step.

That if you don’t know anything, or even have no skill, then the best way is to start from simple, see what others do, some people in the Second hand goods trading platform sell beauty pictures, income is very considerable, some people sell P station picture package on Amazon, is also very good, some people do pull new, hundreds of single every day, these are our ability.

The sideline I’m going to tell you about today is a very simple and niche business, which is making emojis with low cost and high profit that you can’t imagine in a niche market.

As we all know, the frequency of using emojis is very high in the whole process of chatting, not only because of its image, but also because one emoji can contain countless content in it.

So how do these simple and interesting emojis make money, I will explain in detail how to make money emojis and how to practice this simple side business.

Emoticons are actually some cartoon pictures or GIF dynamic pictures of the revision, some classic or funny pictures are used to add some text, more image, emoticons can be used for profit.

First, resource integration

There are two ways to produce emojis. The first is to make them by oneself, which is more suitable for the production of sets, and it is good if the idea is good. The second is to collect them on the Internet and sort out their own small material library.

So how do you make your own?

First of all, it is necessary to be creative enough, especially to be silly and sweet, because most of the emojis are expressions of various emotions, such as anger, sadness, fake X, heart, licking the dog and so on. You should know what the target group needs. If there are good materials or a series of other content, you can specially make vertical emojis in the niche field. There is also a market for more professional, targeted at a small group of people.

If they are all original, they should use digital board, which is used for painting. If they are synthetic, they can try to use PS software or special effects software AI for post-production film and television synthesis. These are all emojis that need painting or jigsaw puzzle.

I think you should have seen a lot of pure text emojis, but the text looks very bad, these directly type, and then make a change of font can be, some people even cut out a classic scene in the movie and then add some text, these are normal emojis.

So if you want to find material online, how do you find it?

First of all, go to the Google search engine to see if there is any suitable material, these searches are basically very targeted, because you are searching for a class of content, you can add this to your emoji library classification.

In addition, there are also a lot of emoticons in Tieba, which are mainly collections. Most of these emoticons are organized by others and can be used directly. For example, the Xingye series of characters and the money of X category are mostly organized and we can download them directly.

Sometimes we follow the public accounts of some emojis, and there are many opportunities to get free emojis. You can find this kind of account by searching the emoticons, and you can download them. In addition, there are these information in the QQ group. Most of the QQ group emoticons need to pay, which is very similar to a treasure.

Second, the way of realization

A simple small project is not a good project if it doesn’t have the right channels to monetize it. As for the profit of emojis, I have prepared several channels for you to realize cash, so that you can get better profits.

1. Revenue from drainage platform

This is how we just talked about how to get emojis on the whole web, you get these emojis in those paid QQ groups, then you can set up a new QQ group to continue to sell these emojis.

In the QQ group is just one, like post bar message sales, the community is sold, post bar here because the number mechanism is more sensitive, so we try to leave their mailbox bubble net in the process of practical operation, and then through the mailbox set up automatic reply to guide others to add your wechat friends, and realize the realization of cash.

2. Wechat expression revenue

Because wechat itself has a platform for submitting emojis, it is very convenient for us to make profits.

You can log in the wechat expression development platform, here you just need to register an account, and then become a sticker designer can upload the expression, relying on others’ appreciation of your expression profit.

More than 90 percent of all memes are created on the platform, and as long as you upload enough memes, you’ll theoretically get enough praise.

3. Revenue from short videos

If you are careful, it is not difficult to find that not only funny and entertaining short videos are more popular, but also some emojis with beautiful covers are popular. Most short videos that simply make some emojis have a good number of fans.

There are many places where short video emoticons can be profitable. Yesterday we talked about the small program is one of them. There are other drainage cash, window with goods and so on.

If you’re careful enough to collect a lot of memes, it’s pretty easy to earn some pocket money.

College students part-time emoticons to cash in small projects, monthly income of more than 10,000 reliable sideline

College students part-time emoticons to cash in small projects, monthly income of more than 10,000 reliable sideline


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