Easy to break the low – price movie ticket project, practical experience sharing!


This movie ticket project has no cost, completely zero threshold, and poor information. The main user group is still high school students and college students, and ordinary people do not go to the cinema to watch movies every day.

Let’s talk a little bit about the source of cheap movie tickets.

1. A treasure search: region theater name, you can find a lot of low price movie tickets, this is their theater inside the purchase channel, you think about the general people who will run to a treasure to buy movie tickets?

2. Scalpers

It is through some resource-sharing networks, wool collection networks and cattle tip-reporting networks that scalpers can be found, as well as some cattle tip-reporting groups and movie ticket groups.

They scalped the tickets through the cat pond group control device, specially collecting the wool of some banks and cinemas.

3. Various cinema platforms.

Cat Eye, Wanda Movie, Spider Movie, Tao Piao Piao, Evergrande Movie, Shadow fire bug, Google Nuomi, Dianping, Mtime, Meituan, micro ticket, Amazon Movie, Feifan, Panda movie, Guevara movie, Damai, Pull the movie, selling, Douban, NetEase movie, Lou……

If you want to concentrate on this project, like this movie coupon platform, it is better to have as many as possible, can be used to compare prices, but also can be used to grab the first single activity coupon.

In addition to these software, you can also run to the fish inside search: movie ticket exchange volume, movie ticket exchange volume, you can also find a lot of information, a lot of people get the volume will run inside to sell, you can talk about the lowest price to recover, see what is the movie volume, is not recently popular movie volume.

With coupons, how are we supposed to funnel?

1. Remember, our users are high school students and college students. We prepare our own two-dimensional code and let those students to help you promote.

Or let them send you moments QQ space group.

2. Ground push: Make an exhibition rack, make some small gifts on 1688, the cost is only a few cents, put them at the school gate of college students, high school students, give them free gifts, add friends to send gifts, into the group to send gifts, can be.

You can also try to contact the owner of the supermarket cafeteria on campus and put your AD on it.

3. Find more college students’ posts, interest tribes, QQ groups, the premise is to first package themselves as students, otherwise, it is not good to mix in.

Once in the group, either mix with the group or talk directly to the group host about paid advertising.

4. Tiktok Kuaishou can find friends who are movie numbers and game numbers in it and cast paid advertisements.

5. Entity, can only find Internet cafes, bars, milk tea shops, restaurants and hotels near the school, restaurants and hotels near the cinema, takeout brother cooperation.

6 Second hand goods trading platform drainage, in the search for low-price movie tickets, it is clear that their prices are 0.1 dollars, 1 dollars, in fact, is to attract attention, attract traffic first point in, and then through the picture, or guide the private message way, drainage to the private domain traffic.

This game, peers can play, you can also play.

7. More into some movies, TV series post bar, QQ group, post bar inside send some free low-cost movie tickets tutorial, there will be someone to contact you, directly guide them to add your friends.

Make money or not make money, 90% or the traffic problem, the traffic problem is solved what is solved.

In small projects, there are also people who make it successful. In the final analysis, it is a matter of people and execution.

This low-price movie ticket project can earn the price difference, or earn commission through the promotion platform, which is also regarded as pipeline income.

Recently, I also found a movie coupon platform, this platform is lower than Taopiaopiao Maoyan platform price.

Below is a screenshot, same location, same movie price comparison.

In addition to the movie, there are some Starbucks, tea shop, film and television membership discounts, after all, also cheaper than the official price.

Below is the two-dimensional code, just scan the code.

Easy to break the low – price movie ticket project, practical experience sharing!


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