Novice simple money making project: carrying video to the national small video platform, easy daily revenue of 100


The last time I wrote an article, said is a simple handling video to the national video diamond article.

I don’t know if anybody does it, but somebody does, and it works.

Because we carry the video to TikTok Kuaishou, even if the number of playback, there is no profit, can only increase a few fans to see, their own heart a good, that’s all.

And directly transported to TikTok, the chance of breaking the video is super slim.

But the whole nation is different, the whole nation small video as long as it is carried in the past, more or less will give the flow, and the amount of play will give you diamonds, diamonds can be directly referred to the ready made USD.

That would be too maneuverable.

So this is how much you get back in diamonds, in diamonds, 1,000 diamonds is one dollar,

So tens of hundreds a day is very easy.

Do you have the airplay?

There has to be. The platform wouldn’t pay that much if it didn’t have views

This is the amount of play, although not much, but more than the amount of play.

Every day non-stop video, to send can not send until.

Can we just move it? It is not recommended to move directly. It is better to modify.

It just takes about 3 minutes to edit a video

Just keep moving all day, simple clip, and then directly upload the line.

Need to upload the map can also pay attention to a person or more people’s account, others update, directly move over

We can move tiktok directly, we can move Kuaishou, we can move TikTok.

I personally go straight to tiktok and pull videos of Taiwanese or Japanese beauties.

After all, beautiful women see more people, there is no way, this is an era of looking at the face.

It’s simple, just keep moving, keep editing, and tiktok lets you download watermarked videos with one click, then use the above method to edit and upload them directly to the entire population in two minutes.

And then there was no then.

Super simple and brainless project, you insist on, not only send a video a day, is sent to an account can not send until, if enough time, you can prepare 5, 10 accounts at the same time. It’s more likely to blow up the video. And hundreds of streams have diamonds in them.

So rest assured to move on the line, basically is a small white project, brainless operation, just need to work hard.

Anyway, I move around every day, make a little money.

Good habit is to adhere to every day, persistence is a good habit.

Many people do not have the habit of studying, which is the important factor that leads to not making money. Therefore, we must force ourselves to study for 1-2 hours every day. Although it may be painful in the early stage, once we stick to the habit, we will live better and better day by day.

Just think about it, people who work harder than you are so hard, you have what reason not to work hard?

People who have more money than you work harder than you,

Those who work harder than you will one day be richer than you!

So make money, start with a little money!

Novice simple money making project: carrying video to the national small video platform, easy daily revenue of 100


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