Share 2 entry-level online income projects where beginners can make money


Some time ago, I happened to see someone sharing the gameplay of the project “making money on TikTok at zero cost” on various platforms.

“Profiteering, daily entry 500, monthly entry 5000, annual entry 50 million” and other words, let me can not help but point open a probe.

Don’t know, read a few so-called “project dismantling”, I seem to open the door to a new world.

I have to say that the “money-making routines” on TikTok are really various. Only you can’t imagine that they can’t do it.

Even the restoration of old photos, wallpaper sharing, even can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Tens of thousands of old photos are restored every month

What kind of business is it?

The restoration of old photos, as the name suggests, is actually the re-renovation of old photos, which is actually some people’s nostalgia for the past.

Photos from a long time ago, due to immature photography technology, only black and white images, also due to the age of the photo faded or missing.

In terms of restoration technology, restoring old photos is an entirely profitable business based on poor information.

To say this is a technology, in fact, as long as you can use the computer to operate some software such as Meitu Xiuxiu, PS, then everyone can master this technology, the threshold is relatively low.

But such a business is also very popular in TikTok, Kuaishou and XiaoHongshu.

I searched for “old photo restoration”, and a lot of users popped up, up to hundreds of thousands of large, there are only thousands of fans of small.

The content of the video is basically released around the themes of “restoration of old photos with high appearance level” (revealing the real appearance of the beauty in the old time and the handsome man in the Republic of China), “restoration of photos with high damage degree”, etc., which brings a visual impact to the users, and also uses the restoration of old photos of ordinary people to arouse the “nostalgia psychology” of the public, thus attracting users’ attention and promoting consumption.

Click on the comments section of each of their videos, and it’s not uncommon for users to ask how to restore old photos.

It’s clear from the comments section that many users don’t know that there are simple tools you can use to restore old photos yourself.

Even if the price of a photo restoration ranges from a few dollars to a dozen or even hundreds of dollars, there are still people willing to pay for “photo restoration”, which is the charm of making money by exploiting the information gap.

A very important part of this business is to gain customers, and in the system of TikTok, Kuaishou and XiaoHongshu, customers can be obtained directly within the platform.

Take Tiktok for example:

Step 1: You need to make a video of old and refurbished photos before and after. It can be set to sentimental music or a touching short story to evoke nostalgia.

Step 2: Guide users to comment in the comment section, leave their contact information, and then convert consumption.

By Posting videos continuously, users will gradually come to us. Of course, the competition for restoring old photos is fierce at present, so getting more user resources is a key step.

Not only does it need to be multi-platform and multi-pronged, but it’s also important that video reaches a wider audience.

Here’s a tip:

It is said that rub hot spot, when the release of video can also use hot spot to do related videos, the more people pay attention to hot events, the more users see the video.

The more potential customers you can reach, the more effective users you can get, and the higher your sales will be.

Sharing wallpaper is amazing

And make money?

I believe that many friends with their own mobile phone wallpaper after a period of time will want to change it, and this can actually become a business.

Wallpaper number this project can be said to be a commonplace on Weibo, but it has to be said that it is still very popular. Now there are many wallpaper accounts on TikTok.

Its method of making money is very simple and crude. The core game is to make TikTok account and public account/wechat account into a small matrix, and use exquisite wallpaper or avatar, or even emoticons as bait to attract fans to divert these traffic to the private traffic pool for cash.

● Drain to wechat

At present, many TikTok accounts and Weibo accounts will leave their own micro signals in the content to guide fans to add friends.

After the user is diverted to wechat, the wallpapers that have been watermarked before or the wallpapers in the video will be updated to the moments.

This can not only let fans develop the habit of browsing the circle of friends, accumulated to a certain magnitude, even can receive advertising, sell products, etc.

● Drainage to the public number

The operation method is much the same, but the final drainage to the public number.

Don’t look down on this change, because the public number of cash mode is very diverse. Inside the wechat system there is a traffic master, can also receive tweets advertising and so on.

The business costs almost nothing, but the rate of return is phenomenal.

So in this traffic to the world of the Internet environment, as long as there is a certain amount of traffic, you will master business opportunities.

I once heard a story: there was a mother who binge-watched short videos about babies and babies on TikTok, and then added a lot of wechat with nicknames and phone numbers in the comments section of each video.

Added to these users is a very accurate mother group fans, and then resell the micro signal a sale, tens of thousands of dollars will get the hand, of course, the platform is to crack down on this measure!

But also let a person sigh: in this era of the Internet, it is really only you can not think of, there is no can not do.

Write at the end

Looking back at both businesses, you don’t really need money or even the ability to do something specific.

But you have the ability to integrate resources, don’t understand, can learn, you have a head start over others, can cut his leek.

So the road to Success is not as crowded as you might imagine.

Share 2 entry-level online income projects where beginners can make money


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