CPA online income project: use B website advertising to do CPA, earning 300 dollars a day


Before writing this article, I have been very hesitant to write this article, because we advertise on the third party website, which will pollute the Internet environment in a disguised way, but think about the line of making money online, itself is a special industry. As long as it is not too excessive, it is normal to play advertising, and it is not illegal. All right, without further ado let’s move on to today’s main event.

I can earn from 300 dollars per day by using the advertisement of B station to do CPA

First, what is CPA and why can it make money

Because we have to take care of a lot of new friends, so we are the same as usual to do a science first, basic can skip this paragraph.

The CPA of our online money-making industry is different from that of accounting. We only aim at the meaning of registration, that is to say, registration advertisements. If you can get people to sign up for your product, you’ll get money. In contrast to CPA, there is CPS, which is profit-sharing advertising, and the advertising fee is settled according to a certain proportion of the user’s recharge. The main thing we do today is CPA advertising, because the transaction can be completed by diversion, and users do not need to pay extra. So when you start to do this kind of project, you should either choose CPA CPS combined advertising or choose CPA. CPS is not recommended, because the consumption of users is related to the APP itself, which is not under our control.

After we understand CPA, we need to choose an advertising alliance. Only a few requirements are required, and we can do it if we meet the requirements. You can find the details by yourself, I don’t recommend it.

1. Day knot: Only the day knot alliance we can do, otherwise the month knot, a run away, we wasted a week of time, more than worth the loss.

2.APP does not involve illegal ways: we have to do a regular point, only for a long time, irregular advertising, looking good, but is it necessary to change the address, change the APP, change the alliance and so on, greatly dragging down our time.

3. Real-time background: We can adjust the number and mode of advertising release every day according to the real-time background. Only by timely adjustment can we enlarge the revenue.

What is CPA and why does it make money

2. Advertising potential of Station B

We can see from the graph of the tool that the daily flow rate of Station B reaches 2.17 million, which shows how considerable the number of users is. The data shows that males account for about 80% of the users of Station B, which means that we only need to put male advertisements to attract a large number of accurate male traffic to operate our CPA project. Therefore, Station B is a good choice. As long as we get the ads in place, we’ll make 300 a day. In addition, the account quality of Station B is relatively high, because we need to answer some questions, so the competition is relatively small, we only need to work hard to send it, and the operation difficulty is also low.

The advertising potential of Site B

Three, B station advertising skills

Station B has certain skills in advertising, after all, advertising is often intercepted, so our advertising should be simple and clear, but also to attract users to enter your designated location, so we need to pay attention to several points:

1. The link address must be short, you can register a short domain name, do not need to have meaning, as long as it is short, because advertising is not able to send direct address, so we can only guide users to enter the address to our page.

2. Be sure to add a short link, do not use the alliance’s own short link, because the alliance’s short link is generated by a third party, from time to time hang up, we use the original link (a longer link), and then generate a short link, and then use our domain name to point to the short link.

3. The language should be concise, this is a small skill, the more you write, the more people think you are false, so the more concise we are, the better.

4. Rounded corner conversion, sometimes links can not be sent out because of blocking punctuation, we just need to do a rounded corner conversion.

B station send advertising skills

4. Make CPA project summary by advertising on Site B

We have already explained the reasons and techniques for using Station B to publish advertisements. Generally, I use this to do CPA projects, and it is very easy to earn 300 dollars a day. You can extend the next used to send other advertising I believe the effect should also be good, of course, if you have feelings for B station, afraid of polluting the comment content can not operate ha, but for us to make money online, is to use any way to think of drainage is the purpose.

CPA online income project: use B website advertising to do CPA, earning 300 dollars a day


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