TikTok script training program, zero – based white monthly income 5000 dollars!


Let’s get right to where we are today.

In fact, there is a process to excavate this project. A good relationship big sister, the first two months suddenly want to cut into the short video industry, say want to play, professional knowledge is completely novice novice.

Don’t understand anything, know I am doing the Internet, let me help solve the relevant problems.

The equipment is all right, just don’t know how to shoot, shoot what.

And that goes to one area, the playbook area.

In our cognition, the script is a need for strong professional ability, or writing skills. It’s usually a scriptwriter’s job.

But the era of short video has spawned an industry called the one-minute short Video Script. Also called a script.

In fact, these are template frames. According to the framework of disassembling, add their own creative, formed a short video script. Some get the script directly remake, the same joke, everyone out of the effect is different, can indeed fire part of the video.

So the industry is in great demand right now, after all, a lot of people want to get into the short video industry.

Looking at the big net red a day to earn how much money is obsessed with the eyes, thinking of getting a good script, fame, into one hundred thousand.

However, this is absolutely a probability thing, play can, but, really want to make money, it is really difficult, because now the entrance, has entered the era of professional corporate operation. It’s definitely about the team, and the team’s ability to operate. Data analysis, such as detailed work.

But if they want to dig for gold, we can sell shovels. Through my understanding, I found that this industry, there are also some people realize this, by selling scripts, training script writing, also make a lot of money.

Let’s search the current price of a play.

Short videos of less than one minute cost about 40 dollars. Does it feel cheap? In fact, this is the most basic short video, because it is relatively simple.

The full length is about 70 or 80 words, according to the price of 40, basically all the words are several hairs. More expensive than the average web writer. It is only for the customers who like to shoot jokes and expect to become famous, and the professionalism is relatively poor.

Knowing the primary market, you can know the senior market, the senior market, and basically write an article with a price around 300 to 500. That one’s a little more complicated, but it’s original, and there’s a spin. The average text is around 500-1000. You can basically just take it and shoot it. So this kind of script team, are docking with the big network celebrities, have the capital of the shooting company, so the income is very considerable.

How do they make money from this business?

Cut into any virtual product industry, the best way is to create drainage.

They need a script, so they can send it for free. Tens of thousands of sets were given away. These scripts, though of little reference significance, were mostly outdated jokes.

But for amateurs, it’s still a treasure.

Direct Amazon to buy a copy, which contains too much content bubble net earn, if you work hard a little, watermark, then may also produce secondary transmission.

For 20 bucks, you can get pretty much the same thing. With these materials, you have a basic product. It’s ready to drain.

Drainage is best in TikTok drainage, because the user is more accurate. And the demand is high.

Basically, the formula goes like this.

The first free to send, the intention of users to screen out, and then in the private message inside the reply to wechat, let the user plus, through the circle of friends marketing.

Began to sell scripts, one is to sell scripts directly, one is to sell script training.

Training, the price is around 498, there are experience classes, the effect is better, give you a lot of industry prospects analysis, you can also make money writing, you can make a lot of money shooting.

Make a lot of people who want to do something in the field of short video, to learn. It’s just a piece of revenue, and if you make a short video account, he’ll diagnose and modify it for you. Once again, the charge was made.

However, this project is easy to say and remember, and there are certain operational difficulties.

The difficulty is that you have to have worked on projects, worked on TikTok short videos, and even worked in the industry to understand the whole transformation process. Two months ago, I told someone about this project, but the effect was not so good.

I made about 5,000 dollars a month. A lot of fans wasted bubble net income, because he will not lecture, talk about the experience class is too blunt, so the transformation is relatively poor, professional knowledge is less, account diagnosis can not do, in vain lost a lot of customers.

Therefore, any project, it looks simple, but it is difficult to control, which is a common problem of many people.

TikTok script training program, zero – based white monthly income 5000 dollars!


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