Zero cost of sideline earn 10,000 a month, cloud supervision sideline part-time understand


Zero cost of sideline earn 10,000 a month, cloud supervision sideline part-time understand

When the side business has become a well-known thing, making money on the side business is not as easy as it used to be, and some niche and unpopular projects have a wider market and money room than the popular side business that everyone knows about.

After a lot of thought, I found a niche side project that is practical and easy for anyone to do. If you do it well, you can do it full time. The benefits are very high.

Small “cloud supervision” Amazon store

The turnover was close to $100,000

Cloud supervision is a very relaxed side business for those who need to study, lose weight and other very specific goals but need time to complete.

As we all know, most people have low self-control, such as losing weight, learning and other behaviors that go against the brain’s preferences often fail to stick to, at this time, someone needs to supervise. But no one can sit next to another person every day to monitor each other, so cloud monitoring is useful.

To put it simply, cloud supervision means that after customers place an order, supervisors supervise, encourage and spur customers on wechat, QQ and other chat software to ensure that customers move forward stably according to the plan.

Don’t look down on this side business, there are far more people than we imagined, if you can do well, the later can be directly converted into the main business.

The project brother found a shop of this type on Amazon and found that the service prices ranged from 6 to 270 dollars. The service types were divided according to the time and items, giving customers a variety of choices.

Below the product, there are 7,636 comments. We all know that only when you buy the product can you comment, so the transaction volume of this store is at least 7,636, among which, the purchase volume of 15 days (80 dollars) and 31 days (150 dollars) for single item and 15 days (140 dollars) and 31 days (270 dollars) for multiple items is not large. Roughly estimate, Something close to $100,000 is guaranteed.

The biggest advantage of this side business is that as long as it is done well, its customer stickiness and buyback rate will be high. Moreover, these customers generally know many learning partners and often take the initiative to share this product with them, which is equivalent to free publicity for the store.

What should cloud supervision do

First, you need to open a Amazon store where you can upload your own services. Amazon shop method project brother is not much to repeat, online tutorials, also don’t have to worry about the shop modification, details page and other parts will be very troublesome, take some time to learn, and this kind of shop customers value the quality of service, so do not need to do the shop page is very beautiful, as long as it is not very ugly on the line.

Then you wait for someone to place an order. When someone places an order, you need to send them a service process, which means how you will supervise them and what they should do, such as the picture below.

Generally speaking, the supervision is based on the time period, such as every hour to remind the other person, to prevent the other person from wandering or doing other things. If the other side slack, and play heart is not reduced, then have to encourage, spur the way to let the other side back to the learning state.

It is the core responsibility of the supervisor to set clear learning goals each day, and make sure that the other person meets these goals and takes a photo to punch the clock.

In addition, the supervisor often needs to do some additional services, such as answering some problems in study and life for the other side, chatting with the other side to relieve the psychological pressure of the other side, etc. These behaviors can not only enable the other side to better complete the study task, but also enhance their weight in the other side’s heart, so that the other side will give a good comment after the service and continue to choose themselves when there is a need.

How big is the market for cloud supervision

Some people may think that “cloud supervision” targets too narrow a group to become a big business, which is wrong. Although “cloud supervision” is still a small service business, its market is huge.

Let’s start with some statistics: 1.37 million people applied for the National Civil Service Examination in 2019, 5.9 million people applied for the teacher certificate written test in the second half of 2019, and 1.73 million people applied for the CPA in 2019.

These three test projects are very popular in China, each of which has more than one million people. Even if it is calculated as one tenth of the people who are not strong in self-discipline, there are more than 100,000 people. These people must have potential demand for cloud supervision. And the domestic examination items are more than these three, there are certainly more than hundreds of thousands of people in demand every year.

And that’s just in terms of learning. In addition to learning, there’s also weight loss, skill training, work, and other aspects that need to be “monitored.”

With the development of society and the increase of population, more and more people will have the demand of “being supervised” to help them achieve their goals, and the market of cloud supervision will be gradually excavated along with this trend and eventually become a complete industry.

If you have enough time but don’t know what to do now, you might as well learn about the “cloud supervision”, get ahead of others to enter the market, the future opportunity will be greater.

Write at the end

The project manager is still the same saying, where there is a demand, there will be a market. Complete innovation is difficult, but it will be much easier to innovate on the existing service or industry centering on people’s needs.

For example, Didi Dache is based on people’s travel needs. In the past, people could only go out by bus or taxi, but it uses the Internet to transfer the “taxi” attribute to the public in an innovative way, so that everyone with a car can become a “taxi driver”.

Cloud supervision is the same, it is actually a kind of replacement for the role of teacher and parent, and at the same time does not annoy the people who need it, because it is their own choice.

Therefore, if we can find a business, find its limitations or deficiencies, and then combine with people’s needs to innovate, we have the opportunity to become a unicorn of the industry and realize wealth freedom.

Zero cost of sideline earn 10,000   a month, cloud supervision sideline part-time understand


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