Share 4 movie commentaries quick money tips, easily earn 300+ a day


Share 4 movie commentaries quick money tips, easily earn 300+ a day

By now, most people know what it means to start an online side business, but they just don’t have a clue what to do.

If you can, of course, to participate in learning is the fastest channel, then no money, self-made how to try to make yourself less detours?

It can be as simple as finding a side project that you can do, and slowly maturing yourself in the process of doing the project, so that you can move on to the next level.

So what are the projects you can do?

For example, we do not have the technology to do part-time platform tasks, we can learn to write a we-media advertorial and so on.

I have said many times, when you don’t know what to do, to imitate, to copy the path of others, to see how the great gods have done, to understand the thinking behind their actions, these are actually like standing on the shoulders of giants to see the landscape, the Force blog membership course is copying, based on a long-term stable project completely dismantled, So that the students can replicate the ideas and the execution of the project that I started and make money, so that the students can grow quickly.

So if you can’t do anything, you are not willing to learn to copy, but also want to make money on the Internet side business, basically impossible things.

What I’m going to talk to you about today is a small project that you’ve all heard about, but if you do it right, so far, the sky’s the limit.

Before we get into today’s program, let me ask you, what has the most fans on the Internet? I think most people should have a result in mind, that is, pan powder, boring powder.

Yes, except for male toner, these fans account for a relatively high proportion, so we have to think about what these fans like to do? What is their daily trajectory?

Big data can be easily obtained through the Internet label. They like listening to music, browsing forums, watching movies and watching videos. Now basically is not called the forum, called a variety of it, these pan powder is also very easy to drainage, in fact, to make money between stratege.

Well, the project we’re going to talk about today is based on these powdered short movie commentary videos.

As for the audience of movies, I won’t say more here. It seems that there are almost no people who don’t watch movies. This is why you can see so many short video clips on the platforms of TikTok and Kuaishou, and the number of fans is very high.

Now I will talk with you about the whole process of film interpretation project from several categories.

1. Style positioning

This is a very important thing to do in the early stage, is the vertical field positioning problem.

Of course, some hard knowledge is needed, such as the type, style and shooting method of the movie to locate your content. For example, if there are A lot of scary movie narration in an account, suddenly a movie version of Doraemon Nobita comes, does it feel very different?

If your starting point is thriller, horror, suspense, etc., then keep updating in this direction, and fans will be able to precipitate accurately.

We can see that those movie commentary, basically have their own style, whether it is humorous interpretation or editing style, are relatively unified, which is also the style must be set in the early stage.

As for the explanation itself, I don’t think there is any difficulty. The explanation of a movie is to state the story of the whole movie. Here I would like to give you a suggestion. It’s your own movie commentary.

2. Material collection

When doing film commentary, especially after positioning a certain field, it is necessary to have a systematic understanding of this field. Of course, besides the film itself, there are many other things, such as film exhibition, actors’ style and gossip information.

Most of our projects have a new title. If we can do it well, we will enlarge them in batches. Therefore, we don’t have much time to consult relevant materials, read opinions, pay attention to celebrity gossip, etc., so the fastest way to obtain material is not to find it by ourselves.

It is to collect materials from peers and peers on other platforms. What we need to do here is to find movie narration content that is higher than or equal to our own platform.

Learn to deconstruct their interpretation and interpretation of the movie, and deconstruct some of the key lines and text.

Most movie commentaries have a fixed opening statement, then a long introduction to the movie, and finally a little human thinking to improve the theme, in fact, this is the whole process of commentary.

3. Editing and dubbing

If this is not a special dubbing, or can feel it, if conditions, you can go to learn to broadcast, a large number of online search teaching courses.

If you feel OK, you can record the content first, and then find the software to modify the later, the acoustic noise reduction processing and optimization, this is the PS on the tape.

Software, recording software and later modification software can be bought on Amazon, just a few dollars, the better but dozens of dollars, the early stage is not much need to buy a better recording equipment, you really enter the feeling after you consider also in time.

There is another is the voice changer, in fact, this is for those who think their voice is not good to listen to, after processing with the voice changer, your voice can bring female charm or magnetism, all these can be processed by software later.

When it comes to editing, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to learn systematically. You just need to master picture switching and transition, and then learn how to add dubbing.

For short movie narration videos, the editing does not need to be too fancy, everyone is watching the movie, listening to the story, there are no special effects and so on.

4. Drainage realization

The narration of the movie is actually played on the short video platform, so I don’t recommend that you put your own watermark in the recorded video, because we are going to be operating on multiple platforms.

B station, Toutiao, TikTok, Kuaishou and even YouTube can all be the platforms we push, which means the same content can be distributed to multiple platforms for profit.

I don’t think we need to elaborate more on the flow of platforms here. They are all large platforms with daily lives of several hundred million. Any one of them can make us rich. The thing about these platforms is that the videos are interesting and not too long.

Then the cash is more simple, movie commentary, the most suitable means of cash is to receive advertising.

The specific advertising revenue depends on the ID’s positioning and the number of fans. The advertising content is mainly soft ads, such as the ads of film festivals or even cosplay shows. Take the large number of millions of fans on TikTok as an example, the price of a soft AD is about 1W5 to 2W.

There is live to bring goods, diversion to the private number above cash and so on. After these specific operations, there will be some business docking products, film and television surrounding, and even special movie tickets, etc., which can be directly cashed in.

Making money from online sideline business is actually very simple, most of which is the difference between doing and not doing. I have seen many young people who have gained more than one hundred thousand fans on TikTok, but they slowly waste it without making much money, which leads to the abandonment of their previous achievements. But if it had been kept up, it could have been a different story.

Share 4 movie commentaries quick money tips, easily earn 300+ a day

Share 4 movie commentaries quick money tips, easily earn 300+ a day


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