Suitable for beginners into 200 dollars daily online part-time tuyere small project, Tiktok small game promotion to make money to understand!


Suitable for beginners into 200 dollars daily online part-time tuyere small project, Tiktok small game promotion to make money to understand!

Recently, a lot of friends add my friends to ask if there is a small project suitable for me this new person to do?

I said much is very, to bubble net to earn it, see a circle, a lot of people said, these small projects how to do?

I don’t know how to say, I put the project idea to you complete analysis, you just detailed the practical operation can be, but a lot of people step by step, I recorded the video class have no patience to watch, how to make money?

Most people talk about making money on the surface of the surface, there is no actual action, encountered difficulties most throw that regardless of the question. In fact, it is very easy to make money online.

Yesterday I said to make money on the Internet, the first is in a vertical field has exceptional technology, so it can make money, and another is poor information, do bad information business can also make money quickly, the rest of us don’t say, move bricks and so on, those rely on manual labor to earn money in my here directly over, I have no time and no energy to do.

The small project I will tell you today is also a popular platform project at present. It is a project based on a large platform extension.

If we do not have the ability to expand a project, we will choose some projects on large platforms, after all, it is better to rest on the tree, such as Google, wechat, TikTok are some of the large traffic platforms, on which a lot of money can be extended, we just want to find a point of strength, on the basis of making a small amount of money to see if we can expand and enlarge.

Ok, so the Tuyere project introduced to you today is based on the product of TikTok platform.

I don’t know if you have heard of Tiktok mini-game, which is a game promotion business launched by Tiktok platform. We can let users play the game by means of short video transmission and then gain revenue.

It is quite obvious here that we can make money by recording short videos of playing TikTok games by ourselves. As long as people watch them, we can make money. The more people watch them, the more money we can make.

Most people only know how to make money by watching short videos of TikTok, but they don’t know exactly how to make money. As I said just now, making money depends first on technology and second on poor information. This information is poor compared to the whole TikTok users. There are still very few people who record short video of the game, so it is very easy for us to record a little bit of game promotion every day to make 200 a day.

The following single game, the income can do tens of thousands, a tens of seconds of video income is so huge, and just record a video playing the game, can you imagine?

If we novices to operate, the temporary income will not be so high, at the beginning of a video income of a few dollars, ten dollars or no problem, as long as there is a play of income, but if we have multiple account batch operation, is it very profiteer, a video income of 20 dollars, 10 videos of ten accounts a day income of 200 dollars .

So how should we operate this TikTok small game promotion to make money?

1. Register an account

Here want to promote the game, first to register several accounts.

The profile picture can choose some cartoon image of the game. The introduction is a word to tell others what they do. For example, follow me and take you to play new fun games every day.

For others, there is not much to pay attention to. You can just fill in the account modification and other private information of TikTok by yourself.

2. Precautions for raising numbers

Here to talk about the raise number is specifically for the new number, if you buy a number of old accounts, first of all to look at these old accounts in the previous there is no violation or official demotion of the history.

In fact, it is very simple to raise account, we simulate normal real users, randomly watch videos in TikTok, which is really random, or search the topic they are interested in in the search bar, and then either cross out or like the video after watching it.

Of course, we have a special set of steps to raise the number, and I said above very different, but specific to what content, how to raise all the weight of the number, and detailed to a few points a day what content, the steps are very detailed.

Here is a bit of advice for you, that is, watch more videos about small game promotion, because TikTok will initially give some label positioning to the account. If this account posts some small game videos in the future, it will get higher promotion than other videos.

3. Get small game promotion tasks

If we simply release a video of a small game, it is impossible to get income, we need to take the promotion task first.

We must find the corresponding task interface when releasing the video of small game, so that we can have income. If no one watches your small game video, most of the reasons are because you released the wrong entrance, and there is no revenue from playing the video.

There is also a situation where the official judgment is that you publish a small game video does not correspond to the game you want to promote, this is also no revenue.

The least profitable thing is that the video doesn’t play, so of course there’s no revenue.

Specific small game promotion tasks, refer to the following:

4. Game recording

This is a very simple answer to say no more, you can use the screen.

After recording the video, the rest is to edit, of course, here is the first TikTok matching clip, you don’t have to worry about here, there are teaching videos, beginners can quickly get started.

About the video teaching course, you can reply “clip” in the public number to download.

In fact, when we are doing the project, we will encounter various problems. At this time, don’t worry, find the cause of the problem can be solved in time.

Early we operate this small game promotion because the number of fans is relatively small, the weight of the account is also very low, so the revenue is naturally not high.

If you don’t have the patience to stick to it, basically give up, and the difference between the big guy and the little white is just insist, in a field to stick to it for a long time, it is natural to make money, if you can stick to it, it is very easy to make two or three hundred dollars every day.

Suitable for beginners into 200 dollars daily online part-time tuyere small project, Tiktok small game promotion to make money to understand!


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