Virtual resources into 100,000 methods, no drainage, automatic money, fool operation!


This year, various training courses are in full swing, with numerous money-making articles appearing in an endless stream on major we-media platforms.

However, in the author’s opinion, once a project is exposed by the “we media”, it can only be said that the project has been ruined. At this time, it is difficult to earn money, which is inevitable!

A little valuable with some secret projects or courses have been known this is not something new, like this year’s knowledge of the project to do more bubble net income, a large number of people, post bar, B station, public number a variety of selling courses to sell software advertising, what they sell belong to virtual resources!

But today to introduce you to such a novel virtual resources automatic gameplay, this gameplay operation is relatively few people!

Alibaba has a lot of platforms, such as Amazon, Second hand goods trading platform, hungry and so on, today to explain to you the gameplay is also I accidentally saw in this platform, this platform is Alibaba platform!

As we all know, Alibaba is the largest domestic wholesale platform, Amazon many sellers are from here to purchase sales, but his natural flow is also a lot of people look down on, today and you share is a new game about virtual products!

I was selling virtual resources on the 1688 platform. When I was looking for products in Alibaba, I saw such a product by accident. It was a virtual resource at first sight.

The sales volume of this product is 40 in 30 days, although it is not too much, but he sold not only this one product, many types!

Do a virtual resource friends all know that virtual resources are almost zero cost bubble net income, for example, this is only a product, a month of 400 dollars profit, if the above shelf 100 virtual products, how much is it? Think of the effect is very impressive!

This is a random store I found. It has more than 200 products on its shelves and people are buying them again! We can see from the above screenshots that its price is 9.9 dollars. This is just a shop selling virtual resources. Of course, there are other shops with higher prices and sales volume than them.

Due to the huge information gap, many people sell virtual resources on Alibaba, but the buyers do not know that there are many other platforms besides Alibaba selling. China has 1.4 billion people, and the information asymmetry is a very significant symptom. As long as we ordinary people make good use of the information gap, we can still make a lot of money.

So how does this project work?

First of all, we had to register an Alibaba account, and we had to understand the entry criteria for the Alibaba Chengxin Wireless website, which also had a few locations, but this project was really lucrative!

Credit wireless official website entry conditions for the following points:

First, prepare the business license

Two, annual fee 36,881 years

Three, waiting for the relevant certification company audit

Iv. Complete the store registration

If you are careful, you will find that the authentication method of Alibaba is almost the same as that of the enterprise public account. Both the enterprise public account and the Alibaba platform need to pay an annual fee, but the most significant difference is that the natural flow of Alibaba is more obvious, while the enterprise public account needs its own drainage. On the basis of traffic, We can use Alibaba platform to sell virtual resources!

As can be seen from the above screenshot, there are more than 400 virtual products sold in this store, and each product has a certain sales volume. You can calculate the profits on Bubble net by yourself. If you are interested, you can download Alibaba and have a look at these virtual products. And now Amazon also has a certain amount of natural flow support for Alibaba, which means that the flow of Alibaba will be higher in the future. Please look forward to it!

However, I share this article just to provide you with such an idea, after all, this project has a certain threshold, so there are not many people doing it, and there is not much competition in this kind of project.

If you see this article, then congratulations, you have found a business opportunity, according to the content I share above to trace clues, to understand in detail to see if it is suitable for their own operation, after all, time flies, today he is an opportunity, tomorrow may not be, know less people, also means more opportunities to make money!

【 Conclusion 】 You can never earn more money than you know, unless you rely on luck, but the money earned by luck is often lost by strength, which is inevitable. Every penny you earn is because of the realization of your knowledge of the world, and every penny you lose is also because of the defect of your knowledge of the world. The greatest fairness in this world is that when a person’s wealth is greater than his cognition, the world at least 100 ways to harvest you, until your cognition and your wealth match!

Virtual resources into 100,000 methods, no drainage, automatic money, fool operation!


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