Net income project: gift distribution project, a quick way to make money


What I want to share with you today is

Net income project: gift distribution project, a quick way to make money

There is an industry on the Internet:

Consignment of gifts

Many people should not have heard of, in fact, the so-called gift generation in the industry is the past

Empty packet network


(Material from the Internet)

Now you go to Google search empty packet network keyword is unable to search results, because it has been blocked.

First of all, let’s compare

Consignment of gifts


Empty packet network

Google search index difference:

(Material from the Internet)

We can obviously find that many users of the original empty packet network have not been converted to the keywords of gift generation, and there will be a long growth trend in the future.

For example, an ordinary electronic watch, according to the shape of Mi band to make bubble net income, not smart watch, only realistic time and date function, the cost price is about 2 dollars, the main cost is the movement to more than 1 piece.

This kind of watch is mainly to do wholesale sales, do not do retail, generally speaking, the demand of the customer base is:

It was given as a gift.

If this kind of electronic watch to do terminal sales, it may be the crowd of stalls have demand, what other Amazon shop, Wechat business simply will not do such a product retail.

Because of the characteristics of the product itself.

We searched the keywords of gift distribution in Google, and we can find some websites to open and see:

(Material from the Internet)

It is not difficult to find that the cost of these products is the price of a few cents, these products are in fact the accessories inside the empty bag, in the very early Tao customers, generally will not directly send an empty bag to brush a single hand, how many may put some small gifts in, also beautiful, brush a single hand heart is comfortable.

On how the project makes money:

Looking for related gifts (ultra-low logistics price), although the single profit is not high, maybe 1 dollars of profit, but the order volume of a single customer is huge.

You look at Amazon inside how many merchants choose to brush single, each business brush how many single, you know how much data there is huge.

Empty bag network merchants to settle is the need to collect a few hundred dollars or so, here is a considerable income, the key is, empty bag network this is to recharge into, but the amount of brush is gradual.

The user rushed 500 dollars in, but only used 200 dollars, the store behind closed, the remaining 300 dollars will become the platform’s capital, money rushed in is not refundable.

We can make a simple conversion, if there are 10,000 users in a platform, bubble net profit, the average user recharge 500 dollars, that is, 5 million funds, in 5 million funds may have about 2 million is deposited there.

The gameplay of gift generation:

Can play this project, is to build their own platform, and then do SEO website ranking optimization, after all, Google search inside the traffic is relatively high, as long as the website ranking can go up, it represents the website can do sustained profit and growth.

Of course, it’s not recommended for novices.

In addition, there are two ways to play:

The first is a website agent.

To put it simply: you pay him, he gives you a sub-station, and then you just promote the sub-station on the line. ”

This sub-station is not suitable for doing website ranking optimization and operation, can only rely on promotion to profit.

The second is: Project agent.”

Is to package this thing as a project to sell bubble net profit, or recruit agents!

Project Summary:

The project is sure to be profitable, the problem to be solved is traffic expansion, you need to be able to master SEO website optimization technology, the use of the search mechanism to improve their website ranking, in order to obtain accurate traffic, so that the profit of the project will be healthy for a long time.

Net income project: gift distribution project, a quick way to make money


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